Bedtime Fiction Fantasy

The feeling you get when your alone and thinking to yourself while your by yourself. Starring out his window, like he always done so many times, Doug Travel was in deep thought. Doug was thinking of scenarios that he put himself in, those day dream imaginations, though they most likely would never happen.

It was one in the morning and Doug could not sleep. Doug always thought of himself as someone special and somehow important. Therefore, he would imagine he was doing those special and important things, and being that special and important person.

Sometimes Doug was a preacher, preaching to so many people. Other times he was a ninja, saving a village from bad ninja's, but just the same, they all were him being and doing special and important things.

This time Doug Travel was thinking of a girl. He had seen her in the convenient store earlier that day, when he was getting gas for his car. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, her complexion and smile, he was beside himself thinking of these qualities of her. She also had coal black hair, though she had white complexion.

Doug dreamed of being with someone like her. The very sweet thought of him and her together was so satisfying that he never wanted the thought to end. It was not easy finding that one and actually able to win someone over to be in a relationship with you.

Doug thought of so many scenarios with him eventually talking with her and sweeping her off her feet so they could be together. A few obstacles of course stood in his way, as most of his imagination day dreams went, ninja here, monster there, but just the same he always got what he wanted in his mind.

The wind came through the window and hit Doug in the face, which woke him up from his day, night dream. It was refreshing and the smell that came with it, honey suckle, was so nature sweet. He could now hear the tree branches close to his window sway back and forth. Doug also noticed his front yard, looking out his window, with the light from his garage shining half way through his front yard.

That feeling he had about the young female was still with him, but with a added feeling of content, sadness, and lonelyness now looking out his window into the empty world outside his window.

Then thoughts of a fantasy world full of elf's and fairy creatures swam through his thoughts almost immediately. For some reason his mind jumped to these thoughts every time he looked out his window at night.

It was like that world was calling him, and he actually believed that the possibility of that world was real. He believed he was connected to the unseen world, the fairy world somehow. Have to remember though, Doug thought of himself as someone special and important.

What was that, as Doug got chill bumps and noticing something moving down on his front yard. Just a rabbit he thought to himself, which was running up to his tree, by his window.

" Ok, I am letting my imagination run away from me again." Doug said aloud.

So Doug decided to go into the kitchen for a late night snack, to brush off his thoughts of the unseen, fairy world. Every time Doug thought of these things it was like he summoned that world to him, and as if that world came alive. It scared him the most because he also believed it brought malicious beings he did not want near him.

Deciding to fix himself a turkey sandwich Doug was now thinking ghosts or demons could be lurking about his home. Doug started to look behind him while fixing his sandwich, in the silient kitchen.

A one person hysteria was now coming over him. Why does it always end up this way Doug thought to himself. He just wanted a nice imagination session with the girl of his dreams.

Calming himself down finally, Doug made it back into his room and turned on his game console and TV. Doug thought it best to play some games to relax him before he tried to go to sleep.

While Doug was playing his game and eating his sandwich, the rabbit outside, which Doug now unaware of, was chasing something invisible off Doug's property.

Then at that moment two other rabbits popped out from the nearby bushes. These rabbits as you might have guessed by now, are not ordinary rabbits. These rabbits were in fact from the fairy world, and have been protecting Doug his whole life, and the reason Doug felt so connected to that world.

In fact Doug Travel was a very special and important person, to the unseen, fairy world that is. You see every few decades a fairy creature reproduces with a human female, so Doug is a half fairy creature. They do this to keep tides with the human world, unoticed by the humans, because since Doug his half fairy creature himself, he will also in return protect them if the time ever arrises.

Therefore, the fairy creatures get to see what the humans are up too because Doug will think nothing of their presence, since he will believe it is a normal thing.

In fact, his father, which is a fairy creature, right now is chasing off the bad fairy creatures in Doug's front yard, as a rabbit. Soon, when the time is right, Doug's father will tell him of his heritage and bring him to the unseen fairy world.

They need to make sure the humans never found out about them ever again. The war so long ago, during the bronze era, almost wiped out both fairy and human creature alike. The last time fairy creatures let humans reveal them was with Merlin the magician, and that turned out to be almost another fairy human war.

Swallowing his last bite from his turkey sandwich, Doug turned his game off and crawled into his bed. He was now feeling somewhat happy and reassured himself everything will be ok tomorrow. The fairy rabbits outside hopped around his front yard to guard Doug.

" Soon my son. We will bring you to me and we can make this world the way it once was." Said Doug's fairy father." You have the gift of foresight, but soon you will understand."

Doug's father looked out across the front yard, layed his body close to the cold ground and then closed his eyes, as he knew Doug was also finally going to sleep, then whispered,

" My day, night dreamer. My heir to my throne."

June 05, 2021 08:26

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