- Damn! - the pecora Remberta, shrieked, sprucing up her covered bootie in oily foam sprinkled from the galces.

 Of course it is the work of my favorite windows - ironic - the ones that smile every time they stain the outstanding unblemished tunic in my chest!

 I have no other, how unfortunate! - She exclaimed dominated by the fury that caused swirling air around her.

 Carrying a bractea in her paw, she crouched down, being able, then, to crown the toilet by brushing the hump hidden under the candid attire, aided by the equally kinky middle hook.

 She propped up the rod to direct it in all directions, gaining cosmic resistance, condensed into a flux of quantum radiation.

 - They rotate, collide and attach themselves to the calories that all this produces.

 Here is the sap of the vital essence of all the elements generated between limits imposed by the imaginary frame of the windows.

 With a snort in the substance, life smeared the windows, which undertook the unfolding and occlusion of the respective constituent sheet profiles.

 As he shortened the roll in the direction of the mansion, skirting the river inhabited by the main magician, the origin of all magic as well as all windows of his domain in the enchanted realm of the apothegm.

 - All action against my windows, protected by the higher entities of magic, is null and void, in an indecipherable spell even for the wisest and most experienced sorcerer.

 - how daring! Each and every trickster recognizes such a spell that he uses simmering human blood, letting cool in three full moon nights without stars.

 In this way, the skylights pour their oil paintings even to that river, Christianly, as a symbol of the reluctance in the face of the preponderance of the lineage - crossing themselves - or by the work of fate it lacks a master? - throwing pebbles into those waters which were crushed just by touching the surface of the liquid element full of greenish algae

 A mess! - grumbled María, la Remberta - just when my wand flatly refuses to work - shaking the wand from all sides, accidentally spilling an oily drop from the tip of the wand, which infiltrated through the cracks in the ground, cracking the dipstick.

 - abomination! It transcends alcrebite - colligating seolic perversity in the environment.

 Sure enough, a window threw a trench.

 the demon?

 He certainly eludes his ancestors from him in order to disrupt the kingdom and his subjects - Remberta said, scratching her chin with the pitchfork.

 With her lower right limb, she dragged him in the direction of the river, symbol of the transcendent currelo in the effigy of unease in the magical skylight of the insipid path of the whitewashed ideogram.

 -The gods can be conclusively allowed to fulfill their symbolic designs in this matter - and the magician followed the path of the skylight, irradiated in itself, like any judicious action that when visualizing the towers of the castles, she could only sigh:

 Mansion, ductile mansion.

 The harpy glimpsed the direction of the star, entering through the closed febo of that narrow mullion of impaired whitish masonry - overlapped by the enclosure perpetrated in the arches of that tight passageway, in addition to communicating with the necromancer windows of the background of the citadel - well That was the hour of the azalá, the only playful moment in a whole day.

 She crouched down, head down "As a sign of respect for the greatest magical owl of all higher entities of all wicked work of sorcerers marked on their faces covered with ulcers, as marked by evil magic, swift! Well - - Allah is aware of that this practice of dressing up with a greyish mantle to cover up the stench of my most deliberate judgment, subject to the environment of the analog, to dye the inevitable grinding of a funk - María, la Remberta, kneeling in front of the window smiling sarcastically, abhorring the dark mantle to conceal the cloak worn under the skirt - according to the expert opinions in the roots - María la María, a brunette-eyed courtesan, escorted the first, holding the handle towards the last to perceive what was coming from the disturbed outer flank of the albarrada.

 The hosts sent by the opponent, gather again, uniting their efforts against the righteousness of the saints, followers of the only God on Earth.

 As is sent by the one whose name should not be mentioned - pulling his ears to the screen, casting like a sea turtle skewered into the nets of clean water fishermen.

 Pupils dilated, he covered the tarasca so as not to shout:

 - footsteps! - waving her arms with the whisper- there are footsteps spaced out of great strength to penetrate her robust figure through the dark and fetid passageway that led to the deer rooms' pondered María la Remberta, who suddenly struggles to push a volume behind the screen hidden by the curtain

 - I will apiolate you, band of inept madmen! - María, la Remberta, composing her cape with an internal pocket, emerges at the end of the corridor of the unevenness of servitude, snorting like a bison in mating - ready to attack the antagonist, the helots - naive, it was true - although, according to her: "They are only valid as ruminants" - whipping the partitions in the suburbs of the director square, terrifying the completeness of all of us.

 - It's the owl! Emerging through the mullion submerged in oily foam - whispered Maria, the Aldana, taking off the flag of the dividing line.

 Was it the terrible mamerta leading to the dusty cobbled nook of the almodóvar cops? - Maria, la Remberta speculated, fixing her outfit while hiding the docility of each pout exhibited but not appreciated in all her more than two-decade age of a vidorria that "more resembled an endless coexistence, from so much suffering the uncertainty of a fight beforehand lost.

 Would the malignant be synonymous with martyrdom? Was it necessary to suffer to be a creditor of the glory of the Elysee?

 - Undoubtedly, since the magicians have to stumble right in the claw of the crusaders near the tributary branch of the Écija.

 -    Certainly. However, the treads frize celeremente! - expanding their orbits to the skies of the shimmering cagalindo in conjunction with the mechanical dazzle.

 - Is it humanly possible for my hysteria to act batahola? - Putting her ear once more on the wall belonging to the bulk of an old shack like money skeleton - questioned Cándida, whose high frontispiece endlessly oozed, undoing the traces of a supposed normality to award herself the ineluctable monomania of referring to using rudeness in the presence of dying subjects in lime.

 the long pigtail claw, he stirred his nostril, removed a fillet of mucus, which adhered it to the undercut fence of the miniscule servants' bedroom on the lower level of the sign located at the top burns a hill parched by the summer.

 She cut off her equal, who, offensive,

 he breathed vivacity from his inquiring eyes of some sound that could perhaps be perceived from behind the paving stone.

 - it is unlikely to distinguish! - María la Remberta concluded, nibbling the restless befo who was also bloody, to spill vinous fluid on the square of the carpet.

 let me prune her ears - approaching the asaro, she was able to scrutinize the Tiberium of a few magicians.

 - wielding the rods! they are agitated.

 - what could be the foundation?

 - Upset at the evidence of recent licking deaths in the hands of experimental scholars, being discarded on public roads.

 - The corpses attacked in the public thoroughfare for the entire weekly period?

 -       - Positive.

 Logically, in addition and as a consequence, the only irrefutable thing is that the harpy will come. Take it for granted.

 · The dirty thing! It is obvious that this time we are not running away! - Narrowing her partner, knotting a bundle of bodice shafts of different pearly tones "according to the subscriber", as she would refer to during her career focused on an evasive evasion of all taxes since the owner supports us recklessly

 · Fearless for not getting any benefit for himself, or did you know that thirty days prior to his arrival, when the faraute is caught spying through the windows, enchanted by the cupboard.

 Would he act as a captive of drunkard or by chance horro?

 · Captive in the fearsome clutches of a diabolical must. You are not going to credit what you tell him, but she ordered you to whip, chorus! , to the center of the posterior carmen, in the presence of us, witnesses of accreditation, the savagery of the norm.

 · Corrective, by fate? More one affected by the plague?

 One would have to be wicked not to take pity!

 · Would you whip inconsistently? Pos is what the abusive governance of that house engenders - María la Remberta added, rubbing her chin with a rod, which emerged almost magically from nowhere, resting on the bench to the west of the Pontic, among seemingly empty and abandoned turriles.

 ·     giddy Up! the full measure of desire was made, aided by all the waste of power characteristic of the high hierarchy.

 · Undoubtedly.

 · And did the captive come from the magical kingdom?

 · Presumable. Meanwhile, the only thing that is really possible to discern in this regard is that when he stood on his knees for the last prayer, he died like a mangurrian in that same posture, on that same moon.

 · Don't say!

 Therefore, I beg you: become our God! Do not make a fuss in front of the eyes of the one who knows everything and intuits everything! Maria, Guadalupe Teófila, a brunette aide of the house, interpelled in thought, unfolding the rusty door of said high-gauge party room, spying on the motion of an exterior parade in the vicinity - at the same time that she concealed her face with a tulle ominous overlapping his face, although not the scabs shining the exact thing.

 It is such that the serenity is unusually apparent: it is most likely that a chipped nose will occur.?

 - Chipped nose?

 - So it is, or, do you think that this miserable persecution can be demarcated to the worthy assistants that the janitor carries out? And let it be known that this does not work exclusively because of the trouble, as well as thanks to every soul that is assaulted by the mere thought of entering the smiling skylight, forbidden due to the mentioned spill, because of a, let's say, premeditated revenge viciously, according to the custom of the magician code.

 -Certainly, such vexed carving in hand had prowled that room.

 - Precisely for this reason we must be cautious, since

 In case the supreme mayor comes to trick us catfishly avoiding through the forbidden door, welcoming alcrebite, we will be in great trouble!

 · We have to suffer the julep for all the snooping.

 · Does it mean that just by smoothing the manuscripts of the armhole, could I carve out a waning of such prominent proportions?

 · Or aggravated! For this reason or even more valuable, for life, let's flee from this sibylline house at this precise moment! -Increased the stubborn Candissima María Teófila, throwing her jaez in a mooring arranged in the macadam.

 · Will we have to cross the river? Then there was a non-perishable outgrowth at the expired solstice in addition to unexpected landslides, presenting at least one fatal, according to the records.

 ·     Yes. If you thought that this could happen by some chance of fate, go to the bed! Personal accessories are set aside.

 They crossed the interior gardens of the house, showing nervous tremors in their lower joints, causing a hesitation to dominate their reason.

 · Wouldn't there be a linear advance if we only humbled ourselves begging for forgiveness?

 · Do you prefer death to the infinite possibility of life than freedom concerning such an iniquitous and vast world offers us? Convict is the small cost for you covered. However, my gentle nobility obliges me to help everyone, each faithful in this unmistakable brawl aimed at pardon.

 ·     absolutely! It is necessary to get involved in unconfident attacks, The reliable rebuttal did not hold back.

 Conclusively, both in momentary boldness, carried their wrappings in their arms, shaken by the embers of being flagrated in sneaking out by the "perverse", who would let them go on their way even without hitting or asking them to kneel, inflicting all sorts of humiliations as well as humiliation. .

 They opened the gate in hubbub, scaring two dogs, which began to bark, madly urging all sorts of persecuting canine eyes through the bushes.

 · Will the ally be waiting for us? - Maria, Estefanía questions, trembling with the accord of autumnal brush.

 · Incontestable! The only tasteless soul in the county. It offers us not only shelter as well as a canopy for private foster care.

 Fortunately, the pontic is not distant - Maria la Candisima prescribes, her vision on the relva

 ·. We are on top! - Through her of the bundles in her hands.

 ·     we rested? - Maria, Estefanía, offensive, went through the crossroads, arriving at the square infested with the bad smell of rotting corpses lying on the ground because they had not yet been led to burn in the embers of the great fire burning at the top of the hill that enveredaba in access to the sotillo.

 · The kingdom demands isolation - commented two peasants to cross the bridge, where a rod rested on the casing to the west of the bridge.

 · Without actually noticing their presence, the protagonists followed the determined path.

 · Where is the cache located? .

 · Soon we will arrive… .Look! There! - facing the stoned torso

 Well, without missing a single comma, they did just that.

 Meanwhile - although agreeable - it was not to be different from fortune, the imperfection was present in such a place possessed by an undaunted darkness less than persistent in the conjuncture equivalent to a virtual space, like a heart cracked by silence.

 · Hey! A big zarabanda with hysterical windows!

 · It seems to originate in the house - sharpening the hearing of her using her hands in winch, to tacitly wag her head back.

 Behold, they saw it: four bundles slid down the wall, suspended by a wire rope, which, horror!, Was charred.

 · Good heavens! What will happen? - checking the eyes.

 · She, the spurious rat from fork in hand, again. 

 · Lighten up, hide-we-have!

 · Where? - twisting the cocorota to all routes.

 ·     come!

 They followed the course parallel to the river, twenty homologous steps from that point of origin.

 They went down two sets of rocks arranged as a grandstand.

 · Hurry! - l throw them! - She did it at full speed, turning to look at

 The walkway is a good hiding place.

 They frolicked.

 They stabilized, and, when they hoisted the glimpse, they realized that the site was not barren.

 They covered uncontrollably, guarding the pungent hysteria at each flash analogous to the liquid element.

 Stammering, María la Remberta wanted to know:

 - Who is there? . Wouldn't the evil one preexist?

 - Pray that the evil one does not find you.


 She tried again:

 - Will there be someone else?

 And a dark shadow like it was identified:

 - Meow, meow, meow - Mephistopheles sheltered in the waist of a feline, he retired through the preferred window of the greater magician, the.

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