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A lie is considered being a poor work. Our parents often scold us during our childhood if we tell lies. They warned us not to tell a lie to anyone. But as soon as we grow up, things get change sometimes we have to face such situations where we don’t have any option except to lie. It is termed a white lie. Some lies are good for us. It saved us from many enormous problems. But what happened if that lie goes wrong someday. Today I am going to share with you such a story where this thing happened. It’s a story about love and betrayal. How a white lie can lead you to your destruction sometimes. Dheeraj Chopra and Naina Malhotra both were neighbors and childhood friends. Their parents were very close to each other. Both the children went to the same school and soon went to the same college. Slowly, their friendship turned into a romantic relationship. 

                   But soon after ending the college Dheeraj went abroad to study further. Before going abroad, both the children inform their parents about their relationship. Their parents were thrilled as they also want both their children to marry each other to strengthen the friendship. He started his career in London and Naina was in India progressing her life. As soon as Dheeraj return from London, the family started preparing for Dheeraj and Naina’s wedding both the families. Both the love birds were on cloud nine on their d- day. They become proud parents of two sons, Gaurav and Abhay. Everything was perfect for five years. But one day there was a call for Naina from Aligarh where she got a job in a famous hospital. Naina was a doctor and Dheeraj was an entrepreneur. Naina was very excited about her new job and also Dheeraj. Soon Naina leaves for Aligarh for her new job.

                     For two months, everything was perfect. But things were changing in Naina’s life after she met Sudhir. Sudhi was an oncologist in Naina’s hospital. Soon Naina and Sudhir got into a physical relationship after spending few months together. They stay like husband-wife. After a few years, Naina has to return home. She told Sudhir that she hide her marital status from Sudhir. Naina was enjoying herself with both Sudhir and Dheeraj. Naina and Dheeraj live in Mumbai. In Mumbai, Naina enjoys her wonderful nights with Dheeraj and as soon as she reaches Aligarh she enjoys with Sudhir. She was balancing both her relationships, keeping both her husbands happy. But for how many years. One day Dheeraj visited Naina as he has some work in Aligarh. He wants to give her a surprise but little did he know he will get surprised by himself. As soon as Dheeraj reach the destination, he was horrified to see his wife in the arms of another man. During her visits to Mumbai back then, she always makes excuses or lies to even Dheeraj by taking her patient's name when Sudhir used to call her from Aligarh. 

            Dheeraj said nothing and come back to Mumbai because the kids were waiting for him. His complete world has shattered the girl whom he loves the most in this world has betrayed him behind his back. He soon freed her from this marriage and take the children with him. But Naina was not ready to leave anyone. Soon Dheeraj divorced Naina after she requested him and beg for another chance. He did.t paid heal to her and stay single father to their children. 

 However, Sudhir was unaware of all these about Naina’s marriage divorced plan to ask her hand for marriage. She agrees to this marriage quickly she doesn’t have any realization of her previous marriage. Soon Naina and Sudhir get married. Sudhir had infertility. It was not a problem for Naina because she only needed someone just to sleep with and nothing else earlier Sudhir also didn’t have a problem but, now as he is married he was very sad about this as he also wants to become a father.

           Soon time passes everything was perfect. But it is said once a cheater is a cheater. After a few years of their marriage, Sudhir finds out that Naina is pregnant. Sudhir was heartbroken that was not enough he also learns about Naina’s previous marriage and her two children from the previous husband. He was very ferocious at Neha and plan to kill her. But Naina was unaware that she was caught because Sudhir didn’t confront her about anything. Soon, Naina was found dead in her hospital while she was working. Someone had stabbed her from behind. Everyone is assuming that it is Sudhir, but there is a twist it's not Sudhir. The mastermind of the murderer was none other than Dheeraj. Actually, he could not bear the fact that his love was cheating on him so, he hitched a plan to take revenge on both Naina and Sudhir. 

         Actually, giving divorced from Naina by remaining silent was also a part of his plan. We all know that if there is calmness, it is just the beginning of a storm. Naina’s pregnancy was also a lie. One day Naina falls ill because of her tiredness. During that time only Naina was in the hospital Dheeraj came as a word boy and offer Naina medicine which shows hallucinations of pregnancy. She hallucinates she is pregnant. Then he changes the pregnancy test report to positive through which Sudhir doubts her and also gets information about Dheeraj and Naina’s marriage. So out of anger, he blurts he will kill Naina. Dheeraj took advantage of this confession and that same night only while Naina was working in the hospital, Dheeraj wears a hoodie and a mask and stabbed Naina four times. Soon after Naina’s death, Dheeraj frames Sudhir as the murderer and sends him to jail after which Dheeraj flees away back to Mumbai.

           From this, we come to know that a white lie is not bad if you use it for good deeds. But if we are doing wrong, then it may destroy our life. As happened to Naina, her one wrong move and her white lies called her dead, make Sudhir a victim and also make Dheeraj, who was a sweet and decent man, into a murderer. Always lie by looking at the situations. The lie should affect no one, not even ourselves, which Naina did her lies and cheat, ruined everything forever.

August 20, 2021 06:33

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