You see, I woke up and the snow was blue.

The snow was a bright baby blue.

Why was the snow blue?

No Idea.

I mean, there was no way that something I’ve known my whole life could just change one day.

Or could it... 

Oh gosh, now I’m just sounding delusional I really need some sleep.

This is probably just a bad dream.


I look over my diary entry in confusion. 

I wrote it last night. 

Jesus I must have been tired.

I don't even remember writing that!

Snow is not blue.

I mean, unless you put blue dye in it or something? But who the heck would do that.

Only a crazy person.

I brush away my curtains to glance at the world outside. 

To see if the snow has actually transformed.

I feel a rush of anticipation as the cloth of the long curtain gathers in my hands. What if the vision I wrote yesterday wasn't just a weird dream. What if…

With a jerk I woosh the curtains away from the small window.

The snow is not blue.

Of course.

Why would it be?

“Snow is not blue.” I whisper to myself while I shake my head.

I throw the writing in my notebook away.

I must have been delusional.


I decide to walk to work today so I can enjoy the snow. Get some sun this winter season.

The snow sure isn't blue, but it’s phenomenal all the same. Even though I know it’s cold outside, I can't help but feel like it’s a warm summer day and I am trudging through overgrown grass and not hills of snow.

Rather than feeling cold and frozen on the long walk to work, oddly, my body is warm.

Very warm.

Hot even.

I don’t feel a trace of cold. I was probably getting sick or something. 

It’s no matter.

I’m still going to attend work, this is no excuse. I am not one to make excuses.

But then again, you're also not one to imagine strange things… my brain points out.

I shake the thought away.

The walk to my office building is two miles away from my house. Not a bad little morning snippet of exercise if I do say so myself. It keeps me at least somewhat healthy and a little fit. But today it feels shorter, like i'm only walking a few blocks.


In what seems like no time at all I am sitting at my boring desk. Not much ever happens here.

Nothing interesting anyhow.


When I leave work later that day, everything just seems off in a way. People all over the streets are running in specific directions with hoodies covering their faces. Usually I could tell if their scared, terrified, or just need to get somewhere fast based on their expressions.

Not today.

Today I can’t see the expressions. 

I felt left out. I was the only person on the streets without a hoodie, and not running. 

I hated feeling like this.

I felt a need to fit in.

And so I ran to the nearest store and grabbed a hoodie to buy.

“Hi! I would like to purchase this hoodie.” I said to the cashier.

Who was also wearing a hoodie.

He stared at me for a moment. A shadow was covering his face. It hit at the perfect angle, so I couldn't see it.

“Hello?” I said after a moment of awkward silence.

He took a sharp breath in.

“Come... follow us to the world of faces.” he mumbled.


The light washed over his face.

Except, he had no face.

Just skin.


I awoke with beads of sweat clinging to my skin for dear life.

So it was all a dream.

Of course it was.

People definitely had faces.

Life was definitely normal.


I went through a day of work once again.

Except today wasn't boring.

It was actually quite the opposite.

Work was interesting and when I got home, there was somebody there watching me. He was tall and handsome, but in a creepy sort of way.

I looked out the window to see if he had a car. Maybe he was just here to visit.

I found no car, but the view was perfect.

Too perfect.

There wasn't even one indent in the snow that surrounded me. The snow that I had just walked on.

The snow hadn't fallen from the sky all day.

Which means…

I never left footprints...

This was not right.


I woke up again, but this time I was unsure of what was dream and what was reality.

There was a surgeon in front of me.

I was in a hospital of sorts.

“Are you real?” I asked him.

He laughed.

“For now.” he said.

I took an inventory of the room, but stopped short when I realised...

My mother was lying in a bed next to mine.

My mother who had died five years ago.

She was breathing steadily.


“Shh.” the surgeon said. “She’s under the serum as you will be soon.”


I pinched myself and it hurt.

Was this real?

The surgeon pulled out a large shot.

“I will now inject you,” he said. “Thanks again so much for helping us in our efforts.”

“What?! I never agreed to this!” I screamed.

“I know.” he replied sadly. “But your family was chosen five years ago and now you are property of science.”

I tried to argue, but he injected me with whatever he was holding before I could speak.

I was at home.

But not my home.

When I ran outside, I tripped and fell.

Right into a fresh pile of strange snow.

Changed snow.

Blue snow.

January 10, 2020 18:42

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Todd Кelly
15:33 Dec 26, 2021

Cool! Strange. I like it


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Noor Barq
01:20 Apr 21, 2021



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Zatoichi Mifune
08:57 May 30, 2023

Wow! I've just read this story and I loved it! It's really creepy, and just doesn't make sense! (but in a good sense if you know what I mean). Love the beginning, and especially the bit with the people with no faces. You've got to follow that up in a new story (unless you already have, this is the first of your stories that I've read)


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