It was a day like no other. The sky was dark, and rain was pouring down on the streets of London. You could call it dreary and depressing. I call it an opportunity to do greatness.

I decided to try something new. I don't usually do that. I try my best to fit in, I don't like standing out. I opened my black umbrella, but on my black coat, and walked down the streets on London, with the rain drizzling around me, like a shield of watery protection.

You may ask what I did. What I was doing that was different. I was going to the bookstore. You may think that going there is VERY normal. But not for me. My routine is:

Wake up

Coffee and breakfast

Go to work

Lunch break!

Work even more

Go home

Make dinner

Feed dog

Go to sleep.

So yeah. Going to the bookstore was not normal for me.

As I waled down the chilling streets, I started thinking. What book do I want? What should I get? I was never much of a reader. I was still thinking about what to get, and soon enough, I was at the bookstore.

It was a grand place. Three stories tall, and the top curved into a dome at the top. Like a tortoise shell. I'm a zoologist, so I should know.

As I walked into the building, my breath was stolen. It was astonishing to my eyes. The carpet was plush and red. Bookshelves lined the walls. There was an elevator that lead up to the top story. There was a wrap around walkway to each level, and more bookshelves there.

I almost had the whole place to myself. It was such a dark day, that no one wanted to go out. I placed my umbrella into the bin, and hung my jacket up on one of the hooks. Then, I started my search.

I'm not a sucker for Non-Fiction, so that was out of the picture. Not the Fantasy type. That got thrown out the window. I wandered around for a few minutes, and then something caught my eye. A glimmer of gold at the second level.

I walk properly to the elevator, and hit the Level 2 button. The elevator goes up. Then, it dings softly. And the doors open.

I know right where I'm going. The gold still glimmers. It is a few yards away from me. I restrain myself from sprinting towards it. When I get there, I pull the book off the shelf, and sit down to read the back.

My black skirts twirl out, like a flower opening at the first signs of Spring. The book is called, Egyptian Mythology - Guide to the Gods. I know instantly that I picked the right one. I start to flip through it. But I see something, and stop.

It is a painting. Of a beautiful women, dressed in a blue dress. It flows around her. She looks graceful. Her eyes are partially open, like she is about to fall asleep. There are clouds all around her, it looks like she's in the sky. I look down to the caption. It reads,

Nut. The Egyptian goddess of the sky.

I look up. Then, suddenly realize why she looks so familiar. She's painted on the dome. Right above me. The same painting. Of Nut. The sky goddess. The most beautiful women I had ever seen.

I knew what book I had to buy. I looked on the back. $12.99. Affordable. I couldn't help it. I skipped to the elevator, and when it got to the bottom, I skipped to the check-out counter. I couldn't help it!

January 22, 2020 01:08

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