Heaven is under mothers' feet

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She didn't want to get up, but she had too. All the dishes were piled up since last night. No one had touched them. She folded up her long sleeves and turn the warm water on. The warmness of the water was tickling her acing hands. She had washed her older daughter’s knitwear sweaters by hand yesterday. The water was becoming too hot when the kettle started boiling. She turned off the oven. The youngest entered: Hey mom.

-Hey sweety. Sleep well?

-Ah not bad, like usual.

She was washing the pile of dishes in the sink.

-Mom. Let them be there. let’s eat breakfast.

She poured two cups of tea and sat down.

-Don’t we have peanut butter?

-We do.

-So why isn’t it on the table?

The mom got up and brought the peanut butter and sat again.

-Mom can you give me the sugar please?

The mom got up again. The older entered this time.

-Why can’t you just sleep longer mom? You’re making too much noise on a Sunday morning. I need too sleep.

-Sorry honey. Won’t be repeated.


The daughter sat down next to her sister.

-Can I have a cup of tea?

Mom poured her one. And turned to the youngest:

-Can you take me to the laundry today? I need to wash the blankets.

-I’m too busy to leave the house mom. I have to study for my finals.

-Okay sweaty.

She didn’t mention that she was shivering of cold last night.

-We’ll go when you’re done.

-Mom did you wash my sweater?

-I did. The pink one you mean?

-Ah mom. No! the poked a one I mean.

-I’ll wash it today honey.

-Never mind. I needed it for today.

The older one got up and left the kitchen.

-You didn’t eat anything.

Said mom to her.

-I don’t want too. I’m pretty mad. I ask you one thing and look what happens.

She disappeared.

The youngest, on the other hand, was quiet.

-I miss dad. I wish he was here. I can’t forget the last day I spent with him. Then he went and never came back.

-I know sweety. I miss him too. But you must understand that we don’t chose the day we leave this world.

-I know mom. Don’t start. I just wanted to talk. I don’t need you to teach me things. I’m a big girl now.

She also got up and left the kitchen.

-What would you like to have for lunch?

Mom asked while washing the teacups.

-I don’t know.

Answered the youngest from the living room.

-Make whatever you like mom. I don’t care.

This was the older, from her room.

Mom took the clothing to the laundry of the apartment. It was a cold winter morning. She came back and checked the refrigerator. She needed meat and potato.

-Will you take me to grocery?

She asked her youngest.

-Mom. It’s cold, and I don’t feel like driving. Please.

Mom dressed up and left the house. Hands in her coat’s pockets. The coat her daughters had bought her. She shopped in the grocery store and walked home with heavy bags. She got home after more than half an hour.

-Mom I’m starving, where have you been?

Asked the older one.

-We needed meat.

She started cooking. Her mind full of memories of her husband. She was traveling in her youth. She remembered the very first day they met. She danced with him over and over again in their wedding, she had babies, and lost him at the end. Her heart broke after imagining all those memories.

-Mom? Can you turn on the fan? The smell of raw meat baking kills me.

Mom turned on the fan and got lost in her memories again. She was traveling from time to time when she heard her youngest yelling.

-Can’t you here me mom? I’ve been calling you.

-Sorry sweety. The fan was too loud.

-Your phone’s ringing.

It was her another daughter. The oldest one who was married already.

-Mom can you please come baby sit the baby tonight? We are invited to this party we must go for sure.

-Of course, darling.

She loved her grandson. The cutest baby in the world. Except that her shoulders were acing very much she couldn’t hold the baby for a long time, but she didn’t say “no”. she wanted her daughter to have fun.

The lunch was served.

-I don’t like this.

-But you said you don’t mind.

-Right. But you knew that I hate this food.

-Do you want me to make you some eggs?

-Now? I’m hungry. It doesn’t matter, I’ll eat this.

The younger daughter grab the place with a disgust in her face.

-I’m going to take care of your nephew. Would you like to come?

-Nah! You’re gonna stay there forever. I must study.

Said the youngest.

-Me neither. I have a date.

Said the older one.

The lunch was over. Both daughters left the kitchen. Mom washed the dishes as usual.

At her eldest’s house she was told not to feed the baby rather than what he was supposed to eat, but the baby was nagging and wanted some snacks. The daughter and her husband were getting ready. Grandma was giving the baby a little jelly when her son in law saw that.

-We told you not to feed the baby with junk food. Didn’t we?

-Sorry. He was nagging I wanted to make him happy.

-Yeah. Grandmas. They want the grandchildren love them more than they love their parents.

At night, when the baby was asleep finally, and the mom was too tired of cuddling him around all the time, the daughter and her husband entered.

-Is he asleep already?

-Yes. Just got to bed.

-Just now?

Said the daughter pretty angry.

-Mom it’s too late for him to be awake. I told you make him sleep at least at nine.

-But he refused sleeping. He was playing.

-Yeah I know, but he is capable of playing all day long. It was your responsibility.

-Sorry darling. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

-I’ll try to not have to leave him at home.

They took the mom home. She was getting out of the car when the daughter said:

-Thanks mom.

And kissed her cheek.

She went home. Her two others were watching movies.

-Would you like me to bring you some fruits girls?

-Yes mom please.

They gathered and ate fruit and watched movie.

-I’m going to call it a night now.

Said the youngest and kissed her mom.

-Me too. It was a really hard day for me. Goodnight mom.

This was the oldest.

-By the way mom. Can you please go to the bank tomorrow and withdraw some cash for me?

-Yes honey, I will.

-You’re the best.

-Sleep tight sweety.

The daughter kissed her mom.

-Love you.

-Love you more.

She got up to go to bed also. She was tired, with acing shoulders and hands. With a lot left to do for tomorrow, but at least, she had gotten the love she needed from her angels.




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