Every Dark Cloud has a Silver Lining

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Romance Drama

The white walls in my apartment was a contrast to the orange skies outside. Everything felt empty inside while people outside were happily living. I couldn't help but think about what I did.

Ever since I left Colin, and Napa Valley, I realized what a terrible mistake that was.

I looked out the window of my apartment, from my living room. I saw cars going by, and people walking the streets.

I looked down at my phone. Should I do it? Are there such things as second chances?

I called the first name that was on my "Favorites" list of contacts.

I wait for them to pick up on the other end. Nothing. Just as I was about to hang up, I heard a sleepy, "Hello?" from the other end.  

"Hello? Colin?" I asked.

"Who is this?"

My face turned white. The blood drained from my face. Had he deleted my number from his phone?"

"It's Danica."



"So... how are you?" I chirped.

As I waited for his answer, I shuffled about, nervously as I sat on my couch. Was it really worth it calling him?

"Good good." He said, in a not so very convincing manner.

"Yeah. Me too," I replied. Great conversation so far.

"Sooo-" I started, but as I was about to start my thought, I heard another voice in the backdrop, on his end of the line. A woman's voice. I heard Colin telling her that he was calling someone for work. It pained me to see he had moved on with his life.

"Danica, you still there?" he asked, after re- directing his attention to the call. He had probably moved out of sight of the woman he was with.

"Why'd you lie?" I asked.

"Why are you calling after so long?" he ignored my question. After all, whoever he was seeing, was none of my business.

I miss you, I want to talk to you, I regret leaving you.... these thoughts flooded my mind.

"Just like that. Just to see how things are."

"I see. I'm good. Busy and all. How about you? How have you been?" he asked, with unusual curiosity in his voice.

Didn't I just say I was good?

"I'm good, like I said. Just fine and dandy."

"Danica, I know you well. We'd been married  for 5 years and I can tell if you are not doing 'fine and dandy'."

I sighed. He knew me too well. So I admitted,  "I just feel lonely."

"And that's why you're calling me?"

"No. I also sort of... miss you..." (I muttered the 'miss you' part, as I didn't want to admit to myself or worse, to him, that I still loved him) "...but you're too busy for this conversation, maybe this can wait-"

"No, no. What? You miss me? What about the divorce papers you threw at me back then? Did you not think about that at all?"

"I know, it was a mistake."

"2 years, Danica. 2 years of wondering what I did wrong. I loved you, you know-"

I was trying to take in his words, when I  heard the woman on the other end asking Colin who he was really calling.

"Sorry, wait-" he said to me. The connection on the other end of the line was hazy for a few minutes. Afterwards, he returned back to our conversation.  

"Here, now is the connection better?"

"Did I interrupt you both?" I asked, a hint of sarcasm evident in my voice.  

"No, no you didn't. She's just a friend. I'm glad you called actually. I wanted to talk to you for the longest time."

"Then why didn't you?"

"I was scared."

"Really?" I was shocked to hear this.

"I have been unhappy myself trying to get over you, as you can see, but it's not working. Hasn't been."

"Then what have you been planning to do about it?"

"What? My unhappiness? I don't know- wallow away in my own sorrow."

"I don't think that will solve anything. But at least you are not alone. You have your lady friend with you."

"That's just-" he sighed. "That's just a distraction."

"Oh, and what was I, a distraction too?" I asked.

"No, no you weren't. I truly loved you."

My heart dropped. I couldn't help but feel a surge of disappointment in myself for letting our relationship go down in shambles. I wanted the divorce, I fell out of love that time. I wanted to be a free person. But I realized that true happiness is found when shared with someone you care about. I didn't realize it at the time, but Colin was and will always be that person.

I looked out my window again. The orange sky turned dark blue now. The sun had disappeared under the horizon. The sudden cold in the air matched the tense emotion that I was feeling.

"Me too," I whispered.

Colin suddenly asked, "Where are you right now? Are you still in Napa Valley?"

"No. I'm in Reno."

"Nice. That sounds like fun."

"And you? Still in the Valley?"


I nodded my head. I kept silent for a moment.

Then he said, "It would be nice to see a new old face down here.. consider visiting Napa Valley again?"

I thought to myself. "I have, but I had no reason to. Maybe now, it's time I reconsidered that. Make amends for what happened in the past."

He chuckled. "Yeah..maybe.. Then, I can show you that one restaurant I never showed you-"

"Whoa, not so fast Romeo. Let's just meet, face to face  first, and see where that takes us. I want to make up for what I did to 'us'."

He paused, before answering in a serious tone, "Now you know, I always, deep down inside me, wished that you said that right after we got divorced. But hey, late is better than never, right? I welcome you with open arms back to Napa Valley."

I smiled.

I hung up the phone after saying bye to him. This phone call made things so much better. The future was unexpected. Who knew where this would take me? Maybe I did have a second chance with Colin after all. After all, no matter where you look, a dark cloud always has a silver lining.....  


August 12, 2020 20:49

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Keri Dyck
00:23 Aug 20, 2020

Okay, so I was glad that Colin was so forgiving… but the whole thing about having a distraction woman is not cool.


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10:18 Jan 08, 2023

A script under the topic every dark cloud has a silver lining for JHS


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Keri Dyck
00:23 Aug 20, 2020

Okay, so I was glad that Colin was so forgiving… but the whole thing about having a distraction woman is not cool.


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