Eggs. yes, that's right. LOTS OF EGGS! Sometimes I feel they drive me crazy to organize, especially the Dragon eggs. They're just too big! Most eggs that I own and deliver are no bigger than a normal edible egg, but the bigger pains like dragons and manticores really just bother the heck out of me! Dang, once I ruined a whole shipment because I sent 3 dragon eggs in 1 box! They had the box in shreds by the time they arrived. Now I send them in rope carriers. Yes, that's right, rope. Quite easy to put a spell on. It'll leave the whole thing unbreakable until the very end. See, I started out really small. I delivered dragon eggs mostly, but also lots of other creature eggs. I had a kind of big farm, and I got lots of eggs per day. I loved all my creatures, and I still do. I’d prefer you order online, but if not, then I still do walk-ins. I get lots of little wizard kids coming in with orders or just randomly. They'll get the occasional spike-mole or just a talking canary. You know, I had a business that was seriously small, and I was struggling with money. Fortunately, I won a game show and got my hands on some rare dragons.  


So now, I’ve got myself a real deal. This guy, he’s heard that I was the man to talk to if you wanted a bigger personal zoo, you know, to show off to other feudal lords and ladies. But, in any case, this guy wants it ALL! He wants a variety case, almost 30 dragon eggs (he only wants that many because I told him that 1 in every 5 dragon eggs grow to a full adult)! That is the real deal! Not every big shot Mage lord wants THAT many dragons! But there is 1 in particular that I didn’t want him to have, an Ancient Dragon that can grow ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!! The thing is, these dragons will only hatch around a holy or ancient altar, which is hard to find. The way we got our hands on one of these is that I was going on an immersion trip to Morocco, and while visiting Erg Chebbi (one of the tallest dunes in the world), me and my friend Ravi, ( who is also in the business) uncovered a sand temple, and what do you know, there they were, 18 ancient dragon eggs and 2 holy Berber dragons which were fueling the shrine. Berbers are native to Morocco, and are used in a lot of holy purposes, such as sacrifices and shrines. Ravi and I decided to bring 20 home. The Berbers hatched and went to my own farm, whereas the ancient dragons never hatched until a month ago. Only 10 out of 18 are unhatched, and I intend to leave it that way. In the meanwhile, the other 8 are all adolescents and 4 of them have bred already.we already have an Ancient Gamayaki (Ancient Dragon and Japanese Toad Dragon), 3 Ancient Sand Scorpions (Ancient Dragon and actually not a dragon, instead a Sand Scorpion, one of my creatures), and last, 2 pure ancients, the product of the last 2 dragons. The other 4 will breed in their own time. But in any case, I told the guy that he had to come to Sweden to pick up the Ancient egg. So he said yes and we planned to meet at Lansforsakringar, a huge and famous bank in Sweden. 


 I sighed. Finally time to leave the shop. I shrugged on my overcoat, went down to the I.T.G.A.C.S (Isolated Tempered Glass Air-Conditioned Storeroom) and safely took an Ancient Dragon egg. I carefully inserted it into a smash shield and placed it into my pocket. As my cab drove slowly in traffic toward Lansforsakringar, I cradled the egg, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I had a normal coat and a portal coat, where the pockets had portals leading to other pockets in the coat. I knew I hadn’t worn it, because I gave it to Ravi a long time ago. Unless he had given it back? My thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the cab driver. I got out and reassuringly gave the egg a pat through my pocket as I walked through the doors of the bank. As I walked, a potbellied man walking by slipped his hand into my pocket (thankfully not the one with the egg), and I snatched up his hand and started bellowing at him in Swedish, even though I knew he was American. He let go and ran off. I kept walking and felt for the egg. OH NO! He had stolen it!! Suddenly, I felt a reassuring weight in another pocket. DOUBLE OH NO!! It WAS the portal overcoat!! The egg flew out of some more pockets, and then some little CHILD caught it!! GAH!! I yelled as the child caught the egg. Hej... Vad ar det har? (hey... what’s this?) little girl, I will sue your parents so much, they will forget what sweet Greta Garbo looks like! (Greta Garbo is on the 100 kronor note) She immediately gave the egg to me and ran away. I sighed and continued on, without distraction. When I FINALLY reached the man on the other side of the bank, he barely spoke. The Ancient dragon egg you wanted, sir? Hm... yes, I’ll take it, thanks....and the payment? I replied. Oh... yes, on 3. he handed me a briefcase and I took a quick look. Yes, this should cover it. The man still hadn’t taken off his cloak. Hey... isn’t it a little hot in here? No... not really... he mumbled. I patted my pocket. Here it- I was cut off by the drowning realization that it wasn’t there. I stuffed a hand into all my pockets. IT WAS JUST HERE!! I hurriedly search my pockets for the egg, when it suddenly pops out of the jacket and THEN I realize why it didn’t show itself. It had HATCHED. 

November 30, 2019 20:52

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