Contemporary Romance Sad

Namjun had finally finished setting up the table. He smiled and picked up the match box that he had set down on the table. He lit a match from the box and held it to the first red candle on the table, smiling at the thought of how Melissa would react when she saw this. He was hoping that he'd be lucky enough to maybe even get a genuine smile. He started to light the second candle when his friend called out nonchalantly to him from the kitchen.

"Your food's burning."

Namjun dropped the match and knocked over both candles in his hurry to get to the kitchen. He moved the pan off of the stove only to realize that his meat was already charcoal. He groaned and turned to his friend to speak.

"What the heck!? Why didn't you tell me before it was charcoal!"

"You said that you wanted to do it all yourself. You told me to just watch and help if you really needed it."

"I feel like a chef would consider burning food something that might need tending-" Namjun was interrupted by his friends yell.

"Fire! Fire you idiot! Did you tip the candle!!"

Namjun turned around and ran back into the dining room to find that the table cloth was on fire. He quickly grabbed both candles and blew the lit one out. He then took a corner of the table cloth and pulled it out from underneath all of the dishes, throwing them all off. The dishes crashed to the floor and broke as he dropped the table cloth and started to stomp the fire out.

"Are you mentally ill! You forgot to turn the stove off!" His friend yelled from the kitchen.

"Turn it off then, Jun!" Namjun yelled back.

Namjun finished stomping out the fire after a moment and sighed in relief. He headed back to the kitchen but tripped over his foot and fell right into the broken glass, cutting both of his hands. He groaned and a few maids came running in.

"I know you told us not to come in Mr. Kim but, I feel like we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't help you now." One of his maids said. The maids started to clean up the burnt table cloth and broken plates and cups. Jun stepped into the dining room and shook his head as he watched Namjun stand up and pull a few pieces of glass out of his hand, wincing in pain every time he pulled one out.

"This is the only reason I actually came to help you. You don't belong in a kitchen. How many times do we have to tell you and how many times will you keep trying. You almost burned down Artemis' bakery, your cabin and now your entire mansion?!"

"How did you know about the cabin? No one was even there but me and Melissa!"

"She told me when I asked her how it was at the cabin."

"I have a lot more questions to ask but I'm not going to because I need medical attention first." Namjun frowned as he walked out.

. . .

"That dinner wasn't too terrible. I do have to ask about something though." Melissa said.

"What is it?"Namjun asked.

"What happened to your hands?" Melissa gestured towards his two gauze wrapped hands. He looked down in embarrassment as he thought of the earlier events. His hands still hurt a lot from that but he put on a smile and answered her question quietly.

"Nothing much. I just made a little mistake and got myself cut."

"Okay ..."

It was silent so the two cleared their table and headed into their bedroom. They had been pushed into sharing one although neither of them seemed too happy about it. They had both fought to keep their own rooms but, with quite a lot of convincing from a lot of different people, they ended up in the same room together. Namjun had originally slept on the couch but Melissa had, eventually, let him sleep on the bed as well. It was a king sized bed anyway and there was plenty room for both of them to distance themselves from each other.

They both got into their new, valentines day pajamas that were sent to them by their friend Doseok. Namjuns outfit was plain red shorts with a white T-Shirt that had lipstick marks on it. Melissa's was a thin strapped, red silk dress. It was loose but tight enough that you could see her curves very well through the dress.

They both climbed into bed and laid there in silence.

"Happy valentines day." Namjun said quietly as he turned to look at the back or her head and then the picture on the wall in front of her.

"You too." She murmured as she stared at the picture.

It was there wedding photo. It had a beautiful frame for how sad it really seemed. They both had stoic faces as if they had traveled to the future from the times when people didn't smile in pictures. The were a little too far from each other to look like a normal couple and, if anything, both of them seemed to look pretty miserable. Even though they both looked wonderful, they weren't cheerful at all. It was an arranged marriage, technically. They didn't have to be happy but, instead of bringing happy memories, the picture seemed to be a reminder of what they sacrificed for the nice life that they were living now.

Melissa sighed loud enough for Namjun to hear her and then closed her eyes. Namjun sighed a much quieter sigh and closed his eyes as well after staring at her back for a moment. It wasn't exactly what he imagined for tonight. He expected, at least, a thank you but it seemed that he wouldn't be getting more than a small smile from her. Silent tears dripped down the sides of both of their faces that night but, for much different reasons.

February 20, 2021 04:57

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Zoe Dittrich
09:43 Mar 01, 2021

Loved it Please write a no. 2 if they is going to be one


Emma Harris
04:07 Mar 02, 2021

There'll definitely be more to this story! If you subscribe or just come back occasionally, I'll get around to his story. It probably won't take too long but it might take a little while. (I write about a story a week and they're always about one of my characters. I right continuances to many of their stories so I'll definitely be getting around to it. Probably soon! Look forward to it!)


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