Another Sunrise, Different Setting

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Coming of Age Fantasy Fiction

WRITER NOTE: This is a retrospective of my main character Terance Tavf through his eyes in Chapter 61 of The Blacksmith's Nephew.

I have been traveling with my group of companions for a majority of the week. We're close on saving Princess Ruth; the love of my life. I woke up that seventh morning before everyone else did for I was very much anxious and nervous as to be expected. For not only was I, a humble squire going to save my lovely Princess, but I was also going to see her after an entire week. I got so much to tell her. A lot has happened in the past week. I was also pretty sure Ruth had plenty to tell me as well.

After a few minutes of just waking up, I finally got up from where I slept and headed outside of the cave. I then stepped out in front of the cave’s entrance and began to stretch. To my left, I saw orange light shining between the mountains and a pink sky just above the horizon. Curiously I climbed up onto a nearby ledge from the mountain. The ledge I climbed up was located by a few yards away from the left side of the cave and it rose up to about 10 feet. Once I had landed my feet up there, I got to see another sunrise. The sun was rising as it peeks through the Dark Valley just between a couple of mountains from the east. A moment later, I was then accompanied by King Reuben whom climbed up the ledge to see the sunrise and join me. He's a great King even though he looks intimidating from his werewolf appearance given from the curse the Dark Wizard gave him.

“Good morning Your Majesty,” I said to Reuben with a smile.

“Good morning Terrance. Enjoying the view I see,” smiled back the werewolf.

“Yep, I sure am," I replied.

“Mind if I sit with you?" asked the King within the beast politely.

I responded back: “I don’t mind that at all.”

The werewolf King sat by the me as the sun rises higher upon the horizon from the east.

This sunrise was completely different than the sunrise back at home in the Northern Kingdom of Rissindell. For not only was the location different but so was the setting and atmosphere.

"To think I’ll be seeing my daughter after all these years,” said the werewolf as I noticed him looking at the Dark Castle there in front of us from a distance.

“Yeah, she is going to be very surprised,” I replied as I laid my eyes to the King.

“I just hope she can forgive me,” said the King as he lowered his head.

I replied reassuring my friend there: "Knowing her, she will. It wasn’t your fault my King. You had your reasons.”

“Yeah, reasons that are made of excuses," Reuben responded with doubt. "I still wish I could have done something. Like something different you know?”

I couldn’t help but feel how the King felt. For I had too felt and said the same exact thing throughout this journey.

I cracked a little smile and then look back at the sunrise saying: “Sometimes I feel the same way too sire. I sometimes wish things would have been different that I could have done something myself. But it is with these mistakes that makes us imperfect yet we can always learn from those mistakes. We can try to make things the way they are but sometimes life doesn’t go the way we plan things. We just have to accept it no matter what life throws at us.”

The King then lifts his head and looks back to me replying: “Yeah, you’re right. I gonna say: Sonas has taught you very well.”

I responded back politely: “Yes. For he, your Queen and my uncle have all taught me very well indeed.”

He smiled and stated: “I’m glad you had people to raise you. I’m also happy that Ruth has a friend like you.”

“I truly do care about her," I said as my answer. "I would do anything for her. I would even lay my life for her.”

“I know, and you have my permission," the werewolf told me as he looked at me.

“Permission for what sire?” Iasked as I looked at him with my right eyebrow raised.

The King turns his head to look back at the sunrise as he replied: “Well…to have my daughter as your Queen of course! It’s clear that you are in love with my Ruth. I’m going to have the three Chairmen, my wife and I change the rule once this is all over. That way all can be in love and marry rather they are protectors or not. For many generations that rule has remained and I always thought it was a silly rule to begin with. You inspired me Terrance that some change is good.”

I was shocked to hear about this. Granted, my uncle said that the King would do anything for his daughter and her happiness after all.

My mouth was slightly open but before opening it up anymore, I closed it and replied back: “Really…wow, I mean thank you Your Majesty. I just hope she feels the same way though.” I then turn my head to the Dark Castle after I spoke.

Reuben then responded with a smile: “I’m sure she does. After me getting to know you for the past few days, I have a clear vison and understanding of the kind of person you are. You’re a great and wonderful young man Terrance. And I approve of you as my future son-in-law.”

“Thank you sire…. I’m so glad I finally got the chance to meet you,” I said as I turn to the King.

King Reuben turned to me and replied: “You’re welcome son. The same goes with you. Now, please go wake up the others while I go hunt for breakfast.”

“Yes sir. Please do be careful Your Majesty," I said.

To that, the friendly beast replied: “I will. I’m just going to be at the other side of this mountain near the coast to get some cattle. See you in a bit.”

The King then climbed down from the ledge and went out to find breakfast for us in the upcoming morning. I took a one look at the beautiful sunrise once more. It was quite beautiful considering it being in the Dark Valley with no trees or any life source there. This was of course thanks to the Dark Wizard considering he made things the way they were done in that valley. Can't wait to save the love of my life and give that bastard a knuckle sandwich. Shortly afterwards, I went back to the cave where the rest of my friends were as the sun continue to rise upon the Dark Mountains.

February 18, 2022 22:41

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Charlie Murphy
19:31 Mar 03, 2022

Great story! Awesome that you have a werewolf in Medieval times! Can you read mine, The Diaps?


Sean Sorce
16:58 Mar 04, 2022

Thank you for the comment. And sure, I would love to read it.


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Dustin Gillham
19:50 Feb 19, 2022

I've enjoyed all of your work so far. Keep it up!


Sean Sorce
20:46 Feb 19, 2022

I'm glad you like my work so far. For this one, I know I sort of cheated there lol but I did however change the wording so it all seems like thrid person. Thank you for the encouragement. Much appreciated.


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