“Maira! Maira, please let do this just once what can really happen after this, we are just going to have fun and that’s all” Zoya said, she keeps disturbing me about the party that is going to take place today in the late hours, party is one thing I really don’t like but I have a lot of things going on in my mind and I just want to forget them. Kyda and Husna are also going maybe if I tag along it might be fun.

“Ok fine! I will go along with you but where are we going to spend the night when the party is over because you know we won’t be allowed back into the hostel when it late.” I said sounding scared; I have never slept out before. The look on Zoya’s face tells me that there is a solution already and she smiled looking at me. 

It was 7:00pm, Zoya and the rest of my friends came into my room, and they were all wearing hijab.

“Maira, aren’t you dressing up we are leaving the hostel now or have you finally changed your mind since that’s what you always do.” Kyda said, they all laughed but I really don’t know what’s funny about that.

“What ever, I didn’t change my mind I just don’t feel good about going am scared.” I said looking at Zoya, she came close to me, Zoya is my best friend she understands my feelings more than any of my friends and am only doing this to make her happy.

“Sweetheart there is nothing to be scared about we are just going to have fun and be back in the morning and trust me you will see a lot of people that you never expected to see there.” She picked a black trouser and pink t-shirt for me to wear I wore my hijab and carried my black sneakers. We left the school at around 7:50pm, we hanged around the school for two hours chatting with each other but deep inside me I felt scared like something bad was going to happen. I opened my purse that I carried along to pick my phone when I realised I left my cell phone in the hostel and it 10:00pm already I won’t be allowed inside the hostel again.

Zoya stopped a cab, and we got into the cab, all I kept thinking about was my phone, I don't know if what am doing is actually right but I hope and pray that everything turns out well.

We finally left for the party; I realised that girls were free so we didn’t have to buy ticket. The music was so loud that I could barely hear myself, everyone was dancing, guys were doing their normal playing with ladies, my friends also were dancing but I found a place to sit watching everyone and trying to be happy until someone sat beside me.

“Hi pretty.” The guy next to me said.

“Hi.” I replied back.

“What’s a sexy, classy young lady doing sitting her all by herself, you should enjoy the party.” He said, trying to show concern like I ever asked.

“Well I never said I wasn’t.” I said, getting irritated, something was really wrong with me but I couldn’t tell, I just felt annoyed with everything he was saying.

"Then why don't we go to the dance floor together and have fun, i can see your friends are enjoying themselves." He said to me coming close, how did he know that I came with friends and he even knew them in particular.

"And who told you they are my friends, cause I never mention that to you?" I asked.

"Come on pretty, I have been watching you guys since you got in here." He answered.

"What ever." I said not interested in talking to him.

"Sweetheart, we can just hang out, and if you want we could just go somewhere private and have fun, what do you think?" He said looking at me in a sexy way, What does this man take me for, he doesn't even know me, is this how men behave in parties or what.

"look Mr man, am not who you think I am, so please kindly stay away from me, am really not in the mood to chit chat with someone like you." I said to him angrily but nicely, he moved away from me, i guess he understood what i said to him clearly, men can never change always looking for girl to mislead.

Zoya came close to me, she asked if I was enjoying the party and I said yes, she took my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. She tried forcing me to dance; I smiled and went along with the music, it went on for some time until I got dehydrated and I wanted something to drink badly.

“Zoya, Zoya, Zoya, Zo…” I called, and she turned to look at me. I told her I needed water and she pointed at the table, I went towards the direction and I saw a bottle containing liquid in it on the table but I couldn’t tell if it was water or not, I just opened and drank.

After taking a few gulps of it I realized that it tasted quite different from water then I checked the colour and saw it was colourless so I drank it. I went back to the dance floor to join my friends and after some minutes I felt dizzy and I decided to go sit, I could barely see everyone in the party but I saw one person clearly it was Zoya who was coming towards me but then a guy stopped her and they were talking and pointing at me. I realized then that the man who was talking to Zoya was actually the man who spoke to me earlier on, I wanted to talk to her and tell her how I was feeling but that was all, I couldn’t talk everything felt blank neither could I hear, that was all.

I woke up later and found myself in a bad state, my hands were tired to the back and my mouth was covered, it took me sometime to realise I was in a moving truck. I couldn’t talk or shout, what happened? Am I being sold or kidnapped?  All that came to my mind was the image of the man at the party.

By Yakubu Enehezeyi Farida


May 27, 2020 00:56

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Fun Brainz
13:51 Jun 05, 2020

This is a little adult, maybe it shouldn't have been suggested as KIDS Writting


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Farida Yakubu
18:05 Jun 03, 2020

Thanks a lot


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Blane Britt
07:54 Jun 03, 2020

The name Zoya is of Russian origin. The meaning of Zoya is "life". Great name for your main character.


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Miles Gatling
13:38 May 27, 2020

Great work! It has a real creepy vibe to it.


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Jubilee Forbess
13:33 May 27, 2020

Oh no, I wonder what happened to the girl. I liked the suspense of the story though and the dialogue a lot. :) thanks for liking my stories!


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Sadia Faisal
11:01 May 27, 2020

i have followed you please follow me too


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