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Right now


"I've got a plan."

"Can somebody please smack her."

"No listen seriously."

'Nobody's listening Hannael just, just..."

"But, if you let me tell you the plan we can...."

"We did that before and look; just look at us now"

"Why hasn't anyone smacked her yet?"

"Alright, alright come-on guys let's not waste time and brain cells on negative energy. Everyone of us wants the same thing; a way out of this mess." Safiyyah said trying to calm ruffled feathers.

48 hours ago


Sitting at Fast Ali's, full and satisfied, at the last sisters' luncheon; Hannael pitched the idea and convinced the group to try Lenovo AR/MR type explorer platform 'ViVe' in order to play 'She Is Awesome!!.'

She'd found a great price on Groupon.

'She Is Awesome!!' was a new generation VR game 

that gave players a truly immersive, first-person perspective of game action.

She Is Awesome!!; an altered reality game allowed the player to choose and experience life as their fantasy self.

Virtual elements are placed into the player's real world as viewed through a headset or camera. Participants both experience and influence the game environment through a variety of VR gaming devices and accessories, such as and including VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves

hand controllers etc...

What started out as an anticipated, exciting, enterprise ended up becoming a daytime nightmare. The last 6 hours had a seemingly bleak and disastrous feel to them.

12 hours ago


They had met up at Tropics a local spot they frequented regularly. The day had had a pleasant tropical feel. There was a buzz of excitement and good spirits which was the groups normal vibe.

"Listen up everybody," Hannael said loudly; while snapping her fingers to get the attention of the ladies over the noise bubble of talking and laughter mingled with the outdoor sounds of The Gambia. 

"Just want to go over the do's and the don'ts of our activity." she stated.

"Don't give anything to panhandlers."

"Don't eat or drink anything offered by someone in the game."

"Don't stray from the group always keep everyone in eyesight."

"When asked where's the Attaya? Do remember to always say 'Balaama' (forgive me) if you don't you will have to pay D100 and, if you don't have the money to pay it; you could be taken to the police station."

"Do power up; power up with the local foods and fruits. Domada, Benechin, Mango, Banana, etc that float across your headset."

"Do not use the keys on your key chain to unlock any doors."

"Do display your points by uploading them from your thumb ring."

"Arright any questions/ concerns?"

"What does the person who has the most points win?" Zainab asked.

"D2,500 Power Prize Pack."

Hand claps and shouts of whoop whoop rang out among the ladies.

"I can't wait to jump levels on a crystal black," said Aisha; gleefully rubbing her hands together.

"Ahh uhh uhn that's not allowed Aisha; no crystal black activation in this game. If you do it and get caught you'll be busted down to sentinel and assigned 75 demerits." Hannael warned

"Why is there no bread in the power ups. I mean at least some tapalapa sheesh,"complained Safiyyah.

"Ok ladies headsets, gloves, controllers, power on," said Hannael.

And just like that time took a quantum jump. 

Safiyyah looked down at herself.

Purple plaid shorts with zippers everywhere,red lace tights, a black and silver Led Zepplin T-Shirt under a fitted peplum black leather moto jacket with 5 silver chains looped and wrapped around her chest and waist, lace half fingerless gloves, and a Meow Big Cat skateboard at her 6 inch platformed combat booted feet.

She gazed at everyone else.

Zainab had on fighter pilot digs starting from the inside out...a fire resistant Novex flight suit. Over the Novex was an anti-gravity suit to minimize discomfort a pilot experiences from the high gravitational forces, steel toed leather boots, custom fitted helmet, night goggles, oxygen mask, a safety jacket carrying flairs, finger lights, radio, first aid kit etc...

Aisha was full geisha in a gold and teal silk kimono with sleeves that hung to the floor. Her kimono was tied with a butterfly printed Fuscia Obi..... her hair done up in an intricate style accented with flowers and Japanese hair pins called Kanzashi.

She had a white face and red lips. Her eyebrows concealed and painted in pink, blushed cheeks, and black eyeliner. Her feet were shod with Geta's; traditional wooden Japanese footwear resembling flip-flops. 

To her left Sakinah was wearing a red and blue Formula 1 racecar suit. The GoDaddy endorsement logo splashed across her chest and butt; a pair of heat resistant Sparco racing shoes that looked similar to what a wrestler would wear in the ring, and finishing the look, a state of the art helmet fitted with a 2 way radio, fresh air and hydrant tubes, and a Xiaomi smart display screen.

Wait is that Nurah?! Nah not Nurah. Everyone knew Nurah did not care for cooking, yet there she was cheffed out,

white chef’s jacket, black pants, black and white checked apron, side dish towel, neckerchief, clogged kitchen shoes, spatula in hand, and a chef’s hat that said 'Kiss the Cook!'

What's next Safiyyah thought looking behind her. 

Umaymah paced back and forth grumbling agitatedly under her breath but she was sporty in a cute lime green and slate pin stripped golf skirt, a short sleeve lime green Nike top, on her left hand a black Callaway golf glove and black visor with a green Nike logo. 

That left only 'The Culprit'; the generator of their current situation.

Orange and yellow fitted tunic with cutouts on the sides, a rust asymmetrical leather skirt, arm cuffs, blonde dreadlocks adorned with cowrie shells, a copper shield, a long spear with a sharpened stone tip, and on her feet were handmade, leather, thong sandals. 

The last thing Safiyyah noticed was that everyone was wearing an Amber thumb ring.

6 hours ago







Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Those kids were fast as lightning

In fact, it was a little bit frightening

But they fought with expert timing

"Yo Saa whassup?! Hey yo you look sick!!"

"Ah Joji chill thanks though. This place slaps!! I been practicing for 6 months for this day. If I win the £500 1st place prize..... I'm C.E.O. dude."

"No doubt," Joji agreed.

 It was Saturday 11 a.m. in Manchester at the 'Battle of the Stone' the raddest skateboarding event in the UK.

 As Safiyyah warmed lup, she checked her thumb ring and grabbed a floating mango to power up.

<!-- Error Alert -->

<div class="alert alert=danger alert-dismissible d-flex align-items-center players to fade show">


Warning! There was a problem with your network connection.

"Uh guys, what's happening here? I can't see and I can't move any part of my body. I can only telepath my thoughts via the optic scan cable. Please tell me it's not just me," cried Safiyyah.

"OMG.....omg, omg, omg. It happened to me too," shrieked Aisha. "I was just introduced to Jyan K-Shek. I bowed to him and then it was lights out. I am stuck in that position. What the heck is going on?!"

"I was just getting ready to add the creme to my brulee; now I'm frozen with the carafe of cream tilted over my pan; also can't see; like what the what?" complained Nurah.

"Sakina, are you there?" 

"I'm here. I'm having the same problem. Stuck at the starting line. I don't freekin believe this. Everything faded to black and I never accelerated," said Sakina.

"I am on the 6th green twisted in an upstroke," cried Umaymah. "In complete darkness. Somebody help meeeee!"

"Yikes I'm stuck upside down in a 7¥ left loop. "I think I'm going to be sick." Zainab telepathed to the rest of the group.

"Hannael, Hannael, feedback please."

"Uhmmm, yeah uhmm, well ladies let's just all stay calm OK. I'm right now in the control room trying to get this fixed." 

"WHATTTTT?! Whaddayah mean you're in the control room? Trying to get what fixed.....are you telling me you're not frozen?"

"Just sit tight, I'm coming." 

"Yoooo you're coming?! So that means you're not a human popsicle like the rest of us....that's just great....totally awesome!"

"This is unreal un freekin real this race was a blow-out, cake, easy money, just a quick eleven block sprint and now what; stuck at the starting line sweating bullets in these expensive clothes," Sakina fumed.

Later on


"What were you thinking? I'm just saying," Safiyyah mused. 

"I couldn't help it. I had to use the bathroom so badly and the two that I found were full. I was about to pee on myself."

"So I decided to use a hack I saw on Youtube that was supposed let me use my key to open any random door without a lock-out; I opened the first women's bathroom door I saw. By the time I finished, I couldn't remember how to complete the hack."

"See that's your problem right there ...stay off the boob-toob. Pick up a book; that's the very reason kids can't half read today; like dang," Nurah ranted

"Zainab how you holding up over there. You're looking exhausted and confused," Sakina said with concern.

"I just want to go home. It feels like it's been weeks since I slept in my bed." Zainab replied.

"All I know is somebody that has a Pan African library, better get this mess sorted immediately," said Aisha with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.

"I mean, come on, it wasn't like I intentionally did this. Where's your sense of adventure guys?" 

Jamila walked though the door. "Does this purple shirt make me stand out?" she asked; as she catwalked across the room. "I find that purple unlocks

self knowledge and creativity."

"Not if you meant to look like an eggplant on purpose," Umaymah popped off.

Jamila just laughed. "Money, clothes, and food; my three favorite vices; when you have them all you're sliving. You know what I mean darling?"

"My Gigi would say this one aint got half the mind of a Texas road lizard Lawd a mercy," exclaimed Aisha.

"So is this your plan; call some chuegy, drama queen; to do what; give fashion tips! You just drug us into a whole 'Soul Train' mess and I don't wanna see where the train is headed. I want outta here. I just want to go home! Safiyyah said indignantly. be continued.........

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