I fluttered my eyes open when I felt something wet on my face, and gets greeted by my pet Jinny, licking all over my face.

"Aghhh Jinny, let me sleep some more time." I groan at him, and pull my bed sheet cover over my face. I could hear his constant barking, and I am damn sure I can never sleep again peacefully.

"Fine, fine I am up." I sit up on my bed by scratching my hair.

That was the best sleep I ever had after a long time. I sigh and grab my phone from the night table. I rub my eyes constantly to make sure what I am seeing was true.

8.20 am.

"Oh shit." I threw my phone over the bed, and ran to my bathroom by throwing the bed sheets somewhere, to get freshen up.

After fifteen minutes of hot shower to release my stress from the work which I did yesterday, I walked to the kitchen to grab some fruits.

I poured milk in a bowl for Jinny, and while we were both in eating our breakfast, my phone started to ring from my bedroom.

I walked to my bedroom while eating the apple, and looked at the caller id.


"Hey mom."

"Honey, I am sorry I couldn't be with you there. I didn't know they will make this quarantine period longer."

I really missed my mother. She went to visit our grandparents house, and now she is stuck there, and I am left alone with my pet.

"That's okay mom. So how is everything going there?"

I look down and saw my pet dragging my night dress signalling me to give some attention.

"Fine, how is Jinny?"

"Yeah yeah, he is fine. Wait a second mom."

I hide the speaker of my phone from my ear, and looked at Jinny.

"Oh just stop it Jinny, for a second. I am trying here to have a conversation here."

I whispered at him and shook my head by his sudden strange behavior. After some time talking with my mother, I reached my work table and sat on the chair.

"Ahhh who thought work from home would be stressful?"

I mumbled myself and grabbed my hair in frustration, when I saw Jinny jumping on my lap to find a comfortable position.

"What's wrong with you?"

I yell at him and place him down, and switched on my system to claim attendance.


I heard some sound and turned to look the other side, where a naked man was sitting on his fours.

"What the.."

I pushed my chair back and fell down on the floor. I looked at him closely, he was handsome, but strangely he had dog ears, and something was moving behind his back. I looked behind him and was awestruck with what I witnessed.

"A-A tail?"

He suddenly walked towards me, making me move back and I stopped when my back hit the walls of my bedroom.

I closed my eyes when I saw him walking naked, and my body started to shiver in fear. I felt something licking my hands and removed it slightly and saw the same naked man with dog ears smiling at me.

"St-stop it. Wh-who are you? Where is my Jinny? What did you do to him?"

I somehow managed not to look down at his lower body, and maintained a strict glance at him. He whimpered and made a sound which a dog makes, and looked at me with a cute puppy eyes.

"I am Jinny."

I furrowed my eyebrows when I heard his answer. He is Jinny? he does have ears, and a tail.

Does that mean?

"You are a h-hybrid?"

I asked him in disbelief and couldn't believe when he nodded at my question.

"Wow, is this even true?"

"Yes, we hybrids are very rare, and I was kicked out by my old master, and your mother took me from the streets while I was searching for food. You gave me a shelter, food, and took care of me."

"Why-why do you show up now?"

If he could be in a human form, why didn't he turn when my mother was here.

"You always had a company to talk, but now you are alone, and I thought I could speak to you."

Does that mean he had seen me changing dress, watching adult contents on my phone?

"Wait here, I will come." I averted my eyes somewhere and ignored his voice calling for me. I reached my wardrobe and picked a oversized tee shirt and a sweatpants and threw it back.

"Wear this."

I turned by back against him, and was fidgeting my fingers by thinking what to ask. I jumped on my feet when I felt a hand touching my shoulder. I looked around and he was perfectly handsome.

I suddenly came to reality when I got a notification sound from my laptop. I ignored the hot man before me and sat on my chair to login to my account.

I saw him sitting on the bed in my corner of my eyes.

"I am trying to work here. Could you please stop moving?"

"I turned to human, so that you can talk to me, why are you talking to a machine."

"Excuse me? A machine? I am working from home."

"I know, because you never cared about me when you were away for work."

Suddenly he started to cry and I was shocked. I moved towards him and patted him on the shoulder.

"Hey don't cry. I am sorry. Shhh" I cooed at him. And I could hear him sniffling his nose, and some tears wetting my top.

It looks like I am taking care of a big baby.

"Listen if we want food, I have to earn money. So just don't disturb me." I said calmly, and he cutely nodded his head. I moved to my system and started to work on my unfinished project from last night.

My phone started to ring, and it was my project manager.

"Hello, yes sir I am working on that right now."

I could see Jin moving and rolling on my bed by making cute noises.

"Miss. Jenny, what's that sound?"

"Ahh nothing sir, it's just my pet."

"Oh for my sake, please Jinny stop making noises." I whispered by hiding the speaker and saw him sitting straight on the bed without moving.

I saw him going out of the bedroom, and I thanked lord for leaving me alone.

After discussing with my manager, I was involved in working, and suddenly I heard a noise coming from the other side of the door.

"Oh my god Jinny." I stood up from my chair and ran to the kitchen hoping he had not been hurt.

I was shocked when I saw the condition of the kitchen.

Jinny was covered with flour, and the counter was messy, and he was smiling widely. I couldn't control my laughter when I saw him coughing out some flour and brushing his hair.

"What have you done? Mother is going to kill me." I said laughingly and decided to clean the mess.

"Jinny could you do me one help?"

He was very eager and nodded his head continuously.

"Sit before my system, and if any one calls, just answer them, "I am working on the project," "Please be on the line", or "I will get back soon"."

He went inside by jumping up and down, I looked at the messed up kitchen.

"Huh, it's going to be a long day." I didn't know how long was I cleaning, Jinny never came once outside the bedroom. I got suspicious, and walked to the bedroom to get a heart attack.

"Oh shit, Jinny why the hell are you face timing with my manager."

I shouted and he jumped on his seat giving me some space to sit.

"Miss. Jenny, would you like to explain?"

I awkwardly laughed at him by scratching my neck, and looked at Jinny who was staring at me innocently.

"How the hell am I going to explain?" I thought to myself by gathering some ideas to handle this situation.

April 21, 2020 07:10

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Jeanne Marceau
08:54 Apr 24, 2020

It's good and I've read some of your previous pieces and saw on one of your comments that you're working on your grammatical errors. I'd advise reading novels or English newspapers, it really helps but you're creative, keep writing as much as you possibly could. Practice makes perfect:-)


Saranglogy R
11:47 Apr 24, 2020

Thank you for your words. And yes, I have developed reading habit during this lock down, and hope to improve my writing skills :)


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