Here We Go Again I Remember

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African American Asian American Christian

This story contains sensitive content

I Remember the Displaced and Rejected Children. As Diamond was driving her client to her doctor appointment she shouted and said why would they put that little boy in a pink dress? Karen was sitting in the back seat scrolling through her cell phone and look up with much surprise and said what? Diamond went on saying look at this mess. This is sick! Why do these people do these kind of things. Karen looked at the phone that was placed on the car phone holder and saw that it was a celebrity who had adopted a little black boy from South Africa.

She replied with excitement what's wrong with that? Oh! I read about this story the other day. His mother said he told her that he felt like a girl and wanted to wear girl clothes. So she is allowing him to express himself the way he feels. Diamond eyes widen and she became very a noid with Karen response thinking she was a white woman too and knew that they would not see eye to eye concerning this topic. Then she said Oh really! But he is only about 5 years old. How in the hell do he know what he want to be at the age of 5?

Diamond begin to speak with profound passion saying this is a serious problem Karen that, I don't think you or your people will ever ever understand. Girl you know you and, I been through hell in this car for 9 months 4hrs a day and 7 days a week. You being a Mormon and me an Israelite. She humbly went on saying we have painfully manage to create respect and a little liking for each other in our many differences in the words of God; but this is an evil agenda that you cannot see. Sorry! Karen looked straight ahead in silence not saying one word. Everything in that moment became very quiet and still as Diamond continued to drive down 285 South.

Then Diamond remembered when she was a little girl how she always wanted to adopt children; but hadn't been able to get her life in position to do so. She was now thinking that adopting black children would be an enormous challenge. She thought maybe it is an unrealistic dream of thoughts she was having; but it could unite her nation of people back together to become even stronger. She said in her mind, if we all truly believed in the phrase (I am you and you are me) as a family of people we could gather the whole black family back togather to build avast nation with all of all our lost hurt broken children.

She stared at the screen on the phone at a red light and thought about her people as a whole race of oppressed. people. How we all should be offended to allow the other nations to spoil the black souls and the hearts of our missed placed children- to be directly poison by the other nations false image, history and pagan traditions. Fantasies that only creates even more disrespect and division within her people daily life struggles. She was thinking when the original image of the black man or woman changes completely into the other races false image. It does not reflect their original black image within all the worlds in the truth of God creation of them.

She laugh at her self smiling and thinking about how many of her people act and sound when they reflect everyone else on this planet other than themselves. As she continue down the road thinking about the celebrity adoption. She thought greater thoughts. If this fantasy of a dream was even possible then all of her people would be willingly to open their doors to one of our lost brother or sister as another precious gift to their family. Creating a caring black family of united power and love that could not be divided in the system that separates them when they are learning self hate and taught to think and act with low self esteem while being raised in the other nations beautiful rich homes.

Karen open her mouth speaking softly with loving compassion. She said with credence white families adopting black children is a good thing Diamond. They can provide good homes, education, travel and give them much love. Diamond responded back to her then said with passion Karen! Can a white family teach a black child to be black strong people? Karen replied, what do you mean by that? I don't see color. She continue saying their new parents can teach them to be good citizens in the world and also provide a better home than what they may of had. Diamond was not feeling Karen answer at all and raised her voice a little bit and said Ok Karen! Ok!

Diamond went on saying Girl, how can you not see color born with two eyes. She paused for a moment and said Ok, answer this one question for me. You have a white son right? And, I am a black woman right? Can, I raise your son to reflect your white image in God's Holy truth? And would you want me too? And do you think, I could teach your son how to be a white man that the other people in your nation would respect? Karen replied back with much confidence NO! you can't and, I would not let you raise my son, Diamond went on to say. Well, if it don't work for you, why do you think it works for me or any of us?

Moments later they arrived at their destination and Karen went in the building for her meds. Diamond placed her head on the steering wheel and thought of pure love. What would ,I say to my people for them to see that this is a very serious problem. Talking to herself she whispered words from her soul. Maybe, I would say to them all. If you were left alone in the dark wilderness would you want to be rescued by the wicked sinful red white wolves? If not then, if you ever decide to open up your home to one of our misplaced black children who is in great need of our black love, support and kindness. Having a real purpose to be with a real black family.

Then that black child, you welcome into your family should follow the same roles as your biological children with a carful touch of tender kindness and respect- to be treated as equally and as fair as the other children that were born into your direct family line. The words like half and step should be completely dropped out of the family equation. Because it is most important to support the decisions that were made in the beginning when first welcoming another soul into the family- to create a real acceptance to the whole family.

I would go on saying to them and all nations in the earth who adopt lost, hurt, broken children. Think about this seperation fact. How can a lost child of any color become whole in an-already existing family, if always “said” that you are half or step to that same whole? Man’s delusional ways of creating false hope and unity in a new family can only mean and create division in everyone thought and actions. When the honest decision is made to bring a lost energy into your family unlike your own- be prepared to embrace the many differences that may occur within your family, to create a stronger bond for all and not just think to create a positive feeling for you by helping the child out of their bad circumstances.

Think wiser to create a solid foundation for the child and the rest of the family for positive growth in the new environment that they will need to feel whole. Changing yourthoughts will create the outcome you all deserve. Children that are left behind by parents will come into your life with many painful emotions and deeply wounded hurt feelings with no real understanding or reasoning as to why they may have been rejected or left behind by their natural born parents. Heart ache will hurt them deeply and long. With your passion and compassion supports your power to create fairness. Then you can create oneness within your whole family that has the ability to produce an even larger family. A family that has learned too love each other with a stronger link of acceptance.

Combining the union with respect without using words that creates separation and division is when you say to yourself I, Remember displaced children comes into new families are emotionally suffering and will have many deep hidden holes to be filled. They will have a serious need to know the truth about life and how they arrived to your family. They do not need to live the painful reality in front of their face daily- with words that keep you and them separated and divided in your new family creation. A very good reason to create positive relationship that could become whole in thought.

This maybe a dream or maybe an unrealistic fantasy; but it is a positive solution to all the false black image we see in all the worlds. To unite our nation of family in truth by not leaving any one of us behind to suffer in deceitful lies, living in a false images to be rescued then eaten by the evil red white wolfs. I lifted up my head with hope.

Karen return to the car for the hour and a half drive back home. She smiled at Diamond and Diamond smiled back at her then she said Girl lets stop and get some coffee. Diamond replied sounds like a good plan to me I'm hungry.

Diamond said with a up beat voice. Karen what color is Christ? Karen laugh out loud and said don't you remember what, I said when, I told you last week! Christ has no color! He is a spirt. Diamond laugh back at her so hard holding her stomach and replied here we go again. Girl, I remember.



Kash, Tanzaniyah. The Power of Creation Ahayah New Day: In the Beginning It Was Black (p. 191). Lulu Publishing Services. Kindle Edition. 

April 05, 2022 01:26

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