someone who does not spend December 31st celebrating new years eve

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‘’Good morning janeman(sweetheart)‘’ I said to arousa lying beside her. She kissed on her forehead.

‘’Hmm… don’t... let me sleep’’ arousa said in a sleepy voice. ‘’ I am going to make breakfast get ready ‘’ I said slipping out of the bed.

‘’Ok,’’ she said yawning.

I went into the kitchen, made some boiled eggs sandwiches and served it  With hot cups of coffees. I settled breakfast on the table and called arousa to come down. After some time she came down wearing a new suit. She was kind of choosy in brands. Her favourite brand was IDEAS. I usually wear non branded clothes. Anyhow, we finished our breakfast. Arousa had some social gathering commitments. I had the only best friend Fatima. she was my childhood friend. We used to hang out for shopping, dinner and movies.

After breakfast, we settled on the sofa. we discussed our plan for tomorrow. A new year had always brought lots of happiness and adventures for both of us. We both celebrate it together. we owned a promise to each other. if any of us failed to fulfil the commitment… being on time especially on  31 December eve. then the other will also not celebrate that day. That’s why we pre-planned our 31 December’s day and night. And tried our best to follow it strictly and never forget our commitment.

 Last year we had great fun. We went packages mall. we had done lots of shopping. I used to do window shopping mostly but arousa love to purchase branded clothes shoes and jewellery etc. anyhow I enjoyed her company. We ate pizza and Baskin robbin ice cream. Alas! we could not watch the movie because we had to come back early before 12 o clock so we decided to quit the movie plan.

I hoped, this year may bring lots of happiness blessings and success for both of us.’’ so… whats you plan for tomorrow’’ I asked arousa while taking writing pad to make notes of our activity so that non of us forget to reach the decided destination means malls or restaurant whatever we decided.

‘’We friend ae making plan to visit my friend’s grandmother’’ she said looking at me. ‘’ does not she live with her?’’ I asked amazed. ’’ actually she lives in old age home… because no one could spend time with her… she is all alone’’. she said feeling upset for her. Aiman loves her grandmother and she occasionally visits her. We all friends decided to join her. She told me that they will have lunch with her. After that, she will be free. 

‘’What about you? Is Fatima in Pakistan or in UAE?’’ she asked me keeping phone aside. ‘’yeah we planned to offered some nawafil for the upcoming year and will recite the surat YASIN and will pray that God may bless us and shower his kindness over us all the year.’’ then we will have lunch in bundu khan… then I will be free’’ I told her.

‘’Done... we will meet at emporium mall… I have listened about new years deals all the brands are giving 80 to 90 per cent off on their products’’ she told me getting excited. I shook my head smilingly. ‘’ ok… done’’ I confirmed.

Next day, I was very excited. I set out for emporium mall. When I reached there, I could not find a parking slot. finally, after 10 min of waiting, black corolla went away leaving an empty slot for me to park the car. I called arousa to confirmed that she remembered to be here. She did not receive my calls. I thought to leave a message for her that she might read and come on time and waited for her in the parking area. 

It was getting very late. She never missed our commitment. What would have happened? Is she fine? She might get into trouble or something. No No, I snatched my self out from all those negative thoughts and drove away. I was panic. I called her friend Farah, she did not respond. My heart thundered, I could listen to its heartbeat clearly. I called again… no response. My face was blank. I could not understand what to do. Then my mind hit by leaps and bounds.

 I called old-age home. They attend the call. I thanked God. ‘’Aslam o Alaikum...I have to talk to Aiman grand maa… can you please pass the phone to her’’. I said. My voice was trembling in fear that she might tell me that arousa is not fine or something.

I was in my thoughts when the feminine voice on the other side informed that Aiman grand maa had a sudden heart attack and they all friend had taken her to hospital in an ambulance.  I was speechless. I could not believe in ears what they had just listened. 

I prayed to God that saves her life. When there isn’t anyone for us to help then no doubt there is God. Ohh... Almighty… please bless her with new life… please.

It took me twenty minutes to reach the hospital… I parked the car and got out of it. I could not recognise anyone. I looked around panic. Then finally my eyes stuck on a skinny structure. She was Aiman. she was crying standing with the wall.  I thought that grand maa might… no-no … this should not happen. I leaned towards her. she hugged me and burst into tears. I tried to relax her by tapping on her shoulder... She pulled back her self and said to me to pray for her grandma. I noded.

I saw arousa. She was talking to Dr standing in front of ICU. I leaned towards her. She moved her gesture towards me. she had tears in her eyes. I wiped her tears. ‘’It’s ok… God is the greatest… everything will be fine’’ I said calming her down. She nodded. She embraced me, ‘’She isn’t safe yet… Dr said she needs prays’’ she said and sobbed.

‘’Sorry… Tadi… I have spoiled your night’’ she said crying. ‘’No… no… please don’t make me gunahgar(means sinner)... we are here with aiman... Celebrating new year eve wasn’t going to add good deeds in our journals on the day of judgement but try to assuage someone sorrows will definitely do that’. I said covering her hand with mine.  

The new year started. We can hear the explosions of cracker in the distance. we were disheartened thinking of what will be happened.

On 1st January, we all were sleeping sitting on the sofa kept in the lobby. Aiman was awakened. She could not close her eyes even for a small nap. I gazed watch it was clearly showing 6‘o clock. I saw the Dr coming toward us. We stood up to listen to the news she might say that grandma is safe … we don’t need to be a worry. 

‘’ yes Dr?’’ aiman blurted. ‘’She is safe now… you can see her’’ Dr informed us.

We all sighed happily And ran towards ICU. aiman hugged her grand-maa and started crying. grand maa did not say anything but smiled. Aiman was very happy like she got her life back. She thanked arousa after God. 

After her complete recovery, we all offered two Nawafal of shukarana(thanks to God) and went to emporium mall and had lots of fun with aiman and grandma. 

January 03, 2020 07:32

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Ysa Lebrilla
22:39 Jan 08, 2020

I think picky would be the word to use instead of choosy. Also I like your story but maybe try smoothing up the transitions and trying to use varied sentence structures.


Sadia Imtiaz
16:03 Jan 09, 2020

thank you so much zach lebrilla for reading and appreciating my story. I am a new writer but I love to write stories. so please keep guiding me.


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