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December 2019

I was constantly looking and observing how you were behaving with me. I wasn’t myself since months yet I was pretending to be fine. You were sitting on a sofa right in front of me with your right leg on the left one and drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.

‘darling I am already going crazy don’t make me do anything bad to you?’ while looking at Amy, I have this sudden urge of getting my frustration all out on her. I suddenly felt a rage conquering me inside to chop that bi**h into pieces and throw one by one to a place where no one can find and I already knew I have the power to do it. I smirked on my thought and quickly get back to the situation I was in.

“you won’t believe Lara, how he sit on his knees and proposed me. I was totally in shocked I swear and I jumped with happiness and hug him. It was like my dreams were all coming true.” Amy drink a sip of coffee and as usual how she always moves her hand and try to hide her ugly smile when she feels how I am burning inside and instead of acting as a normal human being she always gave this weird laugh like a horse snoring in the end to turn that burn into blazing flames. 

“I can envision you acting super excited on this .” I get up from my place and moved to the kitchen only to water my flames that were burning inside.

‘I wasn’t that bad Andrew, why did you do that?’ the thought made my eyes watery and I quickly yanked open the door of fridge to drink some non -alcoholic red grapes champagne, that I always have to calm my soul.

“ will you mind if I have some of your chocolates?” Amy took a handful of my ferrero Rocher and I gave her hand an angry gesture.

“sure!” although, it wasn’t sure still my mouth spilled out the words may be due to our old friendship. But that spark was long gone and I was already preparing myself to avenge. The only thing I was looking for was the right time.

January 2019

My house was a two story building whose upper portion was empty but was well furnished as my sister Lucy used to stay here whenever she got a break from her high school situated out of city. She was long and thin with brown and curly hairs always in a pony tail and on the other hand I was short and thin with a round face and black eyes like a cat and long lashes that was my only beauty I suppose I have. My parents were a divorced couple who basically doesn’t have any idea where their children are and neither do I ever try to approach them. When I first bought the house, there was something strange with the house from the beginning. When I first time visited this house with my only best friend Amy, I found my basement door locked and I remember how I tried to open it but it didn’t until one day when I was cleaning and I got mad on this locked door and out of curiosity I beat the sh*t out of the lock through a hammer and to my surprise it was opened with a loud creak. The basement was empty except for a table right in the middle covered with all dust. Covering my mouth and nose, I reached towards the table, open the drawer and found something unusual, a white liquid in RD bottle of a chemistry lab. It seems like there use to be some kind of work here regarding chemicals and drugs. I shook my head and pulled out the bottle from the drawer.


“caution: highly addictive and can affect you physically as well as pshycologically”

“what is it even use for.” Making a face, I put the bottle on the table and begin with my cleaning job again. After cleaning up the whole house, I was too tired to overcome my curiosity of that chemical I found in the drawer so I put it back in the same drawer and went back to have some rest.

January 2020

I was lying on my bed and even after trying so much, I wasn’t having a peaceful sleep. Whenever I try, I feel as if someone is constantly in my room. I feel like I am the most important figure and when I will wake up, I will order those supernatural things that were in my room to bring me break fast as I have the power to make them pay for not doing my work.

“I have the power.” I yawned and prepare myself a breakfast. Unexpectedly, I feel as if the whole house is full of people waiting for me to come out of my room so that they can kiss my hands and bow down in front of me.

I gave a big smile when suddenly my door knocked loudly. I found myself out of the room with my hands wrapped in one another just like how princess and queens in the old movies wrapped their hands and stand with their heads high.

“god, its that same bi**h.” I growled in my head and opened the door to let Amy in the house.

“sweety, what’s up?” Amy hugged me, went to the dining table, pulled the chair out and in a fashionable style as usual sit with her right leg on left.

“get up from there.” I snarled, feeling a huge hatred for her.

“what” Amy panicked a little and in a nut shell I attacked her and throw her on the floor with the whole lounge echoing with the slaps I was hitting her.

“you snatched my Andrew and now you want to take my seignory.” I hit her hard again and her lips started bleeding.

“stop” Amy pleaded and tried to catch my hand but since I had all the super powers to hold her down. I looked at the chair, it flew over me and hit right on her. My hand started bleeding and I realized the chair I was holding on, has a nail that pierced my skin. My head started feeling dizzy and I felt like I was hearing voices as if I was in some kind of WWE, fighting to win a jackpot of million dollars. And then blackness blankets the view and I fell down on the floor.

May 2019

It was a long summer day and I was feeling irritable for no particular reason. I looked at the food I ate last night, lying on the dining table and is completely rotten.

“I forgot again. What’s happening to me.” Carelessly, I collect all that fowl smelled food and throw it in the dustbin. I sat there for a while and got a call which was from Lucy.

“Lara I will be home till noon” I suddenly gasped as I had completely forgot about Lucy who was coming back to stay with me for few days. My eyes took a quick glance over the house. The washed clothes from last week were still lying out of cupboard, on a chair. some dirty plates were lying on the sofa which make me remember the film I saw last night with Amy. Spider webs were hanging in the corner of every wall. Dust was all over furniture and this whole thing was bringing a kind of feeling like nobody has lived here since a week. Lazily wandering around the house, I took a sneak peek in the basement whose door was open and my eyes catches that table again. And then my curiosity on that weird chemical rise again and force me enough to pulled that thing out of the drawer and had a little research on it. The internet just made the perception strong that the drug is for treating sleep disorders and since I assume I was facing a mental issue called ADHD, a disorder where one cannot control the behaviour and have problems in attention, focusing and probably misplacing things, mood swings and irritability and sometimes becomes hyperactive where even sitting still makes one restless. However, I was facing symptoms since my childhood and trying new experiments was my favourite thing to do. so I decided to take the chemical on my own, hoping it would cure me one day.

January 2020

I opened my eyes slowly and found myself on a bed. The room was quite unknown and definitely was not my house. I tried to get up but as if all the energy in me was drained and I lie down again helpless on the bed.

“my power is draining.” My voice breaks a little but somehow managed to complete the whole sentence. I looked at the door, squinted hard on it but it doesn’t opened just like the way I pulled that chair that flew and hit Amy.

“Amy.” As if something has hit my head. I wanted to get back to my house to check on Amy.

“it wasn’t me. Its my powers.” I wailed with my hands covering my face. “I wanted to heal myself. I don’t want these powers.” The words were just swirling inside the air of the room and there was no one to listen my cries.

May 2019

Someone was knocking the door. After I drink a spoon full of amphetamine which was too bitter and unpleasant, I opened the door and found Lucy standing in front of me. I welcomed her. Days passed by and I felt too good and too happy. And every time I took that chemical, it feels pleasant and excitement and my problems regarding attention and forgetfulness started vanishing. I decided to increase the dose and from here the problem begins.

I started feeling people even If I am alone and I started calling for Lucy who was getting fed up now with my super powers.

“Lara, you need to seek a medical treatment I think.” Lucy once has reminded me but I was blind folded in love with my powers.

“I have powers to make you bow down in front me. I can even smash that glass on table through my sharp gaze.” In excitement I try to prove my sister how I have become a really important person by possessing super powers through an unusual chemical.

“what are you doing? Are you crazy. Why did you break that glass.” Lucy shouted as I picked up the glass and smashed it on the ground.

“no..i didn’t it’s the powers.” I was still believing myself that I can do anything.

“you are sick.” Lucy wasn’t at all happy and it made me wonder why?

Few days later, I was left alone again in my two story house, as my sister get back again to complete her studies.

January 2020

“Amy” as soon as I saw her approaching me with her bruised face, I feel as if I want to stab myself to death.

‘I am such an inhuman creature.’ My musings help me flood my eyes and I find myself crying in front of her.

I saw Andrew looking at me. It was as if his eyes were looking me with pity. I felt so low and started pardoning but got surprised as Amy said,

 “ I am with you until you are completely cured. And I will never leave you.” She hugged me.

Me, an inhuman creature who hit her leaving bruises on her face because I was mentally sick.

“do you remember I said I will bring your cure.” Amy tried to make me remember something.

Suddenly I saw a familiar face, the face I was in madly love with.

July 2016

“it’s over.” I shouted on him and burst out of the room. I can feel Justin following me.

“Lara I loved you with all my heart. And I never cheated on you.” I heard him shouting back but it didn’t made me stop. He approached me, hold my hand with a jerk to stop me from running.

“ Malica is just a friend and I swear all those feelings were for you.” He tried to convinced me.

“ if only I could believe you.” I feel his eyes in tears and I left him. I didn’t picked his calls neither I met him.

“Amy, he cheated on me.” I replied angrily on call.

“justin is sincere with you and he is your cure.”

“he doesn’t care about me.”

“I will bring your cure one day.” Amy snapped and the phone went dead. And I, an ADHD patient, has lost all the hopes to live and cure.

July 2020

It was our wedding day and I could see glint of happiness in justin’s eyes.

“ want to have some amphetamine.” Justin winked as he joke making Amy, Lucy and Andrew bursting in laughter.

“I hope you stay together forever.” Amy cut the red ribbon of our rings and everyone clapped with delight.

June 27, 2020 14:21

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Pat Preston
19:05 Jul 04, 2020

I liked parts of the story but found the shifts in time confusing to follow.. I also question whether the dialect added or detracted. The most challenging part for me was the misuse of grammar. Perhaps working with someone with English as his/her first language would be helpful. do this before submitting. You have a good story line here and with some edits it would be really great. Keep writing.And, stay safe.


Khizra Aslam
20:13 Jul 04, 2020

Thank you so much for your feed back and I am trying to improve and refine my writings. ❤❤❤


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Deborah Angevin
10:08 Jun 30, 2020

Hi Khizra, I enjoyed the story but wishing the capitalisation of the word at the start of the dialogue to be more consistent. Would you mind checking my recent story out too? Thank you! :)


Khizra Aslam
10:18 Jun 30, 2020

I would love to read your story ...and thank you for your kind words❤


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Corey Melin
21:43 Jun 28, 2020

Very well done on a take of a superhero. We think of capes and masks but there are many other ways to look at it. Well done


Khizra Aslam
11:47 Jun 29, 2020

Thank you so much❤


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Sumaiya Ahsan
21:16 Jun 27, 2020

Wow...this story is very informative nd make me feel like i am a ADHD patient too 😂 splendid work yr😍 keep it up👍


Khizra Aslam
05:51 Jun 28, 2020

Thank you ❤


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Batool Hussain
17:22 Jun 27, 2020



Khizra Aslam
17:35 Jun 27, 2020

Thank you😍❤


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Mishra Amush
16:26 Jun 27, 2020

Amazingly written💕


Khizra Aslam
17:05 Jun 27, 2020

Thanks ❤


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16:01 Jun 30, 2020

I really liked this story, and I actually really enjoyed the way that the dates went to the future, past, future, past, and so on. But this story was hard to read because of all of the grammatical errors. Try to re-read and fix mistakes before posting it, or have someone else proof read it for you. Other than that, this story was absolutely amazing! Keep writing and stay safe! :) -Brooke


Khizra Aslam
05:52 Jul 01, 2020

I am working on my grammar and trying my best. And I am glad that you like this story. Thank you❤


12:56 Jul 01, 2020

I totally understand! Just keep working at it. You're welcome! <3


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