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She was standing in the middle of the room somehow frustrated. She knew it was the living room of her new house. What seemed odd was how fast things had happened. She hated change of any kind, but was unable to fight against the circumstances. She would lose, she would be left out of the game, unknown, unimportant, forgotten.

The house was packed with boxes, suitcases and bags, where Stella’s whole life was in. Bruno, her cat, was jumping from the one box to the other blissfully. He seemed to like the place much more than her. Stella envied his stoical patience and adaptability. She wished she felt the same, she wished she didn’t complain about how things had turned out, but she simply couldn’t. It was as if she found fault in everything in her life.

It was Bruno’s feeding time. Stella quickly spotted the box labeled “Bruno”, opened it and took out his bowl and a can with cat food. Within minutes, Bruno was devouring the juicy chunks whose smell permeated the whole living room. In the meantime, Stella started to examine the house more closely. The living room was spacious and bright, with a wonderful bay window overlooking the beach. The sun had already started to set, the sky and the sea were almost golden red. Stella found the view fascinating and soothing for her aching heart. Then she looked for the kitchenette on the left of the small hall. It was wonderfully equipped with all the appliances that would make her life comfortable. And last, the bedroom. A spacious room enough for a double bed and two bedside tables. The large wardrobe would keep all her clothes, winter and summer ones. And a French window led her to the balcony, which again overlooked the beach.  

Stella couldn’t help but find the house inspiring. There she would produce her best work. Now she was sure about it.


Stella had to spend a couple of days at the hotel until all her furniture had been delivered and put in the right place, so that the house was habitable. Then she checked out and went to her new place. Now it looked friendlier and warmer, a place one could call home. She was very satidfied with the decoration of the house. Immediately, she started to take her things out of the boxes and suitcases and put them away; clothes in the wardrobe, books on the bookcase, laptop on the table in front of the bay window, cutlery and crockery in the cupboards and drawers in the kitchenette. Now, yes, it was a place she could call her own. Even Bruno seemed to smile and move around satisfied.

Stella looked out at the beach. It was the end of autumn, so there were no swimmers around. But the sea was calm, and it calmed her thoughts as well.  Her editor was adamant; “either you write a best seller or you are finished as a writer.” These were her words exactly. It was her idea to move to a new city, a new place in her quest for inspiration. In the beginning Stella was unwilling to move. Yes, it had been quite a long time she had produced something worthy of praise, but who cares. She had her friends, she had a good time, she had some money at the bank. But Lisa, her editor, was not pleased at all. She needed a fresh book, something that would amaze the world. She knew full well that Stella had a talent for writing but tended to rest in her laurels and not push herself enough. Lisa was the person who knocked her out of her lethargy, who brought her back to the real world, who demanded things from her. Lisa suggested Stella’s moving to a quiet town by the sea in order to find inspiration. She also found the town, the house and made all the arrangements for the furniture. She handed Stella her ticket and waved her goodbye, making her promise not to return empty-handed.


The first days were orientation time for Stella. In the morning she would walk around the area, looking for shops where she could buy food supplies. The people were very friendly and hospitable, and  helped her a lot. Later, she would do some cooking and cleaning. In the afternoon she would sit at her desk in front of the bay window and would try to write, but in vain. Instead, her eyes would wander on the beach and admire the sun in the auburn sky until it disappeared under the skyline. Then, tired, she would go to bed, with Bruno next to her.

The days passed and Stella was unable to produce a decent manuscript. Not one Lisa would approve of. She kept sitting at the same desk, in front of the bay window, for hours on end. But to no avail. Her efforts were fruitless, the paper empty, her mind astray.

That was until the day it started to rain. In the beginning, it was a drizzle. That drizzle became a torrent with thunders and lightning. Very soon it was a complete thunderstorm. Waves formed in the sea and battered the beach mercilessly. Raindrops fell on the window rhythmically, as if playing a tune in some concert.

 Now,  that wasn’t a new-found experience for Stella. What was new for her was the feeling that she was there, that day and moment, attending nature’s rhythmic composition. Something inside her woke up. A force of great magnitude shook her body and mind. As if a spirit came into her and whispered in her ear; “you can”. She felt powerful, strong, able to accomplish whatever she wanted. What she wanted now, more than anything, was a blockbuster. She turned on her laptop and began to write.


Stella kept writing and writing. And the storm was getting stronger and stronger. And the voice inside her louder and louder kept whispering “you can!”. Suddenly Stella’s mind was brimming with ideas. All she had to do was put them on the paper. She completed the one page after the other skillfully and imaginatively. There was a divine connection between her and the nature. She got strength from the nature, she got determination, and inspiration. It was as if the storm wouldn’t abate until she was done.

She must have been writing the whole night, because all of a sudden she raised her head and saw the sun coming out. The storm had abated at last. And she was almost done. Just one more page, the end of her story. She continued writing until everything was done. Pitch perfect.

Bruno, who had hid in his basket the whole night frightened, brushed on her ankles again. It was time for his morning meal. Tired but satisfied with herself, Stella got up from her chair. She prepared Bruno’s meal and a cup of coffee for her. Then she sat at her desk and wrote an email to Lisa, explaining briefly what had happened, attaching the file with the new book in it. Then she went to her bedroom and, exhausted, she collapsed in bed.


That morning Lisa went to her office bad tempered as usual. She had no news from Stella for quite a long time and that worried her. Her house needed a blockbuster desperately. She had invested so much on Stella and, until now, she had got nothing in return. Neither a phone call, nor an email. Absolutely nothing. What on earth was she doing over there? Did she think it was paid holidays? Lisa was at the end of her tether. There was nothing else she could do. Either she got a best seller or she closed the house down.

She went into her office, saying good morning to no one. She turned on her laptop and quickly checked her emails. Her eyes widened when she saw she had got one from Stella. She quickly opened it and read it. Then she locked the door of her office, downloaded the file and started reading incessantly.


Six months later, Stella was at a press conference, talking about her new book, which had become a best seller. Photo reporters were taking photos and journalists were recording her speech. Stella cleared her throat and said:

There are times in people’s lives of doubt and distress. Doubts of one’s abilities and distress because the outcomes are not the ones expected. But we keep forgetting the magic words: faith and perseverance. If we have faith in ourselves and perseverance then everything is possible. We will then find our way out, our way to success. As Helen Keller once said “Your success and happiness lie in you” .

Mother Nature is restless, and therefore invincible. Let’s follow Her example and we will be amazed with the results. Therefore, my new book is dedicated to Mother Nature. For her love, help and inspiration.

Thank you. 

September 19, 2021 15:06

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Graham Kinross
13:22 Nov 15, 2021

For some reason I thought of the movie Limitless when I read this, except it was the rain and the beauty in this that inspired Stella, not an experimental drug. Have you ever seen Limitless? It’s really good.


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