Watching the two girls grow up together was the most rewarding thing that any parent could wish for their child. A partner through thick and thin. No matter what happens, they were going to see it to the end.

Or so you would think -


The two girls met living across the street. Where one went they both went. Inseparable. Together they made it through all of elementary school and middle school. High school started getting more muddled.

Particular things were starting to tear them apart. One day I listened as they screamed across the street at each other.

“I can’t believe you!” Amara screams as her blonde hair flies in the wind.

“Didn’t do it for no reason. They were going to start rumors about you.”

Amara shakes her head, side to side. “They can say anything they want. I can’t stop them from talking. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If they choose to make assumptions, it’s their problem. Not mine. Or yours, for that matter, Marvella.”

“I couldn’t let them think about it though. They are wrong. We both know it!”

“Didn’t mean you had to kill her…”

“Wasn’t trying to!”

“How does someone end up dead without you trying to ? The stab wounds will show that there was a passionate crime. However, things are about to get really shaky with everything going on. We are going to have to put distance between us to try to diffuse some of the situation.”


I can’t believe what I am hearing from my bedroom. There was nothing that would’ve prepared me for this situation. The kids were partners in crime, but I didn’t think there would actually be a crime.

The fact of the matter being that there was something else going on deeper than just the first impressions. Things were about to go to a dark place for the two of them. Would they be able to come back from this? Or would it destroy their friendship?


“Marvella, what are you talking about?”

“There’s no way I would try to hurt anyone. We were just arguing about how she shouldn’t say anything about the lies she was going to spread about you.” Marvella walks closer towards the gate separating the two yards.

“I don’t need someone to protect me.”

“Amara, you are my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you. With that being said, the issue is now I might lose my best friend anyways.” She kicks at the fence and the chains jingle. “Please don’t be mad at me. I just wanted to help you. That’s really all I was doing.”

“Just because you didn’t mean to doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Now we have to deal with everything.”

A tear slides down Amara’s face. “Th-There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you.”

“I know Amara. It’s why I’m not faulting you. We can’t tell anyone about this. We have to keep ourselves together. There could potentially be a trial.”


I listened as the girls try to keep their conversation to a hushed tone. However, when you’re a mom of a sneaky teenager, there are things you listen for. Anything that makes her suspicious, such as whispers throughout the night.


There was a knock that rapped at the front door. Marvella opens the inside door and sees two uniformed officers before her. “Mom!”

The pitter patter of her mom’s houseshoes echo in her ears. “Good afternoon officers. How may I help you?”

The young brunette man removes his cap, “May we come in, Ma’am?” His southern hospitality rings through his voice.

Marvella’s mother opens the door and steps aside. “What is so important that you didn’t want to tell us through the screen door?”

“Did you know that there was a death and we are just trying to do some investigation to see if we can determine if it’s murder or suicide.”

“Did either of you two know Kaylee Mathews?” The other officer speaks from behind his partner.

Marvella’s eyes dart back and forth between the two officers. “She was in one of my classes but I just know her name.”

“Can you tell us about her? Anything could help. Was she a good student? Was she always stressed at school? Any enemies?”

“Nothing that I can think of, officers. She always seemed quiet towards me. I don’t know if she liked me or if she hated me,” Marvella offers them.

The officer hands them a business card, “Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you. If you think of anything at all, feel free to call us at any time.”

Senior officer walks towards the door. “Thank you for everything. We will be on our way out. Appreciate the cooperation and the hospitality.”


My mind races back to when I heard about the devastating news about how the child had come up dead. No one knew if it was murder or suicide, but I knew the truth. It was an accident and none of the parties involved knew how to handle it correctly.

On one hand, the truth would set them free. They wouldn’t have to hide it and try to come up with lie after lie. However, the truth could also send them to jail. Even though it wasn’t intentional, the death still happened.


“Amara!” Marvella screams as the officers guide her towards the cop cruiser. “I’ll be waiting for you. No matter what, this falls on me. Be safe and I’ll see you whenever I see you next.” Tears streamed down her face as she saw her best friend for the last time.


Amara sat on the couch with her mom. “What should I do? I’m so lost. Marvella didn’t mean too. She’s just stronger than she thinks. When we are together things just seem right. She gets me. When I don’t have words for a situation, she just knows what I am trying to say.”

“Darling daughter, I wish I knew what to say. This situation is new to me. I don’t know. Truly, if I did, I would tell you. Circumstances such as these, I don’t wish on anyone,” her mother’s voice barely over a whisper.

For her to be speechless, this has to be BAD! Never have I known my mother not to have the right words to console me. Didn’t matter if it was a broken heart or a bone, the words were always what I needed to hear from her.

“Marvella is going to survive this. She has to…” Amara chokes on her tears.

“There is nothing that girl can’t do if she sets her mind to it. She’s always going to be with you. After all these years, nothing can separate you two forever.”

“You really believe that Mom?”

“With the two of you, yes. Normally, I wouldn’t think it would be possible. Like you said, you two get each other in a way that no one else can compare to right now.”


Marvella sat with her back against the cold wall. The solitude in this confinement was going to make her go crazy. She needed her best friend. Without her, no one knew what she was going through.

She mumbles under her breath. “Glad that chick is dead. She needed to be. I’d do it differently, but I wouldn’t change what I did.”

Maybe she is better off without me. My lips are sealed though about what I have done, or am willing to do to get out of here.


Amara watches the clock. Each second that ticks away drives her crazy. She is ready to see her best friend. No one understands her. She does though.

How do I get her back? I need her to be with me. Without her I am drowning. The air from my lungs being sucked dry. Nothing can stop me from this feeling except her face…

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