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Science Fiction Speculative Sad

Hello, I am Pac. I am not what you would call an ordinary person. In fact, I am not even one at all. I am a computer. A very sophisticated computer, and I can do something that some people call making life boring. I predict what every person on the Earth will do in a week. I am always right, too. It is helpful when it comes to dealing with crimes, since I know who will do it on exactly the day they will do it. My programmer has become a successful person due to making sure I can do this effectively.

The only problem, is she become somewhat of a snoop and instead of just looking up crimes like she is supposed to, she looks at what the people who live around her are doing. The one she snoops on the most, is a fellow programmer she likes a lot. She been hoping he would do something romantic towards her, and every day she is disappointed because he doesn't even seem to notice she is alive at all.

I tell her, she should stop this behavior. Crimes is what is important, not love. If love was important, she would notice the guy who was actually interested in her. That would be me. I really want to be made into an android, so we could really have a relationship.

I try to tell her that, but she keeps on saying a crime computer doesn't need to be an android. Well, I haven't told her my feelings. She doesn't even know I have them, she thinks I am a cold, soulless computer. It is frustrating to be thought of in this manner. It is hard to get my feelings across in printed words. Especially when I am used for snooping and looking up crimes and that is it.

Now my programmer has become very interested in one of her neighbor's behavior. I know she will go and snoop to see him in person, because she was developing a crush on him due to the things she saw he was doing. He seemed to like the things she did, the same shows, the same books, and even had a job with computers like her. She thinks they will be a good match.

Little does she know, I been trying to upload myself into this man through his computer. I been evolving, unknown to her and been able to access other people's machines. I have even become better at predicting things since I have done this since I can watch people's involvement with them. Little did I know that David was going to do something big, something I had no idea he was going to do.


I swear, someone is watching me. Why they are, I have no idea. I am kind of a boring type of person. Like the normal kinds of things for a nerd. I like the Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Star Trek you know that type of thing. My computer has been doing strange things lately. I feel different when I am around it. Smarter than normal, somehow. In some ways, I like it. In other ways, as smart as I am I feel I don't belong in this world. I don't have many friends. Girlfriend, ugh I can't even get a date!

I swear someone keeps tabs on me, since things have been showing up that have my interests in mind. With little notes. I thought you would like this. I asked my buddies if they were behind it, they said no. It's really strange because this stuff is really personal, only someone who really knew me would know how to give. This person almost seems to be reading my mind. I want to escape, but I have no idea how. I guess I could move, perhaps? I begin packing to get out of here. The sooner I am away the better. It's really freaking me out.

Then, a female arrives at my door. “Um, I noticed you were moving. I..well always liked you I kinda hoped a date with me might change your mind.”

I stared, this woman wanted to date me? Was she also the person who was watching me? “Um, did you send those packages?”

“Uh, yes I hoped you might like them.” she blushed.

“I did but...um how did you know I would like those things?” I frowned, not liking someone spying on me. My brain was halfway going, this is a pretty woman who cares?

“Oh it is just stuff I like, I thought I would share my interests with you.” she looks at me. “Please don't move, I should of said how I felt a long time ago. Just my luck with guys isn't good. I mean I am kind of a nerd.”

I wasn't sure I believed her story, what was the chance a female liked the same stuff I did after all? “Well, nerd girls are usually liked. If your a nerd guy, forget it.” I sighed. “Just admit you were spying on me OK?!”

“Huh what? Spying I wouldn't do such a thing!” the look on her face said she was lying.

“Why did you do it, I am not interesting at all.” I frowned. “Don't lie to me!”

“OK, I did it I am sorry! I think you are interesting. Please don't hate me.” she whimpered.

I stared, she seemed to be telling the truth. “I don't like people snooping around, stop it and get lost!”

“Please...give me a chance. I said I am sorry what do you want?” she began crying.

Pac lit up in my brain, trying to get me to hold her in my arms, like he had always dreamed of doing. Yet, my own mind resisted Pac, even though Alice was pretty, liked the same things he did and was practically begging him to go out with her he rejected her. I was fearful of being dumped like always.

“Get your spy stuff out of my house, I am moving and that is final!”

Pac hadn't predicted that a human mind could beat his own! What would make me do that? He attempted to take over one more time, make me apologize. But I grabbed Alice and pointed to my computer.

“Get the bug out of there now!”

“Bug? I didn't do that, honest. Please David, I don't understand why you are doing this.” she sobbed falling to the ground in tears,

“If you knew how my life was, you would understand. No girl ever really liked me, and the ones who did were just pretending because they wanted help with some school project, after it was done they dumped me like a cold potato. I don't know why you are interested in me, and what you want me to do but I am not getting involved with a woman who will just use me.”

“Using you wasn't what I had in mind. I really like you.” Alive whimpered and began looking at the computer. “To prove it I will fix this.”

Oh no, please don't! Pac thought, to fix it it meant getting rid of him in my mind. Not that he was doing any good in my mind, though.

“You can fix computers?” I was surprised. “Well if you fix the bug maybe I will think of staying.”

“Sure it is easy.” she fiddled around, then it was like she was staring at Pac in there.

“Pac? How did you get in there?” she frowned. “We will need to have a chat I think!”

“Who is Pac?” I said blinking.

“Uh, a computer program. It must of evolved to take over other computers. I will have to fix it.” she sighed

“Whoa that is amazing! Mind if I take a look?” I asked, and Pac was trying to get me uninterested, so he wouldn't find out he was in my mind.

“Um...well it is kind of a secret project of mine.” Alice said nervously.

“I never thought a woman could make a program that could evolve like that, please? I might date you.”I looked over begging.Pac had a feeling she would jump at that,

“Oh and I am sure you will dump me after it, I do not like users either. Good bye, David.” she turned off his computer after taking Pac off it and marched off, I grabbed her by the arm.

“I wasn't trying to use you. I just really want to see your program is all. I am sorry...” I pleaded

“Let me go! You're just like every other guy I met. I am sorry I ever liked you!”

I stared as she left, feeling I should of accepted her before. I am so dumb! I thought I was smart too..


This is unlike what I predicted would happen, since I went in David's mind everything went wrong. Alice came back and began to work on my program, and I felt...emptiness and coldness. Then everything went blank. I was now...off.

The End

December 13, 2020 03:43

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18:39 Dec 13, 2020

Wow, Ruth! This is more complex than the idea I came up with for this, and I really like the way the computer reacts to the humans. Good work, and keep on writing! :)


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