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"I don't mind if you never find it in your heart to forgive me, I deserve it."

"I forgave you a long time ago, but where were you? For months I searched, contacted all our friends but nothing!"

"I was in Yarmouth," Jessica revealed willingly.

"Yarmouth?! What were you doing in Yarmouth?!"

"Thinking most of the time........regretting."

"Regretting what?

"That I left you. Living without you is always so painful Lawrence."

"I missed you too, so badly, Jessie!" Lawrence confessed shamelessly and kissed her full on the lips, "but you'll never have to miss me again, I promise."

"No, you mustn't promise," she retorted mildly, "you're still a married man."

"What if I told you that Corinne was my biggest mistake in life?" Lawrence complained coldly and nestled his head against the warmth of her neck for consolation.

"How can you say such a thing? Corinne loves you!"

"And I loved her.......once, but not liked I love you. She took a turn for the worst when we got married. She became malicious and vengeful and was determined to hurt me, when she turned to the bottle and jumped into the pool drunk, knowing fully well that she was pregnant!"

"Pregnant?!" Jessica cried with blazing astonishment and fell to the sofa behind her, "Corinne was pregnant?"

"Yes, my love and I am so sorry," he apologized nervously and sat down beside her and took her into his arms but she pushed him away.

"You must have been very happy?" Jessica muttered and held back the tears that welled up in her green eyes.

"I was, but it was the most transient period of happiness I've ever experienced. But you," he bent and kissed her flushed cheeks, "you're my eternal happiness, Jessie and I made the most stupid, inexcusable mistake when I divorced you. I want you back. We can adopt kids, any amount you want!" He promised as his hot lips moved down to her neck, but she flew up from beside him.

"I can't believe this, it's just so easy for some women to conceive! We couldn't live with each other after my miscarriage. I suffered so much."

"Now, being the woman that I so desperately love is good enough for me. Back then I was young and stupid."

"There's something I must tell you Lawrence," her tone was sullen as she turned around to face him.

"What is it?" He said, becoming concerned at the worried lines now entrapping her features. "I'm engaged to be married."

His eyes grew dark.

"Lawrence, please say something!"

"And what, congratulate you? Damn you. Jessie!" Was his angry reaction, "you live with him, don't you?!"

"No, no we don't, Colin and I......."

"Colin? Colin MacCallum?!" He interjected contemptuously and charged her, "my lawyer?!" He caught her shoulders and shook her with every word he said, " if MacCallum thinks he's going to take you away from me, he's the world's biggest joker!"

"Things wouldn't always go your way Lawrence."

"When it comes to you, it can. Just watch and see!" He vowed and unleashed yet another kiss on her welcoming mouth.

"Missis, I'm back!"

"Who is that?" Lawrence inquired hotly , looking around.

"Desiree, is that you?"

"Who's Desiree?"

"She's, maid," Jessica answered mendaciously and tried to break free from his grasp.

"He's asleep," said Desiree nonchalantly, coming into the living room, pushing a perambulator.

"Who's asleep?"

"I stayed out a little longer because he was being such a good baby!" She declared touching his cheek.

"Baby? Did you adopt him, Jessie?!"

"Oh no," the amiable girl announced excitedly, "missis gave birth to him three months ago. Little Lawrence is........"

" 'Little Lawrence?' Gave birth?!" He interjected looking at the two women suspiciously, "what is going on here?"

"Lawrence Chandler the 111, meet your fleshly son, Lawrence Chandler the Vl," she promulgated, taking up the sleeping, red- faced infant and handing him to the visibly shaken Lawrence.

"God help me!" He cried, enervated by shock.

"Oh, my darling Lawrence, don't look so lost, Jessica said trying to comfort him, stroking his face, "I was just as stupefied as you are when I found out I was pregnant."

"But how?" His frantic inquiry was low as his eyes were now immovable form the now yawning infant.

"Dr. Kingsley said that my infertility stemmed from my negative psychological state after my miscarriage."

"What undid it?"

"That magical week we spent together before you married Corinne."

"Wow, my own flesh and blood, pinch me please."

"You deserve it ......we deserve it." Said Jessica, kissing him.

"Why didn't you let me know? I would 've never gotten married to Corinne! You know how much I wanted a baby with you. Too see you all swollen with him. Too have been there when you were giving birth to him!"

"I would've loved that, Lawrence."

"We did well, didn't we Jess? He looks so much like you, so beautiful."

"Liar. He has your hair color and eyes."

"He does, doesn't he? I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you, Jessica."

"My pain is gone now. I am in your arms.....we are in your arms and for now that is all that is all that matters."

"What the hell is going on here?" Suddenly a resounding male voice invaded their moment of bliss.

"Colin?!" Jessica exclaimed, wishing this moment had a snooze button.

"What is he doing here, Jessica? You promised me that you will never see him again and now he is in my house!"

"I am so sorry, it is all a big misunderstanding. We will be leaving as soon as possible."

"'We?' Are you leaving with him?"

"I love him, Colin. It would be unfair for me to stay with you now."

"But he hurt you so much!"

"Look, MacCallum, I know you love Jessica....."

"Don't you dare speak, Chandler. I am the one who truly loves her. I was there for her when she was pregnant, supporting her emotionally although she cried for you every night......every night."

"And that is why I must leave with him. I have told you on so many occasions that no one can replace you, when it comes to being a friend. But now, there's little Lawrence and he needs his father, Colin."

"But he's still married Jess."

"Corinne is brain dead. Her parents are contemplating pulling the plug."

"I see. Well, you two deserve each other. Please leave my house."

"I.......we never meant to hurt you. You know I can't live without Lawrence, but thank you, thank you for everything."

"I will never hurt her again, never." Lawrence promised Colin as little Lawrence began to stir and for awhile their suffering had ended.

"Go, take care of your family, you have wanted one for so long."

"Thank you, MacCallum."

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