Fly to the Underworld

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High School Sad

Trigger warning: Death

Nick was very Immature. He was in high school but still did childish things like trying to learn how to fly or watching nursery rhymes. His mom had mentioned something… Otislem? Autism? Nick didn't remember, but he didn't care either. At school people always teasing him saying things such as “You can't fly!” and “Go to a mental institution!”

Today he was happy, though. It was the last day of school until spring break! He was outside of the school getting ready to walk home when two bullies walked up to him - David and Jason. Nick made a half scared half mad face.

“What do you want!?” He said sheepishly to them. It was hard to talk to them at all because of their scary black T-shirts with crossblades and intimidating faces. They were also really tall. At least a foot taller than Nick - And he was 5 foot 6!

“We’re hungry. Hand over your sandwich, Now,” David said meanly to him. Their expressions got even more intimidating. But Nick was still waiting to eat his sandwich at home. Wait, how did they know about his sandwich in the first place? He hadn't taken it out at lunch.

“No! You shouldn't even know I have a sandwich!” Nick replied hastily. 

Jason scoffed. “Not important.” He growled at Nick. Then, Nick did something that David and Jason did not like one bit.

He opened his backpack, pulled out his sandwich, unwrapped it, and consumed it in 3 quick bites.

Now Nick had a mean face and the bullies were astonished. They couldn't believe that Nick did that.

“You wanna go kid?” David threateningly to Nick. He flapped his arms in an attempt to fly, but somehow was unsuccessful. “You can't fly, kid.” Nick frowned

“Can to!” He yelled at David. That was his fatal mistake. David pinned him to the school wall. It was made of bricks and hurt his back like crazy.

“You think you can fly? We’ll settle this with a dare, kid,” David said loudly to him.

“Truth!” Nick said. Jason and David both growled.

“I didn't give you a choice,” Replied David in a low and unsettling voice while he clenched his fist. “Tomorrow at noon I dare you to climb to the top of the church on 7th street and fly down.” 

Nick Crossed his arms and frowned. He blew a raspberry at David. “FINE!” he yelled at him.

“Oh, and next time, don't scream ‘I have an extra sandwich!’ right after lunch, kid,” David said to Nick as he walked away. Nick was smiling. A chance to prove himself. Finally.

When he got home Jason grabbed another sandwich from the fridge and ate it quickly as he went to his room to play video games. He walked up the stairs. There was a quiet creak every time he stepped.

He went into his room and turned on the playstation. He picked up his controller and opened his favorite game, Minecraft. Once he had that loaded up, he went to my worlds and then clicked his favorite world to play on - he called it birdtown. He had built a giant city with a clock tower. He would climb to the top, get an elytra and rockets, and then fly down. 

When he spawned, he was in an apartment building. He walked outside and down the sidewalk to the clock tower where he took a long staircase to world height. He looked over the edge. The clock tower was built using a ton of daylight sensors and pistons pushing redstone blocks. It also rang a bell when it became night or day time.

He looked over to one of the corners of the area he was in and found his armor stand with a mending elytra and blast level three rockets. He equipped himself with both and went to the edge of the tower to jump when he heard his mom call his name.

“Nick! It’s dinner time!” she called. Nick sighed and closed his game so he could fly on a full stomach.

He walked back down the stairs. Creak, Creak, Creak, he walked down to the table where his dad and mom were waiting for him. There was a delicious meal of meatloaf waiting for him. 

“Mh!” he said as he sat down and everyone started eating. He thought about the dare. He was so excited to fly in front of people! The bullies finally would get to see his super power! Before he knew it, he finished his meatloaf and went back upstairs to keep playing minecraft.

He opened the game again.

With elytra on and rockets in hand, He jumped from the tower. When his wings opened, he used a rocket to stay high in the air. Wheeeeeeeeeee! He thought.

He kept flying around. He used another rocket. Now he was so high that the smaller building went out of view. He aimed slightly downwards and re-angled himself for the landing spot - A large field on the opposite side of town than the clocktower. He saw the field now and pulled up to slow down. He was slow enough to land safely now. He was only about 30 blocks away from the ground now.

25, 20, 15, OW! There was just about 2 seconds of lag, but it closed his wings and he took some damage when he fell. He shook his head.

“Stupid lag,” he said to himself. He kept playing all night until he got tired around midnight.

In bed, all he could think about was the flying he would get to do the next day…

He must have been asleep for about 9 hours. It was almost ten O’clock now. He rushed outside. His parents must have still been asleep. He ran to the church. It was only about 2 blocks away.

By the time he got there, It was 11 : 50. That’s when David and Jason showed up.

“Follow us,” Jason said quickly.

They both walked into the church and up 4 flights of stairs. There, they were at a huge clock tower. Just like the one in minecraft. Nick smiled.

“Easy peasy,” He said. He took a step back, and then ran for the ledge flapping his arms. But when he jumped off, he didn't fly. He fell. Why am I falling!? He thought to himself as he plummeted to his inevitable doom. He looked at the hard rock ground. He was nervous. What if he broke a bone?

He kept falling. He was almost to the ground.

Splat. He exploded into a pile of blood and guts.

May 20, 2021 17:07

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