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Soft light cascaded into my cavern that had lit up my wall of tally marks. I took in a deep breath of salty air and added one more tally to it. One year, two months, and twenty days since my boat capsized in the treacherous storm. Luckily enough I was able to find land.

The day I took off I was so pissed that I did not turn on my boats tracker. I just wanted to leave everything behind and not be disturbed by anybody, I didn’t tell a single person I was taking off either. So, off I went by myself into the mysterious big blue. The beer and liquor went down smoothly and before I knew it, I was in a storm.

I wanted to be alone so badly that day to just get away from it all. I guess I got just what I wanted. Being alone isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. I sit here slowly wasting away in the hell waiting until the end of days.

Every once in a while something useful had washed up on shore. I had found a couple empty cans that I use to boil water in or cook my catch of the day. One of the most useful things that washed up on shore was a fishing net. I cast that out a few times a day. My most favorite thing that washed up was Frank.

Frank and I go back to almost the first day I landed on this island. He is one of the most interesting pieces of wood I ever seen. I put a couple of shells on the face area just above his crooked smile. The twigs are twisted just right it looks as if his legs are crossed and his one arm is pointed out as if saying, “Look over there.” I like to pick up seaweed and different types of leaves to put on top of his head to change his appearance from time to time.

“Don’t I Frank?” I patted him on the shoulder.

I picked him up and headed down to the beach. We scavenged for anything that may have washed up over night in the high tide. I came up with a blue broken comb that tried to hide from me in a bunch of slimy seaweed.

I nodded at Frank and began to work the comb through my matted greasy hair and beard. “About time that I was able to go for a new look don’t you think?”

It was late morning and the sweat had beaded up on my skin as I grabbed the fishing net to catch something to eat. Quietness had filled most of the morning. Almost too quiet. Usually I get a small fish or crab to cook but here hadn’t been luck on my side. I then climbed up my favorite papaya tree to gather some sweet ripe fruit.

Once on top I spread out my arms and act as if I hugged the sky. I loved being on top of the tree, it reminds me of being on top of the world. Off in the distance were a couple of storm clouds that looked as if they may make trouble later. I shifted my attention to the lack of birds that I had seen.

I knocked a few papayas down and started to make my way back to my cavern. I heard a deep grumble as it reverberated to the surface. Without thinking I grabbed onto the nearest tree and stayed there until the shaking stopped. I picked up broken limbs for a fire on my way back to camp.

“Frank?” I sat down the wood.

“Frank, you all right?” I walked into the cave. He was gone.

A hole three feet wide broke from the ceiling and onto Frank. I leapt to the pile and dug until I was able to find his grassy hair and pulled him out.

“Frank! I am so happy you made it.” I squeezed him so hard I heard a crack. “I’ll fix your hair after we eat and clean this place up.”

I went to work cutting the fruit and I got the fire going to boil some water to drink. I turned my attention to the cavern and moved all the dirt back towards the side. Seeing how my arms and legs were, I bet I looked like a clay man by the time I was done. A lot of dirt had stuck to my skin. I could feel the gritty sand in my mouth and eyes and decided to go rinse off.

The few storm clouds had become many in the few hours I spent trying to get he dirt out of the cavern. A breeze had started and felt chilly on my skin. I don’t know how I let myself get so distracted that I didn’t pay attention to the sky.

Rain pelted down so hard it thudded like bullets to the ground. I managed to get inside and put my makeshift door up made out of twigs and woven grass. Then I remembered the hole in my roof.

I grabbed onto Frank. “It’ll be alright. We may just get a little wet tonight, but we will make it through.”

Morning had come, I looked upon my wall that held my marks. It was gone. Rain had seeped into the hole and washed all the marks away. I couldn't believe it! How would I know now how much time had gone by when and if I would ever get saved? I knew for sure that I had been there for a year and a couple of months but days, I could not remember.

“Can you believe this Frank?” I turned towards where he should be. Not there.

“Frank?” I looked around. “Frank, you playing hide and seek on me?”

I had started to toss what little I had left around in hopes I would find him soon. I seen where the water from the storm left the cavern and headed down hill. “Frank, Frank?” I yelled as I ran down the hill towards the ocean.

My hand shielded the sun from my eyes as I looked out across the ocean.

“Is that you Frank?” I yelled.

No response.

“You can’t swim Frank.” I scanned the shore and hoped I would find him sitting there somewhere.

“Your in danger from the sharks!” I ripped off what I had left of clothing on and jumped into the big blue……...

December 29, 2020 23:05

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12:52 Jan 07, 2021

Wow, I really love this story. You made such great use of the prompt. I couldn't find a nice way to make a story with that prompt, but you did it incredibly well. Keep on writing!


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Carrie O'Keefe
16:41 Jan 07, 2021

I appreciate your feed back. Thank you!


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this was such a great way to use the prompt and the cliffhanger (well not really a cliffhanger but you know what i mean) at the end i love this story :) 🤍


Carrie O'Keefe
23:14 Jan 11, 2021

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the feedback!


you're welcome! im reading your other stories so you might see me comment a few more times


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