Mad Love

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Creative Nonfiction Crime Drama

Trigger warning: rape, sexual assault

Mad Love



Chapitre 1


"  Is it reasonable to leave her on the wedding platform and in front of the priest without any justification " Mary .


"  That degenerate, I'll find him and kill him. he made my family a laughing stock among the people in the community " Locas.


" That's really awful, I can't stop crying" Mary .


"I really hope Amanda Wakes up from her coma, she was very shocked" Lucas .


" Look, it's    Rosa and  Jeffrey . they came to see Amanda " Marie. 


Hey. how's she doing? What did the doctors say about her health? Are you gonna wake up from her coma? "Rosa .


" We're really sorry for what happen to your daughter? That was a big mistake Ryan made  " Jeffrey said .


" I never approved of their marriage but she insisted, she loved him very much-look what happened to her when he abandoned her ' Mateo level what happened and shutters tears " Lucas .


"  Yes ! I adored him madly , and he, too, I'm sure there was a reason for what Arthur did." Jeffrey .


"I'll look for him everywhere and won't ......."Lucas .


"  Wait, Lucas. Dr. here "  Mary's  .

"she is awake ?  "Lucas fearfully in his voice .


 " Yeah, she's awake and all her vital signs are fine. yeah, she's fine " The doctor .


Thank God, can we see her" Mary .


" No, not yet. she needs a little rest for a few more hours. you can see her without discomfort. please don't open up with her the topic of marriage " doctor .


"Hello How can I help you." Georgina .


"Georgina my sister ، where are you ,  Jessica woke up from her coma, I was so afraid that it wouldn't happen. " Mary .



" Georgina, you can take Mary  home so she can rest. come back tomorrow to see her."  Lucas. 


"I can't leave my daughter here alone."  Mary.    


 "Don't worry, the doctor said ،  Jessica should get some rest. ." lucas .


' And you're not coming with us ." Mary .


" I have to find the rude Arthur and punish him for what he did. he messed with the wrong man's daughter ."  Lucas .


"Doesn't he know you're the most important gangster in the whole city , what a stupid slut, how could he do that to her how." Georgina angrily .


"Please don't kill him, don't stain your hands with his blood, he's not worth it, Jessica needs you, she needs your support." Mary with love and compassion .


"I'm sure he has a good reason.please, uncle Lucas, don't kill him ." Jifrie .


" Jeffrey says honesty, Jessica and Arthur genuinely loved each other that ،and only death would have separated them."Rosa .


" And that's what happens. I'll kill him ." Lucas in a rage.and  gone searching after his driver, Alan.


"Sir, I didn't want to tell you to them, but my wife Linda, when we were preparing for dinner in the morning, saw a member of Aaron's gang talking to Arthur, putting a gun in his back without anyone seeing him, but Arthur overpowered him, killed him and threw him off a cliff into the sea." Alan .


"Aaron's gang is in my house and they're talking to my future brother-in-law, what they wanted from him , Are the park's surveillance cameras working  " lucas .


" Yeah, she works well too."  Alan.


" Take me to the Palace, we need to know the truth ."  Lucas .



" Jessica's condition seems to be very serious my sister ." Georgina .


" It's okay, it's very important that she woke up, and then everything would be easy ." Mary .


"They were lovebirds and everyone envied their adoration, ah of love, ah of love. "Georgina. 


"Nothing stays the same. man can change overnight. "  Mary .


"I'm really sorry about what happened."  Georgina .


" You don't have to be sorry at all   I'm not guilty of anything." Mary. 


" Why did you leave me Aaron, you know that my life without you is not complete ." .Jessica at the dreams .


"Trust me I'll be back when I finish my mission, I'll just be back you have to get better to be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." Aaron in Jessica's dream.


"How I trust you. " Jessica at the dreams .


" Follow the signs Jessica follow your heart signals and you'll find."  Aaron in Jessica's at the dream .


"There you are , Jessica, do you feel anything, how exactly do you feel ." nurse .


"Arthur, Arthur, what do you mean by signs, Arthur answered me. " Jessica is in meltdown . 


"What exactly happened, Give me the sedative injection quickly, add the second dose. " doctor .


"She calmed down, it seemed like a breakdown. as soon as she opened her eyes she started screaming . " nurse.


" Watch her well. two hours later, add her a dose of depression medication the psychiatrist prescribed." doctor .


Chapitre 2 


"Did you find the wedding day recordings?." Lucas .


" Sir, we set it up from the moment one of Aaron's gang members walked into the party ."  Alan.


"I want to hear the conversation between them, what the man of  gangster said to Arthur that made him leave the wedding and my daughter, must be very important." lucas.


" I'll speed up the recording. there they are, talking ." Alan .


"Turn it up. let's hear the conversation ." Lucas .


"Sir Aaron orders you to stop the wedding immediately or the consequences will be dire." The gangster.


"Fuck you and your master. I love Jessica and I never think about giving her up at all costs .give her my life."  Arthur .


"This time the price will not be your life, but the life of your mother, your sister and your daughter." The gangster.


" You are kidnapped my family .? Arthur .


" Are you surprised? We're a gang, we get what we want ،We've been watching you for a long time ،your attempt to deport them to another city was a very failure ." The gangster.


" How did he find them.? " Arthur .


"Good try , but you can't erase the truth just because you want ،You'll be raped, tortured and killed. and making your little girl a prostitute you'll never find." The gangster . 


"Can't you ، she's just a child," Arthur .


"Leave the ceremony when the priest recites the  Vows the marriage and you will see your family again." The gangster .


 " I'll kill you ." Arthur .


" And if you fell in love with Lucas ' daughter Jessica, it's your fault alone .sir sent you to kill her, not to fall in love with her. when you leave, go back to headquarters. the boss wants to talk to you ." The gangster .



"I'll kill you, I'll kill you"Arthur pulled out a knife that was hidden in his shoes and stabbed the gangster with it and threw it off the  top of the mountain ." Arthur .


"I can't believe they want to kill my daughter I'm Jessica," Lucas .


"It really is unbelievable, they sent Arthur to kill Jessica, which is cunning, but fortunately Arthur refused to follow orders, it seems that they killed him and his family now that he disobeyed the leader's orders ." Alan .



"We need to make sure for  that first, is your man still inside."  Lucas .


" Yes, sir, I'll call him right away and investigate for that ."  Alan with his phone and Call to Steve and put the phone in the speaker.


" Hello , Steve any executions and abductions yesterday."  Alan. 


"No, sir, it's torture , the execution will be tomorrow at dawn." Steve .


 " How many. ?" Alan .


" males, Two ladies and a four-year-old girl."  Steve .


" Four-year-old girl ،  what offense is this ." Lucas .


" The two ladies were raped in front of the man And dumping the baby Girl in the water twice."  Steve .


"  What a poor child, what a pity ." Lucas did .


"Thank you Steve for the information, be careful," Alan .


"We have to do something, as he refused to kill my daughter. I'll help his family too.   In the beginning  he Send two men to the hospital to protect Jessica." Lucas .



"In your opinion what plan would help us get Arthur and his family out of Aaron's House ."


"At one time I was looking for the location of Aaron's House and the villa where he lived, in fact it is an Old Testament Palace and of course all the old buildings of the Old Testament have basements and cellars" Alan .


"What do you mean ! ." Lucas .


"Yes, there are six Cellars and three Tunnels, and what's striking is that two Tunnels end at the villa wall on the west side with a hidden railway," Alan .


"Are you serious , why didn't you tell me about it ."  Lucas 


"We were busy with wedding preparations and I acted and wanted to surprise you and consider it Jessica's wedding present." Alan.


" And what did you do, a wedding present?."  Lucas is smiling .



"We reconfigured the tunnel and the rail in it, and it's definitely ready for work now and immediately," Alan .


" Good good, the sweetest gift already, we will attack the villa at midnight, but finally everyone do not kill the children and do not rape any women, are my orders clear, just Aaron who has to die, I do not want more blood ." Lucas .


Chapter 3



"Kill Aaron , don't hurt anyone, just Aaron and whoever has a gun, at the end of the tunnel you'll find a room that connects you directly to where Arthur and his family are being held, get them out as safe as you can, don't forget there's a four-year-old girl who may be scared, she may cry , And two women who were raped, Of course scared ." Alan .


" Sir, we're at the end of the tunnel. get ready ." Eric, Lucas ' man .


" Open the tunnel door carefully and head to Arthur and his family's booking room ." Alan .


 " Yes, sir. we'll get them out fine. rest assured."  Eric .


"Good Luck, Be careful" Alan.


Eric actually got to Arthur and his family's booking room and took them out .


"How are you, Arthur," Alan .


" They hurt my mother and my sister, and my little girl, how's Jessica ." Arthur.


"You have to calm down Arthur, everything will be fine , we have to get out of here before they find out about ,You hear the gunshots, it looks like we've detected, come on, Hurry, hurry, smash the tunnel door "  Alan.


"Sir, We made her , we're here. There he is. Mr. Lucas." Eric .


" You guys made it .you freed my son-in-law Eric and his family. where's that baby, is she okay? ." Lucas .


" She's asleep, sir . we put her the sleeping syringe as I recommended."Eric .


"Take her inside. the doctor is waiting for she to be examined,  her grandmother and aunt was examined  immediately ." lucas.


" Thank you, you helped me and my family .I owe you a lifetime. my soul is your hands. you can avenge me for what you did to your daughter."  Arthur.


"You rest now and tomorrow we'll discuss the whole issue."  Lucas .


"Come on Arthur you're injured we'll treat your wounds first."  Alan .


" Now what are we gonna do, Aaron's gonna try to get them back. we didn't succeed in killing him ." Erik .


"We'll give protection to everyone , and no exit and entry of any person unless a family member or very close for them ." Lucas .



"And what about Aaron" Alan.


"I will kill him myself and relieve everyone of his evil , he has Escaped too far, I have to shake the trust of his men in him , he must be isolated and alone ." Lucas 


Chapter 4


"How cool  that today,  Jessica He's out the hospital, the doctor says its has improved especially after tell she about why Aaron left she." Mary .


" It was tough days, until Arthur's mother and sister got better" Georgina .


"What happened with them was so horrible and unbearable, and especially after his sister Sarah's suicide attempt, it was horrible," Mary .


" And what about Sophie's baby .? Georgina .



"That child, God bless her, is very intelligent , said the psychiatrist ,she understood what happened ,  energetic and energetic, and her love for Lucas is indescribable." Marie .



" He loves her like she's his granddaughter."  Georgina . 

 " They're here,  Jessica ."  Mary.


"Baby Jessica, thank God for your safety. you look really good. you're all right ." Rosa .



"  Yeah, she's fine, Jessica's heroine ." Mary  hugging Jessica and shedding tears of joy.


" Where's Sophia, Arthur's daughter ." Jessica .



" You're my daughter, me  son's sister ." Jessica .


"Will I become very , what a wonderful news, where is Arthur ." Lucas .


"There is another news, Arthur and I got married in the hospital chapel, sorry for that, but I insisted on it . "Jessica .


"She wanted to become Sophie's mother as soon as possible, she didn't want to come home and she wasn't her mother . "Arthur .


"I officially adopted her as my daughter and six months her brother will come to life . "Jessica .


"How wonderful you are , my daughter. this baby girl has suffered enough. you will be a wonderful and caring mother, Georgina .


"Thank you Aunt I really missed you, I love you so much ."Jessica .


"Since you're married doesn't mean we won't celebrate this wonderful news and beautiful ."Lucas .


" He has located Aaron Sir, shall we send the drone. " Alan  "speaking in a low voice with " Lucas .


"Yeah, don't forget the camera, I want to see him die . "Lucas .


"Without asking that Sir, everything is ready ."Alan

"So they sent it. I want to celebrate when I'm so happy ."Lucas .


"Eric, can you hear me send the Eagle and carry out the attack." Alan speaking to Eric over the device .


"Copy that. we'll execute orders right now . " Eric .


" Let's move to the observation room, sir, to see  Process Murder ." Alan .


"You have to shoot him in the head to ensure his death, come on Eagle do it, my granddaughter Sophia promised to kill him, he must die" Lucas waiting for Aaron's liquidation .


 There he is, sir. well, the plane seems to be approaching him little by little, and yes, did you see that direct hit to his head and neck." Aaron .


" Yeah, that's the job, Eric, you did. you did. now we can celebrate with great happiness. the biggest danger is still Lucas .


"Sir, have you already decided to transfer your residence to another city. " Alan .


"Of course, we're going to expand our business and leave Centuria, it's better for everyone, a much better fresh start, especially for Arthur's sister Lucas."


 " About Arthur's sister, I wanted to tell you that Eric liked her." Alan .


"Admiring how it is, she went through difficult conditions, and the disease eventually comes back to her." Lucas .


"Don't worry, my sister is strong and she's gonna get through her ordeal .sure, tell Eric she's okay." Arthur smiles.









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