Adventure Horror Sad

There once was a little girl,who had brown hair

And shining green eyes

They called her “Lily Bear”

However, anyone who talked to her met their demise…

No one knew how,she was only five 

And barely talked,she simply wandered around

With every step,she was ready to strive

Even after hearing a nearby sound

Lily Bear would stop,and look into the distant trees

With nothing but a big smile

She turned back around and laughed with glee

While everyone silently thought she was vile

Her parents say nothing as she comes in

Even after the dinner has gone cold

Everyone was convinced she had sinned

And refused to be bold

She went to bed,looking out the window

Into the dark

On the tree she stared at just below the limbs

It beared a huge mark

She felt comfort as she knew

She was no longer alone

That her little friend

Would skin anyone to the bone…

His mark was a treaded spiral

At the bottom of the tree

She then rested her head

And silently thought “Yippee!”

Later that morning,she woke up

Ready to go and explore

But when she got down stairs,there was a pup

Just outside her door

It was whining,and crying 

As the screen refused to let the animal in

As it kept banging,and trying

The little girl spotted her little friend

Just behind the cute defenseless little thing

It was waiting for its chance to pounce

Good think mom and dad did not notice a thing

As blood splattered and bounced

They were in the kitchen,off to the side

Probably bickering and letting on

However the beast stayed outside,and hidden

Once licking the blood,that is now gone

The beast is now gone again

As she rushed out the door to play

She thought she should lend a helping hand

To put all of the animal bones away…

Once she was done she went to play with her dolls

And wore her little blue dress

Her little critter stayed tall

Just above,in the trees,avoiding making a mess

He watched her below with his sharp yellow eyes

As he hung in the tree

She looked back up at him,and smiled happily

Then continued down the path silently

She skipped as she hummed

So angelic and sweet

The loud hissing echoed and drummed

As her friend above hid,being discreet

The forest sun was rising high

As the morning greeted her with a big hello

Soon enough she stopped on the path,let out a sigh

And let out a soft bellow

It was spring,however her skin was ice cold

As her eyes got dark

She rolled up her dress sleeve

And revealed a spiraled mark..

The snake let it’s self down from the tree

Silent and almost too quick

She was the monster many thought may be

And her little friend savored blood with every lick

She had no fear,no love

Just a strong mind

As she saw a nearby dove

Sitting on the electric line…

She looked up,and then looked back down

Setting sight to her close friend

She decided to politely point,without any sound

And the snake was hers to send

He lifted his head,and pierced the bird

Very quickly with his giant fang

The little girl just laughed 

As the dove began to sing

It was not sweet,or sincere like before

No,It was in pain as it slowly died

It’s wings flapped

However there was no room to soar…

Blood spilled graciously as the girl stared

Mesmerized by how fast the bird gave up life

Once the blood had been barred

She once again,began to spread strife

No one knew her secret,no one knew her ally

Or even her control

Many her age would usually cry

But she realized the power she had stole

Her weapon,her animal,her friend

She loved his bleeding red tattoos

His mind was her’s to bend

And he was her’s to continue to use

She had found this little creature as a baby

So sweet,and full hope

However from what she saw there was no family

And this was her way to cope

She loved misery,vengeance and revenge,as well as hate

All at such a young age

She kept the monster hidden,and ready to bait

However she had never left in a cage

He lived amongst the trees,ready to hunt

As the girl explored more,and more

However,his existence,she could not be blunt

Therefore she left him to himself,so he could explore

His scales were cold as she touched his back

And his eyes stayed clear

His heart was never ever black

However his will was not very sheer…

A huge brute,not much mind

He was good at being strong

When the girl found him,he was in a bind

However he is as tall as he is long

She cared not for life,but her enjoyment

And of course,the ever lasting thrill

Sooner or later she will be hell sent

For wanted just one more kill…

The beast was gentle,however it was only to the girl

The one who had raised him from a child

He would occasionally get sneaked meat from the grill

Or even peppers that were very mild

This tale shows how even some children can turn the wrong way

Or just how many will take over

Be warned,and don't go astray

Be brave,and stay just a little closer

Closer to life,closer to the truth you know is right

Stay strong and be ready

Be ready to hold your head high,and fight

Just remember to stay steady

This once little snake,was not always a killer

No,he was once sweet and kind

I write morals,romances,and thrillers

Of course I do! Just like this one! All the time!

This once was not great in my opinion..it was rushed

And my thoughts were not inspired well

However within these words I try to crush

I hope you are not one that will be sent to hell…

(I apologize that this Ballad was rushed,I have been really busy. Hopefully it will suffice till I let inspiration hit again. Please don't be someone who influenced killing like this little girl did…)

November 13, 2023 12:08

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Larissa Araujo
10:47 Nov 18, 2023

Great story my little one. It's great to come back here and read these gems, for those who weren't inspired, this one caught me a lot too haha, I'm a fan of yours. I hope everything is going well with you and your life, I miss you so much, you are missed, everything has changed there but it happens, kisses and hugs, beautiful.💕


11:56 Nov 20, 2023

Thank you! I miss you and the other girls! I am glad you can keep reading my stories :3


Larissa Araujo
23:41 Nov 26, 2023

They're wonderful my little one, there's no way I can't come here and take some time off, I'll be going on vacation soon and I can't wait haha. And how are you doing? I hope you're doing well on the course and have memorized more words lol. I'm happy to talk to you, it seems like a lot has changed😅


12:06 Nov 27, 2023

It really does seem that way doesn't it? I am glad you still read my stories in your spare time. And I am glad you get to go on vacation soon,if not already! I am sorry I did not answer back soon,I was on school break


Larissa Araujo
23:07 Nov 30, 2023

No problems princess, I'll try to get in here more to communicate, I discovered that today is my last day and that's wonderful because I still had to come for two more days but they gave me the day off, I'll be traveling after the 7th as it's my last test from college. Happy long belated thanksgiving haha


11:58 Dec 01, 2023

Thank you lovely. I am so glad you get a break after the seventh! Congratulations,and I hope you enjoy it!


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