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This was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. In 1720 England there was a bakery where a family sold bread they were very poor. So poor that they didnโ€™t have enough money for a dress for the mother, whose name was Mary. She had to dress up like she was a man. She only wore ugly white shirts with a brown vest covered in stans and brown pants. She day dreamed and saved to be like other women that walk around in their fancy dresses without having to pretend to be a man. Sure she loved to wear pants. They were comfortable and warm. But dresses donโ€™t define a woman, but Mary was already brainwashed that taking care of kids and walking around in dresses and not being able to make a stand for who they are was what being a woman was. Sadly that's how it was years ago. Maryโ€™s husband, Harry was kind of a half wit (Idiot) but Mary didnโ€™t care if her husband was a bonehead she judged on the heart. Men never talk to ladies calling them dumb or ugly but since everyone thought Mary was a man they thought they could talk that way. Mary and Harry had 2 daughters and a son. Their son's name was Bennet but they called him Ben and he was a joker. They had a daughter named Grace who was a genies at the age of nine she knew all the stars, every math problem and the problems of people defining women as a person next to their husband. They had their baby daughter whose name was Joy. She truly was a joy. Grace was always trying to rip her dress but Mary shouts,

ย โ€œ Donโ€™t even try to rip that dress! I have to pretend to be a man because I donโ€™t have one. You're lucky you have one! Be appreciativeโ€ But grace isnโ€™t appreciative she was mad so she decided to go to the king George Louis the first. Walking up to the palace she shivered at the guards. When she got to the king she gave him some bread and bowed.

โ€œMy name is Grace I am nine years old and I ask you a question.โ€ย ย 

โ€œWhy is this little one here and not her father?โ€ King George The first asked.

โ€œI am here instead of my mo-father, I would like to ask you why women have no part in politics or anything that would happen?โ€ Grace asks.

โ€œBecause they're tiny women! King George yells. โ€œNow leave peasant if you have nothing more to say!โ€ Grace wipers and says quite,

โ€œMy-my mother does not have a good dress, do you have an-any spare?โ€ King George throws her a dress and Grace runs home thinking if her mother would be happy or upset. She is in the bread shop telling her mom loudly,

โ€œLook mother, LOOK I got you a dress from the king, you no longer have to pose as a man!โ€

โ€œWhat you went to the king by your- wow this dress is beautifulโ€ she starts angrily then hypnotized by the beauty of the dress. Shy runs up stairs and comes down with her hair in a bun and a beautiful dress

โ€œThis is all I ever wanted thank you honey!โ€ Mary says. Grace feels happy inside and over the next year the family is upper class. Mary has more than 10 dresses! Ben, Joy, and grace have the most toys ever seen. Grace though if she asked the king for a bunch of stuff he does not want then they could have it. They live in a mansion and have the best businesses in their town. They sold now much more bread and looked less poor so more people came because they were clean and nice. It was all thanks to grace that they became so rich that the king was forced to give them his castle and tomorrow Harry would become king.ย 

"Just because you are doesn't mean you can be king." George Louis says. They didn't understand why either but they were happy.

โ€œWhy canโ€™t mother be king? And make all the decisions.โ€ Grace complains to ben.

"Because mums a woman." Ben says then joy makes weird noises that sounded like she agreed with ben.

"SHE CAN'T EVEN TALK BUT SHE AGREE'S WITH YOU!" Grace shouts. The next day was the day that Harry would be king, Mary queen, and grace and joy princess and Ben would be the worst prince.

"Great so I'll continue the circle of standing in the back dressing up." grace mumbles as she she's Mary standing in the back with her mouth shut in a dress. This was supposed to be the happiest day of Harry's life to be king.Sorry did I say their itโ€™s best day of HARRYโ€™S LIFE! But grace could not hold it in that women do not take a stand so she would be the first one.ย 

โ€œI present the crown to King Harry the first.โ€ the crown giver says but before they can put it on harryโ€™s head Grace runs over in front of the stage and takes the crown. People gasp.

โ€œHello my name is Grace! King Harry is my father which makes me princess but I donโ€™t believe that my father should be king! Iโ€™m sorry father, my father doesnโ€™t like to make decisions but my mother does, my father doesnโ€™t like to make speeches but my mother does so why would this man be king when there is a woman fit for being king! Not a queen that sits in the back but the decision maker! So let my mother be king!โ€ Grace yells. Mary blushes. Men boo but some women cheer and make their voices be heard. Some women come up to the stage and cheer. Women make their voices be heard! Thatโ€™s what's important.ย  That's when Mary became king or queen whatever you want to call it and she had power! It was the best day of Mary's life all thanks to grace. Mary was the best king people have ever seen. Some people didnโ€™tย like Mary being king but they had family and were together, and that's all that matters. Right!

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