Drama Fiction Mystery

Today, Mr. Jackson, one of the best detectives, got a new case, about a woman named Sofia, that was kidnaped at her birthday party. Sofia was not that kind of girl that would run away with anybody, even if she was 20 years old. She just entered Faculty of Medicine. Her mother Melissa, told Mr. Jackson that she had a boyfriend. She told him that her boyfriend, Alex, was doing strange business with his friend, Mike. Melissa told the detective that Alex was not at her birthday because the night before he went to his parents in Florida. Mr. Jackson and his team knew that Alex was the first on the list of the suspects. After a week Mr. Jackson went to Florida to talk to Alex about Sofia 's abduction. Alex told him that he went to his parents because her mother was feeling sick, and that him and his friend Mike were not doing anything illegal and that Melissa, Sofia 's mother, did not like him, and that is why she said that he was doing strange business with Mike. After Mr. Jackson talked to Alex, he decided to talk to Mike, that obviously, was not home. After a while, Mr. Jackson wanted to talk to the people that were at Sofia s party when she was kidnapped. Her friends told him that Sofia was drunk and she went outside of the restaurant to light a cigarette. They were starting to worry when ten minutes past and Sofia did not come back. Now, the least person Mr. Jackson had to talk to her father, Jacob. Jacob told Mr. Jackson and his team, that he did not like Alex. He told them that Alex was a strange guy, he did not talk about his family or his businesses with Mike. After all the talks with the suspects, Mr. Jackson came to the conclusion that the kidnapers that kidnapped Sophia were Alex and Mike. The next day Mr. Jackson came to Melissa 's house, to tell her about his conclusion but when he knocked the door, Melissa was upset, and that is normal for a mom that lost her child at her birthday party. After Mr. Jackson told Melissa about his conclusion, he went to Jacob 's house, because Sofia 's parents are divorced and they do not live in the same house. Jacob was not at home. He told the detective that he was at the countryside to visit his brother. Mr. Jackson and his team were ready to find Sofia. They started searching where the crime took place, outside of the restaurant. They did not find any sign of violence, where Sofia was kidnapped. But they found, a cigarette with Sofia 's prints on it. After all the searches in the restaurant for the case, the only things they found were some empty bottles of alcohol and the cigarette with some prints on it, but right when they wanted to leave the restaurant, they found at the entry of the restaurant a black hoodie. Twenty minutes past and they came to the conclusion that the hoodie is Alex 's because it had his prints all over it. Now, Mr. Jackson was extremely sure that Alex was the kidnapper, and Mike was the accomplice, because they could not find Mike till this day. After these three weeks of searching for the kidnaper, Mr. Jackson needed a free weekend only for himself. He did not have any children; he was not married because he thought that the most important thing in life is his detective career. His teammates knew that after Nina, his child, was kidnapped, he was not the exact same person as he was before it. Nina was 12 years old when she was kidnaped, and after 5 years nobody could not find her. Before, she was kidnapped, Mr. Jackson was friendly, polite, and happy all the time, now, he is always sad, angry, mad. His ex-wife died of cancer two months before Nina 's case, and that made him even more lonely and sad. He had a house not far from the forest, almost 30 kilometers, where his daughter went missing. While he was walking in that forest, he was feeling a void in the soul and then he realized how Melissa was feeling about Sofia. They were two parents who lost their children to some people that are not humans anymore. God knows what those people have done to Sofia and Nina. The forest was quite big. After two hours of walking in the forest he suddenly found a small chamber surrounded my tall trees. The chamber was small, with a lock on the door. Mr. Jackson decided to take off the lock and see what is inside, even if, he knew that the forest is forsaken and whatever was there, it would have been dead a long time ago. When he opened the door, he saw to bodies lying one above the other. When he moved closer to the two bodies, he saw Sofia. She was out of breath. There were multiple signs of violence on her body. Mr. Jackson called his team, the police, Jacob and Melissa. Mr. Jackson wanted to see what is under Sofia 's body, when he found Nina 's body. He was almost having a heart attack. His daughter, Nina, was dead. She had multiple signs of violence on her body. When the police and the ambulance came there, Mr. Jackson was shocked. He could not believe, that after 5 years he found her. When they went to the police station, Mr. Jackson realized that the girls were beaten up until they died. After the autopsy, the doctors who exanimated the bodies, and came to the conclusion that both girls were killed three weeks ago, exactly when Melissa and Jacob told Mr. Jackson that their daughter went missing. Mr. Jackson tried to call Melissa but Jacob told the detective that Melissa was at the doctor and maybe she did not hear the phone. After two days, Mr. Jackson was still wondering who killed the girls because Sofia and Nina were not killed in the same time, but they were killed the were killed by the exact same person. The next day, Mr. Jackson and his team started searching for the weapons, or, some samples to find the one who killed the girls. After 10 hours of searching, they found multiple knives and guns, they took them to Mr. Jacksons office to see whose prints are on them. The results came after two hours and the result showed that there were Alexs prints all over them. In less than 24 hours, Alex was in jail. Mr. Jackson talked to him and asked him why he did that and the boy said that he did not killed anybody but the one who killed the girl is Melissa. Mr. Jackson could not believe him. Mr. Jackson tried to call Melissa more then 20 times and that made him think that Alex, maybe, is telling the truth. 

Mr. Jackson went to Melissa s house but she was not at home. Then, he decided to go to the chamber again. When he opened the door he saw, Melissa and in front of her there was Mike, unconscious, with blood on his clothes, laying down. Now, Mr. Jackson wanted to talk to Melissa and Jacob. Melissa told Mr. Jackson that she killed her daughter on her birthday because 20 years ago, Michel, Sofias brother, died in that day while Melissa was in labor with Sofia. Michael was 12 and when he wanted to cross the street a car crashed him and died. And she killed her because she though that her children should be together forever. Mr. Jackson was left speechless. Melissa told Mr. Jackson that, she kidnaped her, beat her, and then she died. She faked all the samples that they had found, like weapons, the black hoodie, even the cigarette because she put weed in it, so, Sofia fainted and then kidnapped her. Melissa blamed Alex because he actually had a secret relationship with Jacob and that is why Melissa and Jacob divorced. Melissa threatened Jacob, because if Jacob would have told the police about the kidnaper and who killed Sofia, she said she would kill Jacob. When Mr. Jackson asked why she killed Mike, she said that she killed him because he knew who she really was. Melissa told Mr. Jackson that she had mental problems and that is she did all that. 

Mr. Jackson was shocked, he arrested Alex when Alex was innocent.  

Mr. Jackson asked Melissa why she kidnapped and then killed Nina, and she answered that she was really beautiful and that she wanted her as Melissa 's” boy”, but Nina did not want so that is why she killed Nina. Mr. Jackson is so shocked now. He could not believe. After 5 days, Alex was expelled from prison, and Melissa has 30 years of prison, for kidnapping, killing, faking samples and prints, and illegal weapons, and Jacob has 10 years for hiding the truth and accomplishment. In 20 years of career Mr. Jackson did not have such a hard and complicated case. 

December 17, 2020 08:40

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Ioan Neamtu
06:20 Dec 19, 2020

Nice piece, Agatha ! Loved it !


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Aura Aura
21:15 Dec 17, 2020

I support you, I am proud of you 😘🤗


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Cotton Candy
15:38 Dec 17, 2020

MASTERPIECE GIRL. MASTERPIECE. Keep going, you’re doing a great job! This just left me.. WOW! It’s amazing! THIS is what I call talent. Good job👏


Joane Unknown
17:34 Dec 17, 2020

Thank you for supporting me! ;)


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