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For the first time in his life, Samuel Mcbee was nervous as he entered the small town airport glancing outside the glass windows in the distance he could see his grandfather's farm. As a young man, he had taken this flight every summer after his grandparent's divorce. Though this time to visit wouldn't be joyful it would be a moment of mourning for a great woman. With a deep tired sigh, he got in line every other person in front of him in line had on sneakers and flip flops. With a quick glance at his boots, he smiled to himself; all city slickers we're the same. Tried and true he was a farm boy. He watched as people around him scampered about not minding each other. It was disheartening all he wanted was someone to talk to as if on cue an elderly woman spoke to him.

”Excuse me Sunny is this Fight 256?”

”No ma'am that's back a wise, I can show you,” He said kindly, helping the woman to her line. When he returned his own line had doubled but he didn't mind.

   After a tediously long wait he stepped on to the plane, the ride was like something out of a nightmare. People arguing, babies crying and music blaring through headphones. When the flight touched down he quickly gathered his things and rushed off the plane. Once off the crowded plane he became overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in LAX airport, all speeding by talking on their phone, children screaming for their parents, who were yelling for them to hurry. It was all a bit much. Quickly he made his way to the baggage area were a group of young men we're shoving there a way to the front. A mother and daughter stood back waiting. The woman then gave him a look which he returned with a smile he said.

"After you,"

Once his luggage was Secure he raced out of the building to his disbelief outside was worse. People were scurrying about to get to their cars and few cabs that were left. 

Quickly he spotted a parked cab without thinking he raced to the door.

Samuel quickly pulled open the yellow cab doors. Without looking he set down. upon Sitting down he heard a familiar voice say.

“Excuse me but I got this car already“ 

It took him a moment to realize who the voice belonged to underneath all the makeup and earrings. 

“Racheal?” He asked unsure as he took in the beautiful woman. A fond smile appeared on a woman's face, her purple lipstick pulling into a happy smile.

“I assume you're going to your grandmama’s celebration of life”

“Yea,” he said, still not sure if it was Racheal, the girl who had been his partner in crime, best bud, and grandmama’s violin victim.  

“Then we’ll share a cab” Samuel smiled as Racheal began talking his ear off. Though he didn't mind he missed his best friend dearly.

“I got it,” Rachel said quickly reaching into her purse she pulled out her phone, and flipped her wallet around to show off cards that she clicked against the kiosk, her credit card beeped as it was processed.

The two quickly exited the cab and stared at a quaint little house on a typical Suburban Street. More than two dozen people were already piling in the tiny house. Samuel stared at the house with trepidation but before he could even get up the nerve to go inside a loud crash came from the side door. Uncle Berney had thrown cousin Lou into the yard. 

Samuel and Rachel stood there watching uncle Berney and cousin Lou duke it out. Samuel groaned he really didn't want to wait around and listen to the will. The family drama would be hell.

”Wanna go get some ice cream?”

Rachel suggested turning towards him.

”I would be I don't think we're going to get inside,"

”I know silly, follow me there is a menchies down the street”


”Frozen ice cream, with toppings” She explained pulling him down the street. With a curious look, he asked her.

“how do you know”

“ your grandma still my mentor" Rachel explained that they walked. It only slightly surprised Samuel.

"She was a good woman"

"The best but she missed you"

"I know I could never stay here," Samuel said looking around at the cars flying by.

"Never?" Rachel said looking hopeful.

"I'm a farm boy, not a city slicker, though you adjust well"

Rachel stood there a moment unsure of what to say as they stood outside of the Menchies their walk coming to an end.

"I want you to stay for a while I mean, id really like it if you helped me run your grandmother's school" Samuel was stunned he had no idea that the school would continue to run after his grandmother's death.


"Your a great dancer, violinist, and your grandmother always wanted you back and I want you back," Rachel said bluntly as she pulled him into the Menchie's. Samuel didn't know what to say is he stood in line, Rachel grabs the tubes and lets him over to the machines

"Get your favorite, I'm doing a suicide of every flavor," Racheal said squealing excitedly as she began putting a little of each ice cream into the bowl. Samuel unsure of what to get, gif a small bowl of cheesecake, sour and strawberry toppings.

"So what do you think"

"It's good"

"No silly about staying and helping with the school?" Rachel asked pointedly a hopeful look in her big blue eyes.

"I don't know that's a big question" Samuel muttered shifting uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Let me show you the school first!" Rachel said pulling out her phone as she reserved In Uber. Samuel unsure of what to say went along for the ride. He stayed silent the whole Uber ride pretending to eat his melting ice cream.

The cab ride was short to school from his grandmother's house.

"This is it," Rachel said stepping out in the cold crisp night air. A huge brick building stood adorned with tons of trees, flowers, statues, and other ornaments.


"So as you can see I can't do this alone, I need someone who knows plants and people"

 Samuel was at a loss for what to say he had always liked Racheal and respected his grandmother's work but a move to the big city.

"I don't know"

"How about for a couple of months until I figure it out?" Rachel asked giving him a hopeful pouty look.

"Alright I'll do a trial period," he said putting his arm around her, her face lite up.

"I'm glad"

"I'll stay but ill never be a city slicker"

Samuel said defensively folding his hands over his chest childishly. Racheal grinned. 

"If you my dear ever become a city slicker I will have a heart attack" the two old friends laughed reentering the Uber as they chatted about how to run the school and their potential future together.

September 18, 2020 20:14

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Chaze Mathews
06:13 Jul 20, 2021

This is sweet do more like this


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Cat Mandew
03:05 Jul 02, 2021

Love the concept here, totally agree with the comments below expand on this story


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Blythe Jones
03:18 Sep 20, 2020

This would make a cute longer story I want to know what happens next


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Blythe Jones
03:18 Sep 20, 2020

Samuel totally likes her


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