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In 2010 year, I passed the Matriculation examination in high first division. I got admission to Government College, Our claases were to start on 5th july.

I put on new clothes and went to college early in the morning. Some senior students were already there. They made us stand in a line and march. They ordered us to sing songs and dance. They passed ridiculous remarks on us. They stamped us as “420, Bear me, or Fool”. After getting rid of them, I went to the notice board to note the timetable. Our first period was that of English. It was to be held in room number ten. I did not know where the room was. I requested a senior student to direct me. He seemed very gentle and cooperative. He escorted me to a room. A small group of boys followed us. I was feeling obliged to him for his kindness. The next moment, he pushed me into a room. There was loud laughter. It was a girls’ room. So, I rushed out and began to fight with him. A man of short-stature tried to separate us. I slapped on his face. All the boys dispersed in no time. I was caught and taken to the office of the Principal. I was charged with being rude. That man was also sitting there. Actually, he was not a student. He was a visitor. I felt ashamed of my mistake. I apologized to him and he forgave me.

When I reached my classroom, the professor was taking the roll call. Different boys were answering the roll call in different funny manners. Some were say “Yes Please”. Some were answering “Hazir Janab”. Some others were crying “Lubback”. The professor did not mind it. First, he introduced himself to us. Then he guided us about college life and discipline. All the periods passed in the way.

When the college principal entered the hall, all of us stood up. She welcomed us and congratulated us for opening a new chapter in life. Then she told us about the college and its traditions. The new-comers were exhorted to observe college discipline and follow the traditions. The lecture being over, we were asked to go to our respective classrooms. As I came out of the hall, I felt greatly elated to be a college student.

We being first-year fools, felt shy and strangers. The first was english period. A young, handsome Lecturer in green gown entered the class and we all stood up. She asked us to sit down. She began lecturing on Novel. After five minutes an elderly lady in the gown was seen coming towards our classroom. On seeing the lady, the young girl slipped out from the other door. Afterward, we realized that she be fooled us. She was a fourth-year student and a student leader.

After the third period, there was recess for half an hour. Now, we opened winged, mixed up and made new friends. I had a hundered-rupee note in my pocket. I went to the canteen with my new friends, Swati and Aditi and shared snacks. I was greatly impressed by the college discipline and our new teachers. As usual, when the cat is out, the rats are free; we talked and cracked jokes after the lecturers had left the room. I will always remember the Day. A College is dreamland of every student’s educational life and career. It is a beautiful period and picture of learning, enjoyment, freedom and friendship. Sweet memories of college life are simply amazing. They have an everlasting impact on human memory.

What a beautiful chapter of a student’s life, College life is!

During our ragging period that was for 2 initial months of our 1st semester at our medical college, we had to follow certain rules and wear the dress code designed for us. Even, we were not allowed to look properly at girls of our batch of 420 students from different streams. Seniors used to come in our classes, and few pretty girls of our class had to answer the same boring question to many seniors every day. These girls used to show their stagnant horrible faces to us, as if they were in tatters after facing ‘ragging’ from our seniors. Though, these girls felt elated at their girl’s hostel for gaining popularity among batch mates and seniors; many guys of our batch, who had got feelings for these charming young ladies, prayed for the early exit of ragging period, and try their luck to get a girlfriend at college. Mukul was also attracted from pretty, charming Aditi. Aditi was the most beautiful girl of our batch, born, as if through an error of destiny, into a poor farmer family of Punjab(India). After few days we got our freshers, and the door of enjoyment also opened its door for us to enjoy our college life along with seniors. Most of the 1st year guys changed their routine life to lead a casual life after the end of ragging period. They were all ready to dip inside the sea of love, and grab the most charming pearl to make it their soul mate for the rest of their college life. Gourav was a studious and serious student, who used to study and complete all the class assignments by his own, while I, along with my other roommates and other class mates used to talk and do fun in our hostel room. He was getting popular as a serious student in the class among all the students and girls do liked his looks, full of innocence. My hostel room was very popular among seniors of hostel, and here popularity was gained by my other roommate Ayush, a rock star, and a guitarist. He had won the heart of all super seniors, and they used to come in our room to listen his guitar. Ayush was a great guy with athletic body that has made several girls to run for him at his native place. He was in relationship with his 5th girlfriend and had no plans to look even at the college girls. Gourav had no choice except to hear the songs and talk with me, while Ayush was busy in alluring the seniors. Prithesh’s guitar had not only heeled the wounds of broken heart seniors, but also helped me in sprouting the weeds of friendship with Sam and Gourav. Sam was from other nearby room, used to live in my room only due to a better bonding with me and my roommates. Gourav appointed me as his love guru, for helping him in getting Aditi, as his girlfriend. Well, sorry to say so late, but yeah I was in relationship since my school days, and so was handed this responsibility to carry out. We started working on the project of Gourav’s love. Aditi was now being observed by us, and I suggested Gourav to do friendship with Swati. Swati, a beautiful, graceful, and distinguished looking with large gray eyes was the best friend of Aditi. We had a bad experience with Swati. We including Gourav had an exchange of bad words with her for one of our friend Veer, who loved Swati and she had ignored him. The word ‘sorry’ came in Gourav’s rescue, and we relished in excitement after he succeeded in making Swati his 1st friend among girls of our college. After few days, I was surprised on seeing a large no. of sms from Swati on Gourav’s cell. He was going fast in forging a good friendship with Swati. They had started talking with each other on phone, and the hours of conversation got enhanced day after day. I had concealed their friendly relationship from our friends and seniors. Swati was simple, never talked with guys in class; but she was unhappy. Gourav was also her lab partner, and he had started helping her to come out from all her sorrows that haunted her. Soon, durga-pooja vacation came and we all went to our home to enjoy the season of festivals. Gourav was well prepared for the exams, and helped me to do a good preparation for the internals. The internals went good. Gourav and Swati started their post vacation friendship bond with a fresh odor. I was feeling the essence of that odor containing microbes of love, but waited few more days to ask the truth from Gourav. “I don’t know Ryan, what it is exactly!! But yeah I am enjoying every moment with her. We are very close friends, and I don’t want to think about anything else.” said Gourav. I went up to him and said: “what about Aditi??” “For now, I am not concerned of Aditi. I think it was an infatuation. So it’s better to end it.” Without being surprised from the reply of Gourav, I was rather happy for him and wished that their friendship soon get converted to a great love story.

It is said that in a college, the news of friendship between a boy and a girl spread out like fire in a forest. The case of Gourav and Swati was not different; all had started to predict a dalliance between them, attracting a lot of trouble for me and my friend Gourav.

Gourav got a lucky chance to take Swati to her home. He called me on Diwali and told me about his fabulous journey with Swati, and told how much frightened he felt while meeting the parents of Tanya, who were very friendly to him. It was one of the best Diwali of his life, and I really felt happy for him.

After Diwali, I insisted Gourav to propose Swati, which I felt was the appropriate time to do. I already knew it, how hard it is when you are going to propose your best female friend.. In case of Swati, I was damn sure that she will accept Gourav’s proposal at once, but still knowing a girl completely is a task, failed by lots of sages of ancient times. We were keeping our fingers crossed and on a proper situation, when Swati was feeling jealous while Gourav was busy talking with her roommate, he proposed Swati and it took him almost three hours for murmuring “I love you Swati” in a shivering tone. she was stagnant and kept quiet for a few minutes, after he proposed her. She did not believe his words and was repeatedly saying that she had not thought anything about it. At last, she asked for some time and wants me to be continuing the friendship

We liked Gourav and Swati as a pair, and was helping Gourav to get a big yes from Swati as soon as possible. But sadly I remembered the last words by reeti. Swati had recorded his proposal words “I love you Swati” in her mobile phone, and almost all the girls of our batch had heard the proposal words. She used to laugh after hearing his unconditional feelings for her. The hatred started fermenting in my veins, and he  pushed her away. He went out hurriedly from the empty classroom, left her all alone to think for a new strategy for getting a new guy of her type.”  Tears were constantly rolling off from the eyes of both of us. I knew that Gourav had to face consequences for leaving Swati. But, he had gained a different kind of inner strength and was ready to face it all.

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Enjoyed the story. Good read


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thanks for the feedback!


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