Luck came, Lies followed

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

Tangible traces of new founded luck

Floundered a joust of content had it struck

Gallivant with daze

Fields onto graze

Pastors of preaching beguiled of return

Monsoon of his treatise had known of his earn

Degrees of their praise

Gassed of his days

Anointed the ordain of his words alone

Could settle the matters of doubts into stone

Harrowed his fortune

His vice made to notion

Phrased the portrayal of luck then arose

Not would his mind nor his wit could impose

The recrown of lies

Entangled and ties

Disheveled with alliant

Redemption was salient

Began the devast of journey at tend

When luck in enfacement was lend

Haid was a feasible liar. None would perceive his words truly, at least those who knew him. Perpetually, he grew and confessed this skill into trade, cohering with thieves and pocketers vastly. Some observed his speech as obsessive, fragmenting stories from void and null of his experiences may have ever configured. His daze often collided his vision of reality, being aware of the lack of truth yet never minding. Days were spent frilling with other people’s ongoings, or the world’s, or the moor manifestations. Lowering his aspect of foreign comings and ongoings allowed his mastery of deceiving, concocting stories and myths altered to a flow of revelations on a vastness of topics, religion, geography, philosophy. He’d never once read of Socrates, Aristotle, or Confucius, and conferred to only his thoughts to divide and rule each of their concepts, regardless of how radiant and lack of truth, people realized their ill perception simply after leaving town or being accused of fraud once they spoke of it and denied.

One day, he decided to conduct one of his greatest mass lies, evading four months of practice and pre-empting the possibilities. He questioned creatures at the moor for advice, their guidance concurred trivial matters and elevated stances of tasks. The first was genial. They asked him to approach a river, consisting of three stones, the first was the smallest, the second had a draft on either side as though carved and statured, the third had a gargoyle embedded with the following Latin notations, “flumine eludere cur eam” (evade with the river, why against it). He was adjourned to forage past these steppingstones, spading the earth after it and silting it back on the riverbank. The first was gnarled smoothly by the water, though assuredly he stood on it. The second could slant if one stepped too quickly, most people bloated about the ease of the first that their lack of attention eluded them. The man understood the premises of this task; hence every stone was equally deceiving. They could inveigle a traveler the same way.

He lowly stepped on the second one until he was enfaced with the gargoyle. The stone immersed into life yet spoke in refusal to less him surpass. He spent a year, returning each day in willingness to see the creature disperse. Alas, there cam that day, the creature grew shrewd and eroded by the water current, he slept with ripples of fish and algae enrapturing his outshining wings, dismally, he returned to the church he was inscribed on after running away. Haid vaulted onto and concaved his hand, barely bruising the patted earth. With the wind, he swept the earth as it grazed on the surgent water. Dotingly, the water made way for an adjourned bridge. Haid knew none of the intentions of this occurring, so he returned to the desolate scene and asked his guidance. They acquired him, “Do you know the reasoning for what you’ve derived?”. Haid replied, “must I?”.

“The river you sunk outbrought a bridge, that bridge followed 2 cities of kinds who never travelled each other’s borders”. He outgazed in bewilderment, as he never proceeded himself as viable, or noble, he hadn’t satisfied his plan with two kings befriending each other, they’re quarreling was what every king described their actions, ‘for the good of the country’.

Then it came to him. He hurriedly thanked the creatures with good doings and left to the first kingdom. He was pardoned by the king and earnestly bargained five hundred shillings, under the impression that the year he spent was for the construction of the bridge by himself alone. He flayed each one along the path he took, embracing a fairy skip and flaunting. Insistently, he previsioned the people of his town that the king was to bless each of them for their prosperity, every miller, farmer, lender and elderly sprouted from their chores and dressed fit for the king. In one hour, the town was barren. As the people began to be embossed with treasury, the king halted his announcing to clarify, “Whoever alerted you of me has deluded you, none of you will receive my people’s profit, must I be in the wrong?”. Divergently, Haid was oriented to marking each house for selling, traders travelling by viewed the absurdly free pricing and crouched to the offer. Griming, Haid stained his newly wed bounty and tallied to the opposing kingdom, the king there was expressed by Haid they his people were left unsheltered after the reign of raid traders, they sought refuge at the town past the bridge, and bigoted. This king, in assonance of proving his betterment and morals to the other king, pledged housing and work.

When the people returned, the underlies of their property were untenanted. In dismal distress, Haid caressed sanctuary at the opposing kingdom, their blasphemy of his story in receiving gold was immensely overlapped and outturned. Endingly, he was a trade merchant of property, an engineer of the bridge, and the countenance of his village’s being. The only creature aware of his lie was the gargoyle, who was inescapable after emerging himself back into the church gravel.

Continued his loiter of white lies in spite

Engaging his subjects of concepts endite

Averred a fortune, festoon of debate

Simply since men urge a well renown fate

Impeding the others, not know their contribute

Yet themselves and themselves alone, they dispute.

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