Felix the Cat

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Joe walked slowly into the kitchen and poured some cat food into the bowl. He waited quietly for his cat Felix to arrive but no sign of the cat. That was peculiar as Felix never missed a meal. Joe walked around the house calling for Felix. Joe looked in the closets under the furniture no Felix. Where could that darn cat be? Joe decided to go ahead and fix and sell some breakfast. Once at the kitchen table there Joe saw a note it read “dad I return the truck the keys are hanging by the door thank you love Joey” Panic struck Joe for fear Felix may have snuck outside. Felix never went outside. Joe made a phone call to his son Joey. 

Joey had not seen the cat that morning and he was sure he had gone out the door. Joe was relieved. The cat must be in the house. Joe finished fixing his breakfast. After clearing the table and washing the dishes Joe decided to once more look from Felix. This time he grabbed a flashlight he started in the upstairs looking in the closets when he heard a knock on the door. He went downstairs to open the front door it was a neighbor from across the road "Joe I think you better come with me" he said. They walk down the road about 30 yards and there alongside the road was a cat. Joe exclaimed 'OH poor Felix!" Joe scooped up the cat and carried him home. Joe dug a shallow grave in the back yard and buried the cat. Joe placed a small white cross on the grave and placed some flowers beside it. Joe was distraught he would miss his cat. He was such a good companion. Several days past and Joe heard it funny noise in the garage he walked from the kitchen into the garage and there was a box on the floor. That was strange Joe thought. He picked up the box and returned the box to the self. Joe turned around and there standing in the doorway was a cat. Is that Felix? Joe had to get closer to get a better look. Sure enough, that was Felix. With tears in his eyes, Joe walked into the house and called his son. His son was laughing and Joe said: "it isn’t funny and I have buried someone else’s cat". Joey came over with the grandkids they were so happy to see Felix. Joe said "I’m so happy I found Felix but what cat did I bury in the backyard. Joe's grandson pipes up and says "Felix two Grampa", They laugh and Joe reminds them again that it is not funny that he buried someone else's cat in the backyard. The grandson helps Joe make a marker for the grave reading Felix 2. Joe was pleased that his cat came back

February 27, 2020 20:06

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1 comment

John K Adams
21:49 Mar 04, 2020

A good first draft which could use much more development.


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