Adventure Drama Horror

Beauty is priceless.

Or so many may think…

Others obsess closely

Finding a weak link

There is a tale told

Of a witch in the woods

She has dark magic,

And many unique goods

The clock strikes three

As the witch stirs her pot

She is centuries old

And hasn't been caught

Until a woman starts to wander,

Searching for prey

She is a hunter…

The witch wants to play.

She retreated back to her home,

Creating a plan.

She comes up with an idea…

She will create a man!

She will catch a beast

One that has cold blood

Savage as can be

While running through the mud

The maiden will fall for him

Then he will break her heart

She will crumble and fall

At the witches evil art

Someone to hold ,

Then bring to their knees.

While the witch watches closely

Right behind the trees

She gathers her materials

Ready to create

The maiden is clueless

Of her newly found mate

He is nothing more than a soldier,

One that cannot feel

He will carry out his purpose

An order of steel

The animal is transformed

And his orders are set

The witch sends him off

To the maiden she met

This maiden holds beauty

In her long,dark hair.

Her perfect blue eyes,

And her breath taking glare

A woman of noble blood

Hidden beneath the skies

She seems like an angel

With her pretty little disguise

The beast approaches her

In his newly found clothes

Getting ready to greet her

As his dark eye glows

He has two eyes

One shattered,one whole

“Make her fall for you.”

That was his goal

His face is solid

But his feelings are tore

His left eye is black

Filled with gore

He finally greets her

In such a polite way

She is left speechless

With nothing to say

Standing there like a statue,

With such beautiful skin

Heaven expelled her…

Beauty must be her sin

Her hands are the hands of a saint

And her lips are like a prayer

Her face is a map to be explored

To know everything there

Her smile is bright

Brighter than the sun

She is envied by many

Perhaps she has already won


He must follow through

The witch gave his orders

He has something at stake too…

He has a week to win her heart,

Then he becomes a beast once more

He is under the witches control

With an animal at his core

He hands begin to shake

As him and her talk

He craves her blood…

“I need a walk…”

His voice trails off

As he starts walking away

The maiden is disappointed

“Could you please stay?”

He wanted to oblige.

It was too much to bear.

He couldn't take much more

Heading back to the lair

“Perhaps we could meet tomorrow?”

She said with delight


He said,admiring her light

He ran off,

Back to the witch

He was going crazy

Because of his real strong itch

“You damned wolf!”

She said,angry to the bone

She then exhaled,

Letting out a groan

She fixed up a spell

To restrain his beast

To maintain his human nature

Refusing to feast

They met three days in a row

As he continued to court

She was incredibly small

Almost too short.

His character is composed,

Quiet and in control

Declining to express much

Because of his very savage soul

Her character is wild

Very unique

A personality some may like

And many may seek

The fourth day they met up

And laid on the grass

The man was acting weird

He was acting real crass

Like a love struck fool

He enjoyed her laugh

Slowly he started forgetting

About his other half

Until something lurked by

Stalking them close…

He could smell wet dog

As reality slowed

His eyes got dark

And fur started to grow

Hell was unleashed

As his sharp teeth began to glow

The sky grew dark

And he realized the trap

The wind stopped completely

And thunder began to clap

The trees died quick

And his old pack arose

They hid among the trees

This is the future he chose

The beautiful maiden,

She is now gone…

In her place stood a monster

I’m the victim,she is the con

A girl with black hair

In her dark gray dress

With lifeless eyes

She is the leader I guess

Her skin is pale white

And her fatigue is small

However she has serrated teeth

And a screeching call

Like a dog

She got on the ground

Then started charging

And my heart started to pound

I am a man

My savage soul is no more…

I can’t fight back

As my intestines are tore

My brothers and sisters

They help tear me down

As they drag me to nearby water

And watch me as I drown

The one I was deceived by

She watched as I died…

This death is ironic

My guilt has dried

I was lying

She was too

Clearly I am the victim

Who couldn’t take a clue

Her appearance was too perfect

And she begged me to stay

The witch fooled me

When she said she wanted to play

This maiden was her creation

Someone who will kill

Someone who can deceive easily

Concealing her sick thrill

No wonder the witch was never caught

She sent someone young

Who could handle the situation

Without getting hung

Me and this witch made a deal

My soul in exchange for her wish

Instead I am nothing more

Than a cut up fish

I had no choice

I was trapped from the start

First she took my spirit

Then finally my heart

I float in this creek

Nearly dead

Just another tortured soul

With a story you have read

The air is cold

And the water is tinted red

Slowly freezing to death

As animals still tread

I feel the water shifting…

Something is beneath me!

A set of two fangs sink deep

Before I can see.

Thank you for reading!

Yet another sad tale

What finished this man off?

Will it leave a trail?

The witch is the common thread

What else could she do?

Will she pick another victim

Or will she pick you?

What happens next

Now that these monsters are gone?

They may travel somewhere else

Or be gone till dawn

I am your witch

Someone to surprise

I cover stories

With convincing disguise

I foreshadow

And you have missed my clues

Go back and look back

See why you will lose!

Perhaps next time

You may catch more

I love writing

Something to adore

I hope to post again

Another time close

Happy reading!

Take your dose!

Shout-out: Vincente Batista thank you for reading and giving me feedback on a daily basis!!!

April 25, 2024 11:20

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Vicente Batista
13:14 Apr 25, 2024

damn it made me question that you might be a witch lol your stories are precisely amazing it's always a pleasure to read them 🫡


13:18 Apr 25, 2024

I have developed the ability to "Foreshadow" lol. I can give very subtle hints to what is going to happen really early in the text. However they are not too obvious. You would have to go back and read it again to notice the hints I left. In the beginning the woman was not the real victim. He he he


Vicente Batista
13:22 Apr 26, 2024

Really, you realize that in the first verses it subtly tells about the witch's true personality lol


14:47 Apr 26, 2024

yes lol,I also realize that no one truly knows whether I was referring to the witch,or the woman when I said "Until a woman starts to wander, Searching for prey She is a hunter…" The witch wants to play. lol I was trying to be sneaky.


Vicente Batista
11:25 Apr 29, 2024

Smart, I'm starting to feel sorry for your boy now lol (I'm just kidding), This text of yours was well prepared.


12:07 Apr 29, 2024

It's amazing,all I do is write,and it all works out as long as I finish the passage and then read it again two or three times.


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