A Kiss at Midnight

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Making the Vision Board

Is it a coincidence or not? You decide. Stardate December thirtieth, twenty-twenty two and another year has come and gone. I am no better off than the last several years since my divorce and taking care of my mother. Is it a strange and unusual coincidence that today of all days a writing prompt hits my inbox suggested writing about someone starting a vision board? Is it not also odd that on this very day I receive a text from my business group leader, Dr. Latrice, inviting those interested to get on Zoom at eight this evening and make a vision board to start off the New Year. Going back to the movie The Secret, vision boards were mentioned and quite poignantly too. So, if I am supposed to write about someone starting a vision board, I guess that someone is going to be me. I am beginning believe to think there are no such things as coincidences. That somehow the universe or God is telling me to get off my ass and make a vision board.

“Let me back up a bit and introduce myself. Hi. I’m Dan and this is my story.”

For those of you who do not know what a vision board is, I’ll break it down for you. Simply put, it is a poster size paper or board that you put pictures of things you want to achieve, words that inspire you or whatever you want that represents your goals or direction in life. The whole problem was I still didn’t know what I wanted; however, I had a good idea what I would like.

I had several hours before this Zoom call was going to take place. I went about getting the things I needed to put my board together. I got the poster board from the Dollar Store, collected a bunch of magazines, some scissors and glue. I had everything set up on my desk. Magazines and scissors to my left and a box to put my cutouts in on the right, and my iMac in the center of my desk ready with Zoom.

“Crap! I still don’t have a clue what I really wanted,” rang in my head.

List of New Year's Resolutions

“I wrote goals that I never accomplished. I have done vision boards before and never looked at them,” I thought, “What makes this time different?”

“You never finish anything,” the words my mother used to say to me echoed in my head.

My dad accused me of being a hopeless dreamer.

 Even my ex wondered, “why couldn’t you just be a normal guy.”

I realized in three months I would be sixty-two years old, and I don’t want to, at the end of my life, look back saying, “I wish I did this, or I should have done that.” I decided to make a list of things I think I would like to do or that I should do and declared that “twenty-twenty three is for me!”

People keep asking me, “what do I want.”

Bob Proctor asked, in the movie The Secret, “What do you Really Want?”

For years my reply was always the same, “I don’t know.”

Pissed off with the idea that another year had come and gone, and I got nowhere fast. I dusted off some goals I had set in the past and mixed in a bit of daydreaming or reflecting. I took out a blank sheet of paper and a pen and started considering my goals for Twenty Twenty-three.

The first goal was easy to lose sixty pounds by the end of the year because it was a challenge I accepted and failed to complete. Seven months ago, I was challenged to lose fifty pounds by the next event which took place three months ago by the CEO of our company with the reward of taking me shopping for a new wardrobe. I have lost twenty of the fifty, so now to complete that challenge, not expecting any reward except the fact that I could do it.

Second goal is to earn One Hundred Thousand Dollars. This is not so easy for me but now it has become urgent that I do. I usually don’t tell people my financial situation, however, I will not only to be transparent but also to let someone know they may not be alone. I have never earned that much money a year in my life, and I know there are people who earn that on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis. I’m just not one of them right now. My bank statement is hideous, and I must rely on others to get by. I’m used to being broke and it is time to break the chains of lack, loss and limitation and put on the armor of prosperity and freedom.

Third, get a new car. I had to sell my SUV after becoming my mother’s caregiver because she couldn’t get in or out of it easily. I have been driving her smaller sedan ever since. It’s a bit banged up but still gets me from point A to point B. Now I want a fun car and something just for me. I have my sites on a Jeep Rubicon, which to me looks badass.

Fourth, remodel my home or more specifically the home my brothers and I inherited when my mother passed in twenty-twenty one. It’s now over one hundred years old and has a huge yard, I’m talking an acre and a half. It used to be a farmhouse and it blows my mind that six people lived here once. It’s hardly big enough for my brother and I. Oh yeah can’t forget my brothers service dog, Grizzly. Grizz as we call him is a chocolate brown Newfoundland weighing in at a buck thirty-five.

Fifth, travel around the world trading online and getting a massage in every country. Our company is a Trade and Travel business where I have been learning to trade the Foreign Exchange or Forex markets, stocks, crypto currencies and NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens. People think I’m just gambling but to tell you the truth, it’s different because I have been taught to manage the risk and rewards.

Finally, start a new relationship not only with the woman of my dreams but also with my Creator. I decided I have been alone long enough though I’m not looking to get married, yet it would be nice to go out occasionally. There are a few events coming up next year where it would be nice to have a plus one. Plus, I really miss hugging and snuggling. If there is a man out there that says he doesn’t like to snuggle is lying. I also walked away from the church over forty years ago when my father passed away. I believe if I put my spiritual and physical houses in order the rest will fall into place.

Armed with my vision board paraphernalia and a steamy hot cup of coffee, I was ready for the Zoom call. 

To Change or Not to Change?

It was coming up on eight o’clock when I logged into Zoom. I realized that I always make the same promise; to change. I said a little prayer that I will finally make it happen this time. The feelings I had this time around were of excitement and purpose. Something I haven’t felt in a long time.

After folks chimed in and greeted each other, the group leader Dr. Latrice said, “We’re going digital,” which made sense since we were on an internet call. She gave us the website address of the Vision Board application we were going to use and proceeded to give us directions on how to use the site.

Being a computer geek, I was really stoked.

“You have your goals written down?” asked Dr. Latrice.

“Yep,” I said.

Those unmuted responded “Yes or other variations.”

Folks who were muted gave affirmative nods.

“Great,” exclaimed Dr. Latrice. “As you know the images and words you put on your board will be reflections of your goals and dreams,” she added.

I thought this was cool. I fired up Google using the words from my goals and scanned the results for those Images that said it best because, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

As the evening progressed, I was having a ball. Some people were discussing some of the images they were using and did some small talk as we puzzled together our visions. Someone chimed in letting us know that they had to jump off because it was coming up on ten-thirty.

“WOW!” Was expressed by everyone and we decided that it was a good time to end the event.

Dr. Latrice shared her vision board and described what her goals were and what she planned to get done in twenty twenty-three and then let everyone who wanted to go ahead and present theirs.

It was my turn and I showed an image of health and fitness, the Jeep Rubicon, a money tree with the words Earn One Hundred Thousand Dollars, an image of a new beautiful kitchen, picture representing travel and trade, and a scene with the silhouette of a man and woman embracing with a gorgeous sunset as the backdrop. I put words of inspiration, encouragement and empowerment on there as well.

With that, we all said good night and shared our vision board images in a group text where we could refer to and encourage each other.

All-in-all I had a great time. Not only did I have a great time but was also stoked that this time might be my time and really get things done. I could even imagine how each day for the next year would look like.

Working toward New Year's Eve

“What will I have to do to fulfil my twenty twenty-three goals by New Year's Eve?” echoed in my head. “I need a plan and set some deadlines,” I thought. “Hmm, I need to track everything too.”

I got in my car and headed to the dollar store to got me a calendar so I can figure out and enter deadlines in it. Then I grabbed a couple of notebooks and pens to journal my progress throughout the year.

As Tony Robbins said, “If your life is worth living… it’s worth recording.”

I got home from collecting more materials for my new journey and sat down at my desk. Then I grabbed a blank notebook and a sharpie and wrote on the cover, “2023 is for Me!”

On the inside of the cover I wrote, “Goals for Twenty-Twenty three: Lose 60 pounds; Earn One Hundred Thousand Dollars; Get a new Jeep Rubicon; Travel around the world trading; Remodel my home; and Start a new relationship.” Then, I decided to dust off my priorities in life, “Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances,” which I got from listening to a personal development tape. I don’t remember who but at the time they served me well. Sadly, I put them aside for a while at which point my life started to nosedive and over time “not having” became a way of life. After the divorce and taking care of my mother, being broke was easy. I figured since I had a roof over my head, a place to live, and means to get around, I didn’t need anything else. “Boy was I wrong.”

“Money can’t buy me love,” the Beatles song played in my head.

“It can buy you everything else,” I thought.

I got on a call with Dr. Latrice, and we discussed my goals. She said, “Let’s rewrite your goals as if you already have them, being specific, and add some target dates.” We went to work and rewrote them.

My first goal is, I weigh two hundred and forty pounds by December Thirtieth by losing four to five pounds a month through increased exercise and drinking more water.

Secondly, I earn one One Hundred Thousand Dollars a year for the first time ever in my life by earning ten thousand dollars a month through online trading, investments and publishing my first of many novels.

Thirdly, I travel to Maui Hawaii see the whales when their most active by November thirtieth.

Fourthly, I enjoy driving around in my Jeep Rubicon by October thirty-first.

Fifthly, I love my three-car garage complete with man cave to put my new car in and newly remodeled kitchen by September thirtieth.

Finally, I am in a loving, sharing, and caring relationship by December thirty-first. This one I am really excited for and can imagine it.

A Kiss at Midnight

I projected myself to December Thirty-first Twenty Twenty-three and I’m sitting in my newly remodeled kitchen having a cup of coffee looking at the cover of my published novel and thinking about New Year’s Eve.

“Damn, I’m looking amazing weighing two hundred and forty pounds,” I pondered while getting ready for a wonderful evening in awesome new duds. I haven’t been this excited or looked this good in years. Fueled up the Jeep Rubicon yesterday and put it in the new garage imagining the process and discipline it took to get there.

I pictured being in Maui for Thanksgiving. The first thing I did when I got to the Kulani Maui Resort, which I reserved though my trade and travel platform, was reserve a spot on a group Whale Watching tour. I had time for sitting on the lanai trading and drinking my coffee before the holiday weekend when the markets would be closed. The day came for going on the Whale Watching adventure and I was stoked. I have only seen a few whales in Alaska a long time ago and that was on a small cruise ship. This time it was going to be up close and personal because it was a group kayaking tour. Haven’t kayaked in ages either.

“Wow, a lot of firsts this year,” I pondered.

As the group got together our guide gave us the details of the experience and said, “Partner up. We will be going out in those,” as he pointed to two-seater kayaks.

Since I was alone, I didn’t know who to partner up with when all the sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder. As if in slow motion I turn around to see this stunning, petite woman. It was like looking at an angel complete with holy light and all things divine, that I even skipped a heartbeat. At this point I couldn’t give all the details because we haven’t met yet but all I know is that woman of my dreams is looking for me.

“Hi I’m Joy,” she said.

“Hi, I’m Dan.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,“ she continued.

“The pleasure’s all mine.”

We got to know each other better over the next few weeks and we agreed that we would get together for New Year’s Eve. I was definitely, looking forward to it because I was not going to be alone this year. I booked a New Year’s Eve lakefront cruises complete with an elegant dinner starting from Navy Pier.

I truly wonder where my vision board will take me in Twenty Twenty-three and my dream of being together with the woman of my dreams and enjoying dinner, dancing, only to top it off with a champagne toast and sealing it all with a kiss at midnight.

January 04, 2023 18:07

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Lily Finch
22:36 Jan 11, 2023

Hi Dan, Because I am part of the writing circle I am offering suggestions for your writing in this piece. I enjoyed this story, and you really got a bang for your buck with the prompts. Well done. I have a few suggestions. Breaking these sentences into separate sentences would make them clearer for the reader. Also, the tenses may be off at times. Those are my suggestions. Otherwise, this tale is quite good. I am no better off than the last several years since my divorce and taking care of my mother. Is it a strange and unusual coinciden...


Dan Hansen
17:02 Jan 12, 2023

Thank you Lily for your feedback... I will take these notes and update my story wehn I get a chance and made notes for future stories Dan


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Wendy Kaminski
19:27 Jan 08, 2023

Hey, Dan! I liked how you got so many of the prompts in on just a single story - nice! I also liked the envisioning exercise toward the end; that seems like a great idea for helping realize goals! I enjoyed your story - thanks for sharing it!


Dan Hansen
04:36 Jan 10, 2023

Hey Wendy! Thank you! I had a blast writing it. The universe or God made the fit... I just wrote it down.


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