On an empty bench she sat down.Staring at the sky,full of stars.Her dark hair fluttering in wind while her blue eyes searching for something in the sky.Her search was interrupted by a voice.

                            'Hi, hello!'.

'Hello ? '.

'Sorry ,if I disturbed you. I saw you sitting here all by yourself and I need some company. I'm quite nervous actually. May I sit here, if you don't mind'.

' Oh, Why not?'

' My name is D'.


'Yeah, this is my new name. I was bit bored of my old name for many years, which was actually my great grandfather's name.So,I changed it. It's cool isn't it?'

'Yes,I think so. My name is Katherine Woods'.

 'How long were u here?'

' Long'.

'I was here for just ten years.I guess I'm lucky'.

'No doubt'.

'Where are u from Katherine, If you don't mind me asking?'


' The land of steady habits.Birthplace of Tom Sawyer and Finn'.

' Have you read his work?'.

' Yeah , I had too. My mom was 

 a teacher and self proclaimed biggest fan of literary genius Mark Twain .Have you met him?'.

                              ' once '.

' Thats amazing .Well, how was he?'.

'I don't remember much cause I was just nine years old .But I remember his moustache and smoke coming out of his mouth'.

'Yeah, he was a heavy smoker.Lucky fella, born and died with the Halley's comet'.

'21 April 1910'

' Oh ! you know the date'.

' I died on the same day'.

'Oh my god! what a coincidence !.Then you must be waiting here for what at...'

'Ninety five years'.

' That sucks'.

                             The conversation stopped for awhile. As if D suddenly ran out words. They both kept looking at sky, staring and waiting. The abrupt silence made both of them little awkward. After few minutes passed ,Katherine cleared her throat and started the conversation again.

May be she needed someone to talk at this moment.

                              ' So, how did you die?'

' Cancer, typical. You know, approximately there are more than eighteen million cancer patients all around the world and twenty six people die due to it each day. Still, I was so unlucky that even after my death I was unable to find the right partner. All the girls I met were dead because of either accident, natural disaster or they were murdered , if not then they had committed suicide. One girl said, listen to this, she said 'I can't be with you because your death was not so tragic' Can you believe that?. Let me say this last time; Cancer is the worst thing could happen to young man like me. How did you die ?'.

'Oh, me? I am actually one of the other type girl'.

'So, Did u commit suicide or were you murdered?'.

' Yes, murdered'.

'Well, what happened?'.

' Nothing much. My father had quarrel with the neighbour over some money and thus he had slapped him infront of all the town. He was angry because of that and he took revenge the next night. First he killed my parents and my little brother .Then he came into my room and woke me up.He put his sharp knief on my throat and slit it'.

                           'Oh, that's horrible. Human beings are nasty creatures. Was it hard to grow in this world , all alone'.

                              ' Initially it was. You are there among all the people but you can't touch them nor they can see you.Everyone dies and goes upward without any trouble .That's make you question the God and curse yourself.You just wait. Wait for your salvation'. 

' And finally God listened to you. What are you planning to do once you reach the 'Le Paradis'?'

' May be I will meet my parents. What about you?'

'I want to hang out with 'The Boss'. You know just chill and ask few questions about his big plans ans all'.

'Is it possible? I don't think anyone is allowed to meet him.Especially lost souls like us'.

' Well, all my dead buddies talked about how 'The Boss' asks you few questions about him and if you give right answers he will give you chance to talk to him.Thats why I read all these books past ten years.It would be pretty waste if he didn't talk to me'

' What did you read?'

'Alot . All his books .Bible, Geeta, Torah, Quran and then books about him . I also read about all the saints and visited places where he had stayed or touched his feets'.

' That's a lot of reading and travelling. What do you want to ask him?'

' I have a list of questions actually. But first I want to ask him how his system works.I mean how he selects who is going to stay behind and who is going to 'Le Paradis' .Then I want to ask him about whether sin matters to him. Then I also want to ask him whether he has any list of ethics and morale fix for different race,religion and era.Its quite long list actually. What about you ? Would you like to meet him ?

'Oh, no.I haven't studied any of his book so I don't think I could answer any of his questions'.

' yeah, that's right. But don't worry. If I answer all the questions correct , I will trick him to meet you for few minutes. You really seems to be a nice person to me'.

'Oh, Thank you!'.

   Few minutes after there eyes caught the shinny comet, Halley's comet. Both of them were stunned, looking at the comet with wide eyes and wonder. There faces were lit. The happiness blessed them and their broad smiles was the proof of that.Both of them looked at each other and Katherine said

'Here it comes our Chariot'.

' Alas'.

' Are you ready to go?'

' Totally. I'm glad its over'.

' Me too. It was really nice talking to you D. I hope we meet again '.

' Likewise Katherine. Don't worry I will meet you again with 'The Boss'. Do you know what Mark Twain said about his death on his death ?'.

' No, what?'

' He said ,' I came in with the Halley's comet .It is coming again next year. The Almighty has said, no doubt, ‘Now there are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.’

'Well , at least we have more than one thing in common.Bon voyage, D'.

    They both stood up and started walking. They were not holding hands, just walking closely side by side. Their walk was slow as if they have all the time in the world, as if they don't have any worries of being late. They were looking at the comet without any fear of trembling and falling down.Soon, they turned into white , shiny cloud like thing and moved upwards. Towards the comet , in the sky full of stars.

July 23, 2020 17:54

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Scott Doran
15:36 Jul 30, 2020

I liked it quite a lot. You are definitely a talented story-teller. I especially liked the mood of resigned melancholy you create between the characters. I wasn't exactly sure about the significance of Halley's Comet in the story; I might have missed it, but it sounded like it may be their vehicle out of the purgatory. I also didn't quite understand how the characters were looking for partners and whether that was a requirement to travel on. I appreciated the missing pieces and the ability to leave for your readers to fill in the gaps...


Jr. Romars
08:51 Jul 31, 2020

Oh thank you so much for your comment. You really made my day.


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Nancy Drayce
21:29 Jul 23, 2020

Beautiful story! 💜✨


Jr. Romars
03:06 Jul 24, 2020

thank you


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