It was 3 pm at St. Helen. I’ve done my research. I know my rights and the city of St. Helen has a reputation for discrimination and if you ask me (no one has), every single judge in St. Helen should receive a lethal injection. It was October 5, 2013 in a small, unimportant courthouse in St. Helen. The judges here have a bad reputation which they have earned. A friend of mine who suffers from S.O.B. (Shortness of breath) was in a court in St. Helen and the judge said, “You think wearing a fake oxygen mask is going to get you sympathy with me. Well, you’re wrong”.

Again, kill all the judges. Now, my underpaid defense attorney knew I’d been threatened to sign this contract but they didn’t tell the judge. Client/attorney privilege or some bullshit. But, I never told her not to tell the judge. Legal guardianship should be illegal. Let’s go through the goddamn bullshit one right at a time

1). “Decisions concerning travel or where to live”.

The Fair Housing Act, however, guarantees the right to not be discriminated on housing due to a disability. But Legal Guardianship is more important. Also, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the United Nations wrote guarantees me the right to leave a country of hostility. That’s the USA.

  1. Consent to or refusal of medical or other professional care, counseling, treatment or service.

This is a violation of HIPPA (Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act). They have access to all of my private information between me and my doctor when I’m allowed to see a doctor. Also, I am not allowed to see a psychiatrist because they don’t think it’s helpful.

  1. Permitting Access to, refusal of access to or consent to release of confidential records and papers.

This means I cannot even request my own fucking medical records, which is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act.

  1. Control of management of real or personal property of income from any source.

This is a violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which includes disabilities and a violation of the 13th Amendment which fucking bans slavery.

  1. Management of a business

That way, Uncle Sam, the asshole, can keep me a slave. What about the fucking American Dream, huh?

  1. Acting as a member of a partnership

Marriage is listed as one of the basic human rights in the Universal Decleration of Human Rights.

  1. Making Contracts.

I will never be allowed to buy my own home or car. This is a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

  1. Paying or collecting debts.

That sounds great, right?  No more credit cards bills. Right? Wrong. That means I am not allowed to buy things unless my fucking legal guardians say it’s okay, which is slavery.

  1. Making gifts.

Happy birthday. I can’t give anything to you.

  1. Initiate, defense, or settlement of lawsuit.

“All men are created equal” unless they’re disabled.

  1. Execution of a will or waiving the provisions of an existing will.

Because, then, my fucking legal guardians won’t get a penny of the money, right? This is again a violation of my 13th Amendment rights.

  1. Decisions concerning education.

Because then I could go back to school, get a job, and be independent. We couldn’t have that. No. That would be a disaster.

  1. To make decisions about his social environment or other social aspects of his life.

This means I can’t even have fucking friends. Fuck the government, fuck my legal guardians. Let the riots begin.

But, here’s another thing they don’t understand. I was threatened to sign the contract, which is illegal.

Also, I keep seeing weddings everywhere which reminds me that I can’t get married. My legal guardian said that if I got married that would mean that I wasn’t disabled and if I wasn’t disabled, then I wouldn’t get these benefits and that wouldn’t be worth losing food, housing, health insurance, etc.? Would it? Definitely not and what if the woman was just marrying me to take advantage of these meek benefits that I’m getting and then if I got divorced, I’d get even less benefits. And I definitely can’t afford children with the meager amount of money I’m getting on SSDI. No, if they were me, they’d stick with these benefits because if I lose them, it’ll be very difficult to get them back and they’re happier and feel safer that I have these fucking benefits and some day I’ll look back on this and thank them. You’ll see.

           Some days I go to bed silently crying, some days I go to bed thinking about how and when to kill this goddamn judge who destroyed my life. Maybe kill his wife and kids first so that he’d understand what it’s like to have these gifts forcibly taken away from him. Bastard. Maybe I should take the judge out to drink and buy him a Molotov cocktail, a real one. That’d be nice. Then I would have my vengeance and maybe my freedom.  Think of what William Wallace went through to get freedom from England. I am William Wallace and Uncle Sam and the fucking judge are England. It says in the Decleration of Independence that we can take a stand if our government has become corrupt and it has. It has. But I don’t have an army or a navy. All I have is my damaged mind. Hell, I don’t even have the right to walk down the street because what if my legal guardian doesn’t like where I’m going? What if I get into trouble or get lost where I’m going? What if they don’t feel safe? Meanwhile, every day I get up. I don’t feel safe. I don’t ever feel safe. If I do one thing they don’t like, they will quit and make me a warden of the state of Florida, Everything I own and the few friends I have will be gone and the state will put me in Section 8 housing. I know that. I know that. For once, I wish could live in their United States of America. Just Once.  

August 12, 2019 22:41

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