Crime Suspense Thriller

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Hello there. My name is Vivienne Green. I am everything but ordinary. You could say my life is a movie, but gosh it's so much more than that. People scream at the mention of my name. They worship the ground I walk on. This is all I ever wanted. I still can't believe I got it sometimes. I deserve this. Every living moment of it.

"Keep telling yourself that."

"It's true."

"We both know that's not true. Rosalie."

"That's not my name anymore. That girl is dead and gone. Much like you are."

"Rosalie you need to get help, at this point you are downright delusional if you think this is going to go on any-

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! Don't fucking call me that bitch's name again. SHE'S DEAD! I don't have to hear this from you anymore. I have a town I have to go visit that's dying to see me again. It's been long, hasn't it?"

"This has gone on long enough, they'll figure you out there, I'm sure of it."

"Then I'll just have to take care of that, won't I? Don't you know that by now Vivienne? Do you actually think you're doing something by staying here and annoying me? You're a fucking ghost. You can't do shit to me. So do me a favor and leave me the fuck alone."

Yeah, miner inconvenience, I may have stolen an identity and committed a murder but hey! When you really want something, you do anything to get that something, do you not?

On the ride over to my hometown, I watched in awe at people as they ran alongside the limo. So happy to see me.

"Hey, John? Can you stop here for a moment? I'm feeling,- nostalgic."

Ah the bridge where it all happened. Wow, everything looks the same. Still beautiful, yet so dark.

"Whoa! You're Vivienne Green!"

"AHH! Jeez, you scared the life out of me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Detective Woods. Also a big fan."

I take a more intensified look at the young woman, She's black, has curious deep brown eyes, a tall stature, maybe about 5'10, and has a confident but a hint of cockiness in her smile. I like her.

" What are you doing out here when you have a town dying for you to make an appearance?"

"When I lived here, as a teenager, I'd come out to this bridge just to get away from everyone. The sound of waves crashing just always gave me a sense of relief you know?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, I have a spot like that back in California that I still regularly visit."

"California huh? You're pretty far from home. What brings you to Pidscke, Connecticut? Nothing interesting ever happens in this town."

"Is that so, well as of two weeks ago those days are over. Although it is wonderful seeing you here, I'm here to investigate a disappearance."


Keep your cool, there's no way she could ever find out.

"Oh my, that's devastating."

"Yes, very."

"What's this girl's name?"

"Funny, I don't remember telling you it was a girl."


Play. It. Cool.

"Oh, I thought you did. Lucky guess, I suppose."

"Very lucky. But yes, it's a girl who's missing, her name is Rosalie Parks."

As she says the name, my name, my heart stops a little. I'd always been a nobody in this town. Nobody has ever cared before so why would they care now? Who knew hearing my own name would make the hairs on my neck stand.

"You still with me Vivienne?"

"Yes detective, I'm just shocked to hear something like that could happen here. Sure there's the mere ridiculous gossip but nothing's ever true."

"Things change. Maybe she got bored of her life and moved to start over. Maybe she couldn't bear life anymore. Or maybe, she was murdered."

She couldn't be onto me, right? No. Nope. There's no way.

She looks back at me with a sly smile but an unreadable face.

"It sounds like you have a good idea about what it could be detective."

"Maybe, and please, call me Shauna. You know, you look an awful bit like her."

She hands me a picture and I try not to look, you know, guilty.

"You think so? Maybe a bit."

"Yes, you know, from what I hear from her grandparents, she was a huge fan of yours."

"Oh! Is that so? That's quite nice."

I've got to get out of here.

"As much as I would love to keep having this wonderful conversation with you, I actually have to get going. I've got a busy day ahead of me as you may assume."

"Oh yes, don't let me keep you any longer, it was nice to meet you, Ms. Green."

"You too, Detective."

She opens her mouth like she's gonna say something but closes it, smiles, and waves to me as I make my way towards the limo. I wave back with a half-smile and watch her as John starts to drive away.

"Everything alright Ms. Green?"

" Yes, just overwhelmed to be here again. Would you mind pulling up the glass, I'd like to be alone with my thoughts."

"Of course."

"Look at you, that's the most nervous I've ever seen you in the last five years."

I jump up startled to see Vivienne sitting across from me wearing a large smirk.

"What the fuck are you doing here? I thought you always stayed in that mirror."

"Oh, no, Rosalie. I'm everywhere. Everywhere you are that is."

"What, is that supposed to scare me?"

I say this with a chuckle sipping a glass of champagne.

"No, but a nosy detective might."

Hearing this makes me choke a bit. God, if I could, I'd kill this bitch again.

"Everything okay back there?"

"Yes John, I'm just on the phone."

I turn my attention back to Vivienne.

"You brought her here?"

"She came here on her own, but with a bit of my help. The best lead detective LAPD has had for five years if anyone could solve a crime, she could. Your days are numbered now Rosalie, it's time to pay for what you did."

"We'll see about that."

The next day, we drive over to my old high school, and unfortunately, Vivienne has yet to leave me alone.

"Fun fact, did you know I went here too?"

"Of course, I did, you imbecile, I was your biggest fan. I studied everything there was to know about you."

"You're mental, you know that right?"

"Of course I do, but it got me to where I wanted, didn't it?"

"You're gonna fall flat on your ass hun, you are going to get what you deserve it's only a matter of time."

"Yeah, yeah, now shut-up won't you? It's time to make my entrance."

The moment I opened the limo people paraded around me. I recognized some faces and some were new. It was like for a moment nothing bad mattered anymore. That is until I spotted a familiar face in the crowd.

Detective Woods.

"Ms. Green, it's great to see you again, I can see everyone else believes so too."

"Yes, it's nice to see you too detective. Just out of curiosity though, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to investigate, of course."

"If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that you were following me."

"Me? Of course not. It's a small town after all. We may run into each other more than you think."

"Interesting, okay. Well, good look with your investigation."

"Thank you, you have a good day now."

She gives the same smile as before as she leaves.

"You shakin' in your little boots yet?"

While smiling and waving, I speak off to the side through my teeth to Vivienne.

"She knows nothing. I'm doing great."

I'm so not. If that bitch figures out anything, everything I worked for will have been for nothing. And I can't afford anything to get in my way.

"I'd watch my back if I were you, she's on to you."

"Please, she doesn't scare me."

"Hey, Vivienne over here!"

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have fans to talk to."

Vivienne scoffs as I make my way over to my people.

"Damn, I love stardom but who would've known it would be tiring."

After being granted a moment for myself, I began to wander the halls of my old school. Everything looked the same except for-

What the actual fuck is that.

Do I have a memorial shrine? You got to be shitting me.

At that very moment, a former threat I faced in school walked over to where I was. And what do you know she has that same chipped tooth.

"What happened, what's all this?"

"Oh that's Rosalie, she went missing five years ago. I always figured she'd kill herself sooner or later. Maybe she did. She was depressed enough I think."

"That's sad, don't you think?"

"Not really, I think the world is better off without the weirdos you know?"

"No, I don't. She kinda looks like me don't you think?"

"Hmm, I don't see it. Rosalie was an ugly, unattractive pig. Ha! Why would you even think to compare yourself to that."

I don't know what it was but at that moment I snapped.

Does she actually have the nerve to smile through her teeth and say that to me? To me! Doesn't she know who I am?

"No, she doesn't, Vivienne."

"It's Rosalie."

In a moment that felt like slow motion, as the bitch walked down the hall I grabbed the ax from the emergency kit on the wall and called out to her.

"Hey, bitch! Guess who's back from the dead?

She wears a face of confusion but in a matter of seconds, it swiftly changed to terror.

Not wasting any time, I swing the ax and it slices her throat. The blood sprays against the wall in a curved line. I just stand there above her, watching as she holds her neck which is covered in blood. It's so thick. Gross.

"Damn this is a lot of mess. I've seemed to forget killing has a lot of that. Would you take a look at this scene? This is some serial killer shit. Bet you weren't expecting that twist were you?"

"Are you literally insane?"

"Oh, your back again. Where have been, you missed the show. And come on V, you know the answer to that by now. Messing with me might get you killed. Good for me. Bad for you."

"Oh you've really done it now, there's no way you won't get caught."

"Oh really? Watch me."

I left the scene after cleaning up the wall and myself without leaving anything behind. Without the slightest amount of guilt, I make my way over to the auditorium where they are making a speech about me? But not Vivienne me, Rosaile me. I whisper to some dude to get more in-depth about what's going on.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"Oh, we're just doing a quick ceremony about Rosalie Parks. We do one every year on her anniversary."

"Really? I didn't know they were doing that."

"You probably wouldn't have, you being a national celebrity and all."

He says this as he smiles and walks away.

This is bullshit! I came here for everyone to talk about me and they are here talking about the old me. Where was all this fucking attention before?

"You're demented. And crazy. Of course, they aren't gonna talk about you."

"I swear to god Vivienne you better leave me alone or I'm gonna-

"Everything ok over here Ms. Green?"

Detective Woods asks while completely coming from out of nowhere.

"Yes, I'm fine, I was just talking on my phone."

"It's sad isn't it?"

"What is?"

"The memorial, of course, I'm sure this girl had amazing things ahead of her."

"Oh yes, but what makes you think she's dead?"

"It's been so long and there's no trace of her. Had this been a suicide, we would've found her body a long time ago."

"That's an interesting look at things."

"Is it? Why? Do you think she's alive?"

"Well, I just think anything is possible, who's to say she's not out in the world living her best life?"

"Touche`. But yes, you could be right. Say, maybe you should be investigating this case."

"Ha, maybe so. I've always been a fan of a good mystery."

"Really? Then tell me this, being a fan of yours for so long I've always managed to notice the little things. Distinct things about you that you'd notice just by taking a really good look."

"Oh really? Like what?"

"Like that fact that you have five dogs, all golden retrievers. Or that your favorite color is periwinkle. But most of all was that beauty mark you have right on your left pinkie. I always loved hearing about it cause it looked exactly like a-

"Heart? Like this?"

Fuck. Yes. She thought she had me. I'm a superfan duh. Of course, I knew about it I got it tattooed a long time ago.

"Yes, just like that. Hmm, but you know what's crazy?"


"That's your right."

At this exact moment, my face drained of color as I watched her wear a sly expression. She knows. And that's my cue to get out of here.

Without waiting for another second, I punched her in the face and began to make my escape. She was caught off guard for a second but then quickly came after me.



I managed to make it out back and screamed for John to get a move on.


"Right away Ms. Green!"

John speeds up out away from the school while I hear the distance screams from the background, looks like they found that bitch Zoe.


"There are cop cars behind us miss, do you want me to stop?"

I think for a second and a smile spreads across my face.

"Yes John, please bring me to the old bridge one last time."

John pulls over and so do the other police cars.

"It's over Rosalie. Are you ready to face it all?"

I turn to Vivienne and smile.

"Yes, Vivienne. But can't you see? This is all I ever could've wanted, I'm gonna be famous now. Me! The real me. It's all I ever wanted and I thank you for that. I couldn't have done this all without you."

Without hearing a second more from a stunned Vivienne I slowly step out of the car and shout over the noise.

"Detective! Can we chat for a bit on the bridge before we go? I'm not armed, you can check me. "

Kind of puzzled, but also amused, she bites.

"Yes, we can do that for a few minutes."

I walk over to the bridge and I nod at her to come over. She does, and almost instantly pats me down.

"Come on, you don't trust me? I know we've only known each other for about two days but I'd never lie to you, we're practically pals. Shauna."

She chuckles a bit.

"But you have lied though, haven't you? Rosalie."

"You caught me. But hey what's a friendship, without a few white lies?"

She smiles.

"So how'd you do it?"

I laugh.

" Straight to the punch huh?"

She smirks.

"Well, it is the million-dollar question. I'm just dying to know."

"Hey, be careful what you wish for."

"Please Rosalie, humor me."

"I've had no one my whole life. No one who really cared. No friends. Nothing. But that didn't matter cause I knew if I could famous those problems would all go away. I would never be alone again. People like Vivienne Green had that life I'd could I only dream of having. She was my idol. She was the reason I kept forcing myself to keep going forward. And when we met for the first time she killed off every perception I had of her. She didn't believe in me! She was supposed to be perfect! But she ruined it!"

"So you killed her, and took her life?"

"Yes. She didn't even appreciate what she had, she stood where you are now and complained about her perfect life. She was such an ungrateful bitch!"

Slowly, she grabs me by both my forearms.

"Where is she Rosalie, where did you put her?"

I smile at her and whisper.

"She's closer to you than think."

She stares at in me confusion but then watches where my eyes go.

"I think I'm ready to go now. Will you do the honors?"

I say this raising my hands for her to cuff me.

"It'd be my pleasure."

I smile, as she walks me over to the police car. As the car gets ready to pull off, I ask her one more question.

"Hey, Shauna?"


"Do you think all this will make me famous?"

She stares for a bit but answers.

"Like you said this town has always gossiped about things that weren't real and now, finally, it is. You'll be on national news. So yes, you will be."

I smile wide and watch her as the car pulls away. I heard them talking already about how I was gonna be put away in some mental hospital. But I didn't care, I couldn't stop smiling.

I'm going to be famous.




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Hey! I loved it, and I think it’s great!


Thank you so much! I appreciate you for reading.


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Hey Melony! Can you please read my story, “Frosted”? Thanks!!


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