The Flight

"Can you keep a secret?" said I, talking to my eleven-year-old brother. He nodded and asked innocently "But... What? Tell me please please."

"Ok! but promise me you will stop stalking me" chided I. Poor guy, innateness in his eyes reflected him. This innocence pays when you have an older sister cruel in her eyes, reflecting a contrast of your brother's actions.

"It was red!"

"What was red?" again that innocent face. Why can't he stop being that stupid and cute?

"The blood," said mini-me, inside me.

It all started last week when I was giving my School Maths test and suddenly something happened. I saw him for the first time when I went to the washroom and he was there.

I shouted at him badly "Stop it! I don't know you! Why are you following me?" and blah blah blah. God knows how much I was confident about him and galvanized when I actually saw him. He was looking at me inbred. We never met before. We just knew about each other. I knew him better.

My best friend told me about him and I started thinking. When thoughts are arrowed at you, they prick you when you don't think about them. I don't know about you, but it happens to me, and then I discuss that with my mini-me. My mini-me is a friend of mine, but my best friend is a book called "la menstruación". Though my favorite is English, yet I never skip Spanish books and the most favorite of all is my best friend.

She is lovely and more importantly, filled with secrets

She told me the secret "It happens to everyone who has a U-turn"

She just said that and shhhhh........

She was mute and never spoke again. Never.

I think It was because she was a book and only spoke at the right time. It is a stigma, isn't it?

A stigma that a girl carries with her. Wrapped in her lively life, he comes to her because she has patience and giving an excuse that it is because of him that she has patience and then it tries to break her. Giving those excuses, it comes to her every time she is relieved and fine. Each time, it scares the hell out of her. How things are going to be? Oh my god! The cramps! Oh, the pain! I saw him in the washroom that day. And it came with brazenness thereafter.

It was the first time I saw him and he was as cruel as he could be. Haunting me, it started to look new and fresh, but as deadly as a shark. Oh my god! It haunts me when I write about him. I can only write since it's a secret and never to be told. I have to be quiet. I hope this story is not read by anyone else.

Talking to mini-me, I took the secret out by mistake, and oh my god. Mini-me chastised as much as she could.

"How dare you? You live in a society. Don't you? You are weak. Never utter it out again. Is that clear?"

Bragging and going on inside me, I replied ruefully and hesitantly I said

" I am sorry. Please don't. Stop. I will never say that again. I promise it will be a secret"

And I came back to my math class, gave my test, and with that hypocrite look from him, smiling at me. I frowned, the teacher saw me and I smiled happily with my teacher and him.

When I came back home, I told my mother everything. It was two ladies talking and birds flying like they never have. It was love behind in those birds on the window. How happy those birds were. Another secret: The window was covered from outside and I was seeing the glass inside. Shhhhhhh... Let the birds fly.

Smiling she said "I am happy that my daughter has grown up! Is he handsome?"

"Mom... Stop it! We just met! He is awful"

"Ok, I will get you when you go out with him again? OK?" asked her with that motherly look that I guess every mother has talent on. That look, oh my god! Just makes you do whatever she wants you too.

"Ok! I want it soon" and I shut the door behind as I hushed in my room.

Morning set in when I saw a box and saw it as promised. It made my day like a bird chirping to fly early morning. There it was and I took it to my heart, cuddled and it remained life long with me. How happy I was to have it and even him. Our date was great, unlike the horror one with him. "Stop it! Can you? it's a secret." said mini-me "Don't brag about it."

The flight has taken the U-turn

" I swear, I kill you! Stop following me, can't you ?" Lambasting, I scolded him and he still had that innocent face. "Stop making those faces, said mini-me."

" I want to see too" insisted that innocence on his face. My brother, as he ran with the box and oops took it out.

"Can you keep a secret?" asked I.

"But... What? Tell me please please."

"Ok! but promise me you will stop stalking me" chided I.

"It was red!"

"What was red?

Mom saw everything, came there and asked him "Can you keep a secret?"

Confused, he replied "Yes. I won't tell anyone"

"Fine. it's called a Sanitary Pad and is used against a handsome guy called Periods. He looks cruel when you see him first but a blessing when you see your kids. Your sister has got it as a gift for dating that handsome guy. She will start accepting her after some time.

I don't know whether he is a boon or a bane but he is great now. I love him like any girl does and face it because I accept him."

Quiet he went inside and mom hugged me for my first pad. I was happy because I will wear it for the first time ever to hide secrets.

Love could not separate us from a world that sees us separated. I know we are not men, but we are animals, unlike men. We are those birds flying; well trying to.

Clipping their wings with stigmas hidden to be broken by some best friends will take a lot of time. I wish one day I start loving this handsome guy and it doesn't make me weak like any other girl. I wish it doesn't molest me and takes good care of me.

"It will," said the mini-me "I am sorry"

"It's ok!" said I

Mini-me and I saw those chirping birds on the window.

Screeching, they had a petrified chirp this time. I could see the sky U. Nonchalant and happy, they flew together to a sky lifelong.

And shhh... Let them fly "Can you keep the secret?"

August 16, 2020 19:49

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Deborah Angevin
12:52 Aug 21, 2020

I really like the repetition of the "Can you keep a secret" throughout the story. It took me some time to actually understand that this is about menstruation, though! P.S: would you mind checking out my recent submission, "Yellow Light?" Thank you :D


Tejas Chandna
19:11 Aug 22, 2020

Thanks a lot! I would definitely read it and leave a comment.


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Charles Stucker
15:20 Aug 20, 2020

"Can you keep a secret?" said I, talking to my eleven-year-old brother. Rewrite as, "Can you keep a secret?" I asked my eleven-year-old brother. A dialogue tag (said, asked, etc.) along with it being dialogue, tells the reader someone is talking. "Poor guy, innateness in his eyes reflected him." I am not sure what you wanted to say in that sentence. Is it, "His eyes reflected his innocence"? "He was looking at me inbred." inbred means your ancestors kept marrying in a small group. "Morning set in when I saw a box and saw it as pr...


Tejas Chandna
19:10 Aug 22, 2020

Inbred also means existing from birth or innate. I appreciate your feedback about this story. A lot of regions in the world still have this topic as a stereotype and America is one of them. I hope you go to the streets of New York and LA where you will surely find many women struggling not just as street wanderers but also struggling to tell people what they are going through. A reasonable percentage of American girls do not know about periods when they have it for the first time. This story is relatable, needs to be talked about and not mun...


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