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The Paladin

She walks across the stone flagged floor, her betrothed by her iron barred door.

Entrenched in a draughty high tower, she not one to lose her hidden power.

A noble girl from a distant land, come courting south for a fair hand.

Knights and nobles with bright banners, drinking and feasting with poor manners.

None stand out of the milling crowd, the unruly noise far to loud.

For a forest girl with earth brown hair, her eyes leaf green and complexion fair.

Freckled cheeks and a wandering eye, she wants an equally dauntless tie.

To bind her heart without limit, a soul seeking that revealing dynamic spirit.

Searching for her forever mate, and a charming partner to enfold her fate.

But she’s not in her room tonight, prowling the castle for a glimpse of a rare delight.

With honey blonde hair long and flowing, her dress of glorious damask glowing.

A forest of tall white candles burning, light brightly her will to determine.

The swath of noble suiters shocked, cheerful to hear her adamantly blocked.

Her sweet voice calling out against her unhappy fate, above the din of boisterous noise irate.

Her father harsh and strict, demands she conform to his edict.

Where is the maiden stood resolute, her beauty coloured by her flat refute.

Blue eyes hard with a heart breaking glance, walking quickly as I look about.

A girl so tender her gentle soul displayed, a princess sad and so dismayed.

Across the hall she sees her standing, surrounded by men always demanding.

Their chivalry a mocking pretending, she just another wedding impending.

Jealous of their unrelenting desire, I angle my path to draw their burning ire.

Feeling the girls forlorn despair, as her dreamy eyes undress my soul entire.

My open feelings are plain to see, my heart aflutter to all near me.

Trembling fingers to touch her gold ringed hand, as I curtsy to a princess with a bright blue silk riband.

I ask of the gardens secret gate, leaving them to their fraught heated debate.

The king finally announcing loudly, the greatest knight will gain her dowry.

Who will take her soft pale hand, will be decided on the battle ground.

Shouting lords declaring without refrain, all noble names excepted without distain.

Relieved to be away from furtive eyes, and poor manners compounded by cruel lies.

They clamber down steep stone steps, alone together as the gentlemen place their bets.

Bragging which one will deflower, the sweet princesses unbroken flower.

Her anger growing with a damning curse, to be undefended to their callous outburst.

She needs a protector of her virtue, a legendary white paladin by the name of Herrtu.

Meaning a shining spear tall and proud, to announce her champion's name out loud.

Is there any other famed in all the lands, to acquiesce to her desperate demands.

To enter late tomorrows tourney, she will make it a worth while journey.

Forgetting her lovely pale skinned guest, a tall girl in a gown of red russet tresses.

They wander in the deserted grounds, friendship growing holding no bounds.

The princess her worries put aside, as the green eyed girl walks by her side.

Hands touching as the nightingale sings, this girl ablaze as her smile begins.

To feel her heart beating hard and fast, at this ice maidens strong firm grasp.

She tells the girl to worry not, she will prey for her and swears to improve her lot.

A paladin will ride to her need, on a mighty black nightmare steed.

The girl now smiling brightly, will dream of her saviour swooning delightedly.

Under silver stars whispering its better at night, to stroll the fragrant lanes bathed delicious lunar light.

They part to play a little game, to hide and seek and guess the ice girls name.

The snow maiden searching for her doe, worried now looking high and low.

Lo where art thou tonight searching every bower, looking for that rare pale flower.

Under moon she stands so bright, in the cloudless lunar soft twilight.

Can anything be so beautiful and fair, as this magical maiden standing there.

Wrapped in a shining silver glow, watching her long blonde curls flow.

Around sweet shoulders bare to see, from a lost lonely heart to be.

I wish I were a knight brave and tall, to fight and win before them all.

Your favour to wield my princess fair, and hold you from your dark despair.

I would fight hard tooth and nail, to have you always if I might prevail.

Upon the field of Deaths Dark Ravens, his cynical cawing servants surround our last stone havens.

A knight so bright a with holy light, a Paladin to win your hand and heart and be your everything.

For you break my heavy yearning heart, to see you with another part.

You haunt my dreams, and waking thoughts.

I search to be your guardian, it hurts to see you with any harsh man.

My enlightened angel hidden from view, my loving arms forlorn empty awaiting you.

I will have you on the sunny morrow, or I will die in deep bleeding sorrow.

Smile at me again tonight, for tomorrow I go to a deadly fight.

Just a girl with a mighty heart within, and a hand that yearns to touch pale soft skin.

I know it must feel like a sin, to be that other part of your broken golden ring.

She adds her name as Gods shining spear, she stands alone without any fear.

From a frost bound land cold and bitter, where ice like diamonds does but glitter.

Her raiment will be all brilliant white, to fight with heavens angelic might.

A paladin calls forth her dark warhorse, the creature will meet her perforce.

As he travels ghostly unworldly road, to arrive at her temporary abode.

On drawbridge stamping hoof he hammered, to meet his mistress all enraptured.

She preys all night to complete her knightly vigil, a girl still whole and virginal.

Swearing oaths within the nave of holy chapel, to be blessed by the dawns first dapple.

Please be kind Gracious God above, I want her badly my one and only forbidden love.

To watch her unable to refuse the winner, matched to another unworthy brutal sinner.

Cupids arrow had flown true, to pierce my bleeding open chest for you.

My quickly beating breast afire, awaits its mate in destructive desire.

The dawn sun brings me to deserted hall, dressed in plate and guarded shining mail to answer a damsels distressful call.

Drawing the trusty long steel sword, from the armourers sacred hidden store.

My heavy helm shining bright, with burnished steel to my delight.

The big black destrier, chomping and dancing with ill content.

Eager for the days brutal fight, snorting loudly everyone wary of his dangerous bite.

Listening to his gilded harness rattle, his dark fury to prove my untested mettle.

My greatest rival I must nettle, resolute before my greatest battle.

To win her soaring heart with lance and shield, I nervously enter the tourney field.

To see her standing there, her favour blue her gaze bare to my hungry eyes I declare.

I see him edging his horse sideways, the big roan dangerous teeth bared always.

Black Knight betrothed to my fair maiden, a dreadful foe armed and dangerous attired in a dark red raiment.

I see him hauling silvered bits, as I barge my Dark Stallion into his.

With shaking limbs and clenched tight fists, I lower my visor as they announce the lists.

Irked and angry he turns to challenge me, as I accept with growing brave clarity.

I win her ribbon for myself at her sweet charity, and proof of her virginal chastity.

Her laughing happy radiant smile, is all I need to lift and inspire me.

Round by round battered and bruised, her favour protects the wearer undeniably.

She stands now to cheer and shout, time and again her Paladin successful in every bout.

My armour scratched and badly dented, withstands the damaging blows un-relented.

Ignoring the ringing in my ears, I fight like a Lioness against my peers.

At last the two final combatants ride from the dead and dying, the afternoons light casting long shadows on the last pair vying.

For the hand of the kings prized daughter, bright eyes shining stood above the slaughter.

One final bout with the angry Black Knight, this will be the final and most brutally bloody fight.

Charging on my mighty nightmare steed, I shatter him with a divine sent deed.

My lance levelled straight and true, to strike him centred right on queue.

His aim was low a callow blow to my loyal charger, the nave unable to adjust to my clever counter.

My intelligent steed was battle trained, avoiding the cowardly spear ill aimed.

My broken lance I discard, drawing my sacred sword holding him now in little regard.

Our second pass with hurtling speed, I chop through his defence with brutal need.

Tired and bleeding with strength now waning, one last pass my courage gaining.

Sword blade severing my enemies bridal, finally to heroically unhorse my deadly rival.

I dismount and charge the cunning Black Knight, he unable to withstand my now raging might.

Blow by blow I cut him down, gaining my laurels and great renown.

As my singing blade bites deep to win the glorious fight, I claim my bride by chivalrous right.

Astride his broken armour he asks for his life and yields, to a young bright Knight upon the blood stained field.

The white surcoated Paladin shining in bright sunlight, resplendent and victorious in God’s holy light.

I mount my Black Nightmare Steed, and approach the royal box as agreed.

The cheering crowd, their voices loud.

Acclaim my right, to her hearts delight.

She leaps into my outstretched arms, as my charger prances amongst the guards.

I sit her on my yearning lap, to hear the laughter as they clap.

For a bright young resplendent knight, a wish fulfilled my soaring heart so light.

The sad king must keep his promised bequest, the victor to take his only princess.

As I gallop from the tourney fields, she raises the visor before she yields.

Your maiden hood I desire, clinging to my armoured attire.

Smiling brightly, she says delighted.

I am yours my shining beautiful knight, won by lawful ancient right.

So pretty to my green eyed bliss, I want your lips and wanton kiss.

Sweet maidens arms wrapped around my neck, listen my love you need to know before you regret.

I am not a brute of a man, but a lovesick lonely woman.

She smiles the more nodding her head, kissing me deeply she says she dreamed of me every night in her cold bed.

I know my sweet heart, my true love and beautiful dove.

Under moon I waited every night, to see my hearts delight.

Singing to draw you near, I always hoped you would hear.

My song for you alone, to wake your dark desire and casting a beguiling boon.

To fight for our wanton love, and bring me light and a little fun.

Held in your armoured clasp, my breathing short as I gasp.

For my beating breast, is yours my sweet at the very least.

Our passion strong and burning bright, under the moon’s lunar light.

Now take me to our forever home, under natures star filled mighty dome.

A snow clad hall of tall oak trees, with a carpet thickly laid of rustling leaves.

I will lay my long blonde hair, upon your freckled face so fair.

Eternity to short a time, to lay in your loving arms and realise you are finally mine.

My hero wandering through the land, her maiden in her armoured hand.

Two lovers walking side by side, a long journey to even ride.

To distant mountains, and cold ice capped peaks.

The Snow queen returning to her ice bound castle, her prize sat across her warm fur covered leather saddle.

To the frozen north, on her big black horse for a new queen she had sought.

Her frosted frozen realm complete, with this closely contested heroic feat.

To heal a princesses broken heart, and free a desperate maiden she risked her life and played her crucial part.

Her burnished soul full of hope, in this misty morning climbing the mountains steep slope.

The wedding ring set on her finger, shines on the hand of her happy partner

A tonic to her long unhealed distress, now the wild norths beautiful mistress.

Whole again the future brighter, with her lover grasping her all the tighter.

The maiden with the Honey hair Crowned Snow Queen on this very day, a magical tale to end on this most glorious feast day.

But be assured they will return when all prejudice is rejected, a future time when forbidden love will finally be accepted.

A new world born from enlightened views, a bright tomorrow filled with love and not shocking news.

When time requires a New Snow Queen, a struggle requiring a heroic deed from a Paladin astride her mighty steed.

To save another fraught princess, from a world of hate and lonely distress.

They to venture forth from frosty glades, and save us from those dark days.

March 04, 2022 09:16

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J.C. Lovero
01:50 Mar 22, 2022

Kudos to you, Paul! I enjoyed the lyrical rhythm of the poetry here.


Paul Brown
18:38 Mar 22, 2022

Thanks J.C. need to work on it a bit more next time :)


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15:35 Mar 07, 2022

Love the short sentences. Very poetic.


Paul Brown
15:50 Mar 07, 2022

Thanks Molly, I had the story in my head, just flowed quite well until I put it on paper and realised there was more I needed to flesh out the poem. Great to have a review. :)


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Paul Brown
07:45 Mar 05, 2022

Looks like poetry, my first and possibly my only attempt, unless its above your contempt. Hope you enjoy!


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