LUCID DREAMS: The Unbroken Curse

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Urban Fantasy Western Sad

LUCID DREAM: The Unbroken Curse



Arguments get closer

Sounds get nearer and nearer

A loud thud as Katharina, princess of Glenthrone approach the throne room in what looks like an argument between the great king of Erlgin and his son Prince Charles, her betroth and soon to be groom. 


Followed by a loud sound as the heated argument between the king and his son continues, making Queen Katharina curious as she decides to eavesdrop on the conversation between the King and Prince Charles.

"With all due respect, father, I don't love that wicked witch Katharina! You know I'm not in support of an arranged marriage done to fulfil your greedy and selfish desires. You don’t even care about your son’s feelings, not even one bit."

Charles paused for a few seconds, trying to catch his breath before he continued again. "How can a father want his only son and heir to the throne marry the great witch of Altera?”

 “Charles.” King Logan called out in a deep warning tone.

Ignoring his father’s obvious warning, he continued, “Princess Greta is the one who I love and she holds the key to my heart, we'll get married with or without your permission," Prince Charles threatened as he heads to the adjoining door and slammed it shut. 

The King stood in total bewilderment trying to process what really happened. 

"This boy will bring doom to this family," he said disappointed that he couldn't even bring his son to agree with the marriage proposal.

Having heard the conversations between the King and his son, Katharina froze as she couldn’t believe her marriage to Prince Charles won't be happening. 

Tears escape her eyes as they gently roll down her smooth cheeks and she wipes them off with her shaky hands.

Turning around and walking briskly far from the throne room then walks out angry and screaming...

"You all will pay for this!"

"This is a promise from Queen Katharina, the witch!"


Wood cracks 

Lots of smokes in the air, 

A large fire is seen and beside it stood Queen Katharine the witch stack naked. She is most feared in the land and beyond because of the dark magic powers she possesses.

"If I can't have your heart Prince Charles no one else can, not even Princess Greta," she said fiercely with deep anger as she slit her wrist allowing without a second thought, allowing the blood to drop into the fire.

Then she takes out a picture of Prince Charles and Princess Greta, muttered a few words and drops both pictures in the fire.

"Hahahhaha!!!" She let out sinister resounding laughter and cursed, "I curse your marriage with Greta, your firstborn daughter will know no peace and die from a painful mysterious death on her 25th birthday. Hahhaha! Yesss!!”

 A wicked mischievous grin forms on her face at that moment.

"Only a love marriage where both hearts meet can save you else you'll keep reincarnating in different worlds and bodies with the same curse happening over and over again."


*Present day*

Waking up suddenly in despair, chest rising and falling heavily with each breath I took.

After a few more breaths, I looked back on the bed and where I laid looked like I had slept out in the cold as it rained but that wasn't the case.

It was no rain but my very own sweat with the bedspread soaked in the spot I laid on. 

I had awoken from a nightmare, frightened as hell as I stretched to reach towards the glass of water beside the table lamp and gently gulp the water till I emptied the cup. 

"It’s just past 3am," I muttered behind my breath, disappointed that I'll probably have to sleep back due to how early it was. I said a little prayer and laid back on the bed, worried sick but too scared to think about what I had just dreamt.

The consistency of this particular dream is what feared me the most. Having said a little prayer helped me fall asleep and I'm soon awoken by the deafening sound of my alarm clock.

"Arrrrrrh!" I rolled and stretched, hands knocking off the alarm as it lands on the floor with a thud. "Oh shit! My mum's clock," I exclaimed as I stood up abruptly trying to recover what is left off from the shattered clock.

"What's wrong with me and why am I having this dream now, when all seems to be going on well between Shawn and I," I thought.

Then noticing I'm not wearing the bracelet the shaman gave to me and realizing it must be the reason behind the nightmare I had last night, only ended up making me more anxious for losing the only thing that has helped me with the bad dreams.

"Where is it?! Where could it be?" I asked no one in particular as I eagerly tore the room apart looking for the bracelet. 

‘Maybe I lost it at work or it fell along the way,’ I thought as I couldn't find the bracelet. ‘Oh no! I’m doomed, aren’t I? I better find that shaman else…’


Smokes from candles filled the not well-ventilated room making it difficult for me to breathe.

Regardless, I managed to bear it all, knowing full well the reason I was here. A few more chants from her and she handed me another bracelet saying, "Be careful this time, because there's nothing I can do if it gets missing again.”

"Alright, sir," I said as carefully as I could, then collected the bracelet putting it on and immediately knot its strings to tighten it. 

"I had the same dream again, same as before but this time clearer with a writing on a building." 

"Hmmm, what did you see this time?" 

Even though the shaman did not want to voice it out, I could see the lingering look of confusion and worry clearly written on his face.

Regardless, I continued. At least his was just worry and confusion, right? On the other hand, mine… Sigh! Not so sure.

"A building, more or less like a store with an inscription FOREVER and an infinity sign next to it," I replied apparently more confused than my shaman.

"You're turning 25 in two months’ time and you know what happens on your 25th birthday, you must get married or suffer the same fate as those before you," he said to me and this time with terror.

 "It’s the time when you'll have to make a life-threatening decision, one you'll have to be really careful about. This is the only way,” he chipped in.

Frightened as hell that the day I greatly feared is drawing closer without no easy permanent solution whatsoever, my fate will be determined and forever be sealed at my 25th birthday, I have to be careful enough not to lose this bracelet in other to survive the next 60days.

I stood to take my leave but I felt a strong grip on my left arm, bringing me out of my thoughts as I turned to see it who or for what reason. 

"Follow your heart, Tika," he said to me with a forced smile, I nod in approval before heading towards the door.


"Be fast Honey, there's this place I want us to go get your wedding dress," Shawn said as he sat in the living room waiting patiently for me to get dressed.

"I'm coming, baby," I replied as I approach the living room wearing a casual floral dress with my deep black hair styled in a ponytail. 

"All set Baby," I said giving him one of my best smiles. He smiled back at me as we head towards the door.

"Baby where is this place you're taking me?" I inquired as we drove past a busy commercial area in town. "Soon you'll see, Honey," he replied then flashed me his million-dollar reassuring smile that sent my worries packing.

Soon the car comes to a halt as he swiftly steps out and walks briskly across to my side of the door, opens the car door and let out his hand to support me, helping me get out of the car blushing whilst in thought, ‘In 5 days’ time, I'll be the wife of this perfectly handsome gentleman and this curse will end forever.’

Something familiar catches my eyes as my smile vanished completely when I saw an inscription boldly written on the building FOREVER WEDDINGS with an infinity sign representing the logo.

I soon remember my almost frequent nightmares and my heart started pounding as though I was having a nervous breakdown.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Shawn inquired as he lovingly held my hand.

"Nothing," I said trying to hide the worry on my face as we both walked towards the shop. 

The doorbell chimed as soon as we opened the door and a lady heads towards our direction wearing a smile on her face.

‘She must be one of the shop attendants, this shop must be new since it wasn't here the last time I was in the area.’ I was lost in my thoughts but was brought back to reality by a familiar voice.

"Hi! Tika,"

Recognizing the person standing before me sent a cold shiver down my spine and my face went pale. "Adam!!”

‘It can't be, what's he doing here? Could this be a bad sign?’ I thought again.

At that moment I felt Shawn's palm in mine as he said, our wedding is in 5 days’ time, I came to help out so we could select her wedding dress," Shawn said.

For a brief moment I thought that I saw anger in Adam's eyes, he gave us a smuggling smile and said, "Let me show you our best collection."

The rest of the shopping was silently weird as I keep getting sinister glances from Adam, my ex-boyfriend. My relationship with Adam was rough and though, I wouldn't even wish my enemy what I had to go through with him, I still felt somehow having him here shop with us.

"I hope he knows to let a sleeping dog lie, as I wouldn't want him to be part of the reason this wedding won't hold," I muttered under my breath.

After the shopping, Shawn dropped me off. We bid our goodbyes and I went straight to my room lost in thoughts and hoped Adam wouldn't pose a threat to my relationship and marriage.


*Bloody Altar*

The big day we've been waiting for has finally arrived.

My best friend Remy was with me trying to get me all dressed and ready to be walked down the aisle. I suddenly held her hand, worry written all over my face.

"Are you getting cold feet, Tika?" She casually asked. "Well it is not a new thing for either the bride or groom to have cold feet," she said and started chatting away as she always did. Remy always has something to say, didn’t she!

The next thing I know, a loud knock on the door.

"Tika, Honey," a familiar voice called.

Could that really be Shawn? What's he doing here?" I inquired as I told Remy to go see to whatever he wanted.

"He brought you flowers, he said you forgot it in the car," Remy shouted from across the door and closed it as soon as Shawn left.

"Thank goodness he didn't see me as it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding." 

"Oh, Tika, do you still believe in such? Well, I don't." Remy said ending the conversation.



Wedding bell chimes and a popular wedding theme song began playing as Tika walks down the aisle accompanied by her best friend Remy.

The pastor began, "Dearly beloved, we're gathered here to witness the solemnization of holy matrimony between...."

His speech was cut short as the church door swayed aggressively, as Adam walks in stinking drunk, a bottle of alcohol can be seen in his left hand and a pistol at his right.

Staggering as he walks up to the altar and points the gun at Tika, upon sighting the gun the whole congregation fled to safety for their lives as Adam started speaking.

"You shouldn't have come to the shop, Tiks. I had forgotten all about you until YOU…” he cringed when he saw Shawn and paused.


“Until you two stepped foot at forever weddings. It brought back angry moments," he finished.


"Shut it you!” He half-yelled at Shawn with the gun still pointed in my direction.

“Since I can't have your heart then no one else will," he said as he pulled the trigger.


I blinked thrice, my brain suddenly going numb as the only thing I could process at that moment was…BLOOD and my heart. 


That was the last sound I heard from the one person I longed to cling to close to at that moment. 

However, before any of that could happen…


I dropped to the ground point blank... 


July 22, 2021 21:41

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Chioma Benedict
23:37 Jul 23, 2021

Could this really be the end of this blossoming love between Tiks and Shawn? After everything she did to try an end the curse. Find out more on web novel. NB/ I'm a new writer that has passion in writing. I currently have two unpublished books(Lucid Dreams: The Unbroken Curse and another book) that I'm writing simultaneously and I'll really appreciate your support :)


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