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Thomas: Nancy did you say Osbourne? As in 576 Loftus Grove Osbourne?

Nancy: Keep it down Thomas I told you that I could lose my job if the whole town becomes aware that Mr Osbourne has bought our park and his first item on the To do list is cutting down Lady Mary…

Thomas: (screams) What? He can’t do that, that is not fair Lady Mary is not just a tree she’s our own anchor for heaven’s sake he can’t, he has already changed the name of our town, bought all the businesses and lives but not this he can’t Acey please tell me there’s a way we can stop this

Nancy: Unfortunately it’s already a done deal , even if it wasn’t you know that Irwin his cousin is the mayor even if we were to attempt buying it we can’t even answer the starting bid because of the measly change he throws our way under the disguise of salary, I think we should go there Today and bid the Kindest Lady a farewell

Thomas: There should be a way to stop him and I’m going to do exactly that I don’t care how vast his network his but I am going to look for a tiny hole and make it a driveway. I won’t let him take this one also I refuse Acey I refuse.

He sat quietly on the worn out chair which offers little or no comfort as if it was made to torture who ever falls prey to it.He picked invisible lint on his too-tight coat trying to stop his fidgeting hand and wild booming heart.After two and a half hours, Mr Hewitt emerged from hs office looking bored and annoyed which made Thomas believe that His Almighty aka Mr Timothy Osbourne left instructions or rather a command with the Mr No guts Banker standing before him, looking as if he’d rather be anywhere than here or specifically he can be with anything than Thomas the Devil’s beloved son.

Mr Hewitt: I have only (glancing at his watch) five minutes to waste on you before I go to lunch at the Osbournes, make it fast and achievable with the little you have to your name as colleteral

Thomas: Mr Hewitt I would like to apply for a loan to bid on our park

Mr Hewitt: Did you just say bid? They are not selling porn magazines they are auctioning a park get it? Acres and acres of land not pages and pages of illicit and immoral act of a man upon another fellow man, you disgust me I doubt I will be able to enjoy the delicacies form the Osbournes after seeing your face

Thomas: You may not like me and it’s okay because I don’t like you either but please give me a loan I wish to bid on the Park that’s all I ask Mr Hewitt

Mr Hewitt: Loans can only be granted to permanently employed individuals who earn at least… wait before we speak of monies you will never live to see, let me understand this are you permanently employed?

Thomas: (softly) not yet Mr Marthinus promised that he will register me soon…

Mr Hewitt: I guess I’ll see you soon not right now, okay?

It’s late at night, Thomas is sitting before the fireplace though it’s Summer but even the flames fail to warm his heart, tears has soaked the front of Oliver’s favorite sleeping tee shirt, written FREE in bold purple letters, he inhaled it and was surprised to get that minty smell that he associated with Oliver, his world. He placed his feet inside his shoes and went out to confront Mr Osbourne once and for all.

Thomas: (bangs the door repeatedly) Come out , come out ,come out I want to speak to your

Lights come on and an irritated Mr Osbourne unlocks the door and face Thomas.

Mr Osbourne: What in God’s name are you doing so late in my house?

Thomas:  With all due respect Sir, you can’t buy the Park , you shouldn’t cut Lady Mary it meant so much to Oliver, please Sir I beg you please let Lady Mary live …

Mr Osbourne: As far as I am concerned Bloody Mary goes. Why do you think I am cutting the tree in the first place? It repulses me every time I go pass I must look the other side because that is where my son disgraced us by taking one look at you and falling like a puppy.

That's where he got his first kiss,that's where you declared your love for him,that's where all your freakishly firsts occurred and that's where it will end.

He saw you there and decided he can’t marry Antoinette anymore, a girl he’s loved his whole life, he even accompanied her Shopping and even styled her hair, they were inseparable before you came along and brainwashed him with your homosexuality, you corrupted my son and spent late nights whispering the crudest things I’ve ever heard that ensured that he slept with his hands on his front, defiling God’s temple, you make me sick

I must cut the tree and build something useful there so that you can’t lure other unsuspecting boys to Hell where you belong with your ways of feelings that God never created, you can’t stand in the way of the Creator you are just a creation that thinks it can match God’s Wisdom but you failed

Thomas: (crying) He loved that tree it was the only place he ran to after the death of his brother Allen, before you cut it down please climb it to the top , you will find twelve blue strings with best wishes for Allen which Oliver always tied on Allen’s birthdays(he reached in the pants pocket and retrieved a letter and placed it before Mr Hewitt) This letter is Oliver’s  original autopsy report he didn’t die of natural causes, he died of Pneumonia I guess of the cold showers you subjected him to every time he did things without your instruction really did manage to unscramble his brain. First it was Allen , than it Oliver, than it was the whole town next will be madness. May Lady Mary guide you towards doing the right thing.

April 19, 2021 12:21

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