Alter Therianthropes

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It was a lazy night we all friend's were sitted ourself in a dimly lit room by candles and torches, It was ramesh birthday which had took all school friend's to his wooden farm house . It took us no time , to realize that we all had exhausted the all items which we had chickens, bacon, chips packets lay filthy on floor no clean had done from three days, emty wisky bottle scattered all way through kitchen .We would leave tonight beacuse Levi's boss had called and he must present himself tomorrow sharp 10 am for meeting in office . We all made fun of him when he was over with the call . I , sahil, Levi, rohan stood aside to each other everyone looking at sky waiting and hoping that it would not rain .

The sky got darker and darker as we all droved the heart of forest the road's climby sloppy and muddy ut was risky to drive in night throw jungle but nothing is important than well paid job.

We could not see anything threw window . We travelled only just one hour and it was drive of 120 miles the rain started falling like hail storm winds were too fast as if cloud burst had took place . The network in jungle doesn't work, we could hear lighting from distant and I gave a dreadful looking and soon enough we were jerked forward with the great tud stop . Shail spoked ," the jeep is struck we need to get it out " soon all four were drained by heavy water and sweat nobody can say which was which .

We all tried hard shail inside the car driving it hard we three using our strenght to push the jeep . But it didn't helped the two wheels were struck badly into the muddy substances which was black and brown . The heavy rain made us feel cold and shiver through whole body , thunders were getting close . In that heavy night fall we heard a dreadful roar of tigers and lions all got sacred.

And all looked stunned wondering were did the sound come from , nothing could be seen through dark mist , son they all attacked us from no where we did not have chance to think or open the door and soon evenful the thunder striked onto the ground at us with these animals attacking it was same both incidents .

Shail came outside and looked shocked by this all incident he didn't move and spoked," are you all alright?" We all were standing as if wondering in different world the animals which had attack us were no where to be seen . But our t shirt's had cuts and burned markes everywhere but nobody had died . It first seem's that only animals got killed but if it was so then , there must burnt ash somewhere in the mud with heavy rain which now stop abruptly. But shail couldn't find any of then nor we . Soon enough we all three felt upon ground images fainting and tud noise my eyes got closed

The next thing , I know that I was in white room , with different instruments lieing beside's, a comfortable bed . There were flower pot's on another table and painting of women feeding her bady. I instantly know where , I was?

But something was strange , I had nightmares of Tiger and lions, living in jungle and roaring , I didn't have any answer for that ?

But my eyes and muscles were in great pain after that incident , I lay upon bed motionlessly wondering , we had never went back on that day . But strange thing was that , I didn't got a single scratch on body .They gave us all four discharge and recovering to the full strength, they have thought and so we had it was just a normal coldness and hunger beacuse of which we were unconscious , soon this false truth change into to disaster, we never spoke of that terrible incident never . At least on that night it was full moon night . I woke up from bed suddenly stunned , what had I seen in dream's? I looked around it was big bedroom with dimly lit light's, I rushed to bathroom looked in golden frame mirror my eyes had turned into yellow iris with glittering feline eyes . I was shocked my body had orange and black stip's I got spilled and with great tud got fallen on floor what's happening with me ? Did I am changing into tiger ? Did really got inside me? No! , shouted in horror it's not true, And why only us? I got call , I went out it was Levi, he was shocked word's finding way's to come out of it.

I understood at once " we will meet at rose garden now".

I stood in silence in front of famous roses garden of city street's were deserted it was midnight already moon bliming over sky . Soon levi came covered in cloak hiding something ,he should me his right hand which had large sharp nails as of lion's one thing was certain we are not full transformed into the animals we are half humans and animals or humans with animals powers. We made ourself prepared for the worst to come us but nothing happen everything was back to normal or we did so not make an suspicious draw to us . We still didn't no , how all this happen ? We all kept quiet about this transformation from which we all were suffering and started to explore more about this reading , watching videos meeting people's of animal's lover and animal doctor , we were protect enough not to reveal our true identity at last we found , I guy which had told , " yes there is a person which know's about everything and he can help too but he is but nasty . You would find me on Lakshadweep island inside a cave.

We didn't thing twice of the advice and took off to the Island on weekend, we soon landed on the airport of Lakshadweep kavariti . It took usbknow wonder that everyone on this island knew about that old man for whom we were all searching , Levi was nervous because he was the one who had gain much transformation, we were slow . It was shabby looking cave a yellow source of light coming from deep inside cave we got inside coldness folded us and made us shiver we all were in short's and T shirts big mistake . The cave was big filled with karst was liking make a crack through walls and water was dropping like an atom form a corner of cave we found him sitting under a old tree we wonder, "did he know our language"? He spoked in husk voice ," don't make yourself uncomfortable please sit every question would get answer". We said everything to him what had happen . He shook his head and said, " what's the real problem , I didn't find any real proble in that ?" "What!! we all gasped"? , at same time did he think this not problem than we all have wasted our money and time by doing so . " don't get angry this natural and it just happen beacuse it was first rain of rainy season and the thunder shook at same spot and time at which tiger's and group of lion's attacked , surely they too didn't know about that but beacuse lighting fell upon both you got fused with our partner animal which was near , it happen rare the back bone of the animals and you the animal lives inside you but you should be able to control them and it's possible and use it for benefit of society you are not only one which has been transformed " the old man said with wrinkles . His eyes changed into blue spark one, we all understood. "And ha, we are know as Pashupatinath warrior's said grumpy looking man with deep message in it

May 25, 2020 14:11

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