Fantasy Fiction Mystery

                                 Chapter 1, Sugar Cookies

Christine looks out the window, her eyes meet a snowflake and then follows it until it reaches her windowsill. Marie was busy making sugar cookies with icing on top in the kitchen. Christine wondered sometimes what was out there. Outside the window. Outside the cabin. She longed to know more than her sister did, but she knew it would be dangerous. She looked at the sleek ice and smiled as she smelt the cookies from a distance. Christine walks into the kitchen and grabs a cookie.

  “Careful! It's hot!” Marie warned. But Christine ignored this, and took a huge bite.

  “OW!” She yelped.

  “Told you it was hot!” Marie smiled. Christine put her purple headphones on with a hoodie on top. She smiled and looked out the window again. “I’m going out with my boyfriend,” Marie said.

  “Be back by 9,” Christine said. She was always upset when Marie brought up love, because she herself had never loved someone so much that she would even kiss them. Marie ran out the door and took her car. Christine turned her music up and nodded her head to the beat.


  A while later, Christine had been looking at ice skates. She’d always wanted to skate, but never knew how.  Marie came pulling in.

  “Hey!” She said, obviously, she had a good time.

  “Welcome back,” said Christine. She made sure to shut her computer. 

 “The best thing just happened!”  Marie said. “ Jordan just asked me to prom, and I said yes!” 

  “That’s so exciting!” Replied Christine. She really wished she had someone for prom.

  “Oh and one more thing Christine!”

  “Yeah?” Asked Christine, her interest perked.

“ I got you a date with his friend, he is in college and he is so cute!!” Replies Marie.

  Christine's face went red and then looked away. “You didn’t have to, I’m ok here alone like every year…” she fiddled with her hair a bit. Her and Samuel had been friends since she could remember, but she never really had feelings for him.

  “Don’t be silly!” Marie smiled happily. “You need some company!”

  “I don’t have anything nice to wear…” Christine was coming up with excuses.

  “Then we’ll go to the mall!” It was obvious that Marie really shipped them. Christine mumbled something that Marie couldn’t hear but Marie ignored. “Let’s go!” 

  “Marie it’s 10:00 pm… and you want to go to the mall?”

  “Yeah! I mean, why not,” Marie replied.

  “It’s closed. I’m going to bed. Night.” Christine walks up the stairs and plops in bed. Marie looked disappointed but she went upstairs too, staying up all night talking to her boyfriend.

                                      Chapter 2, Prom

  Christine had been working on their dresses all week long. Marie had not seen her boyfriend for a week. Which was surprising to Christine, seeing that Marie is almost always hanging out with him. Christine had only let Marie see the fabric and not the dresses the whole week. She wanted to keep it secret. And Marie had also bought them both some accessories for their dresses. It was finally prom. Today was the day. Marie looked at Christine and smiled.

  “Let’s do something with that hair!” Marie says happily.

  “No!” Says Christine. 

  “Why not!?” Asks Marie.

  “I like it messy…” Christine replies. 

  “Ok fine. But you have to wear your dress!” She says.

  “I will, I will,” Christine groans.

  “Good!” Says Marie. Marie goes into the other room to do her makeup, while Christine draws on her arm in pen, making sure to not mess it up. Christine didn’t like the thought of her hair being nice. Her long, silky, jet black hair was too nice to mess with. She had drawn two skulls on her arm with a heart holding them together through their eyes. Marie walks out of the bathroom and sees her arm.

  “What did you do to your arm!?” She yells, trying to find a washcloth to wipe it off with.

  “I drew on it… it looks nice..” Christine really liked it.

  “Fine! But can I please see the dresses?!” Marie asks.

  “Ok, ok.” Christine says, as she lifts up a light blue dress with silver trimming. Marie gasps.

  “That’s, mine?!” Marie had her hands over her mouth.

  “Yup.” She hands the dress to her sister and smiles. Marie rushes to the bathroom while Christine gets changed in the living room. Christine had made her dress a one-of-a-kind. It was black at the top, then it faded to a light purple and then dark purple. The dress had long waves running through it and Christine was rather proud. She also put on her accessory that Marie got her.

  “It looks amazing!” Marie walks in the room with her dress on and a silver headband with a necklace Jordan had got her for her birthday this year.

  “You look beautiful!” Christine exclaims.

  “Not as pretty as you! You look stunning!” Marie smiles. But Christine just laughs,

  “It’s not that great… it’s just a little something for tonight.” Christine laughs and scratches the back of her head.

  “Alright! Let’s get our shoes on and get going!” Christine could tell her sister was very excited.

  “Ok,” As Christine makes her way to the door, she remembers that she hadn’t bought any shoes for prom. She runs upstairs and gets some socks. She slides on her tennis shoes and runs outside to the car. She didn’t care how she looked, she just wanted to show up. Christine takes a deep breath and opens the car door. (Sturp here)

They drive out to the school and Marie smiles as she sees the dim lighting in the school. She opens Christine's door for her and smiles widely.

  “Isn’t this place amazing!” Marie says, jumping up and down in heels.

  “It is something,” says Christine. As they walk in, they see two boys standing off to the side.

  “There they are!” Marie skweals. Christine hates the soft, romantic music, but she’d have to deal with it. Marie runs up to Jordan and kisses him on the lips. Jordan hands her a beautiful blue corsage.

  “It’s beautiful!” Marie exclaims. Christine slowly walks up to Samuel.

  “Hey…” she says cowardly.

  “You look nice!” Samuel says, smiling and blushing cutely. Christine chuckles and smiles.

  “I didn’t try at all.” She says smiling.

  “Did you make the dress?” He asks.

  “Yeah, and my sisters.”

  “Wow! You both look amazing! I also really like the skulls.”

  “Yeah it took me forever to make the skulls!”

  “Yeah they tie it all together,” he smiles a big, bright smile. Christine starts to wonder if she’d liked him all along.

  “So, I’m hungry, let’s get food.” Christine’s stomach rumbled in furry.

  “Ok.” Says Samuel. 


  “So, what do you want to do?” Asks Jordan.

  “Dance!” Marie quickly replies. 

  “Ok, anything you want Marie.” He smiles. They go off to dance in the middle of everyone else.

  “This is like a movie!” Marie says, smiling.

  “I bet!” Says Jordan. Jordan kisses Marie’s lips and then smiles.

  “Your lips taste like strawberries.” Says Jordan smiling.

  “Jordan!” Marie blushed.

  “What, they do! Do you have a new lip balm or something?” Jordan asks.

  “Yeah, actually.” Marie laughs with Jordan happily.

  “Tonight was the best!” Says Marie. 

  “Good, I’m glad it was special.” Samuel looks at Christine.

  “Did you have a good time?” He asks.

  “Good time? I had a lovely time. Thanks for lugging me around.” Christine jokes.

  “Hey! It’s fun having you around!” Samuel laughs.

“Hey, this is our song.” Says Jordan. “Guys can we stay here for a little longer?”

“Ok.” Said Christine. “Just for a little longer.”

They walk into the dance when Jordan turns around and walks away from Marie and yells, 

“I have to use the restroom, I will be right back." Said Jordan from a distance. Jordan came back and took Marie’s hand and walked her over to the tables and he said, “I am breaking up with you, it’s not you it’s me."  As Jordan walked away Marie fell to the ground she started to cry. Christine ran over to see what was wrong.

"Jordan just broke up with me."  Marie said through a cry. 

“He doesn’t deserve you," Christine said. "I'm sorry to leave like this Samuel, but I have to leave." 

The two girls walked to the limo they had rented. Christine's arm was around her tear stained sister. 

                                             Chapter 3, Ice

The driver dropped them off at their house and Christine saw two small packages on the doorstep. She took her sister inside, and went to get the packages. Christine knew that these had ice skates in them.

  “You need to get cheered up,” Christine said. “I bought some ice skates for us,” she added. “You wanna skate?” Marie sniffled and wiped her eyes with her sleeve and nodded slowly. “Come over here Marie,” Christine slips on the skates and goes outside. She slides on the ice, her hair sparkling in the snow. Marie follows slowly and falls on her face. 

  “AHH!” She screams. Christine skates delicately over to Marie and picks her up.  “How are you so good at this?” Marie asks. 

  “Not sure! Guess I’m just born to- Christine falls through the ice cold bites at her. Marie falls through as well. There’s no escape. They try and swim up but the cold makes them weak.  Christine throws her arms around and tries to escape. Marie is already not moving. Christine let’s go of her struggle. She gives up.

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15:11 Feb 02, 2021

Yussssssss! I love how this turned out!


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J The Hedgehog
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The character names are me and my co authors middle names


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I hope you like it


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J The Hedgehog
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Just wait


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J The Hedgehog
19:50 Jan 28, 2021

There will be more chapters coming


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J The Hedgehog
19:50 Jan 28, 2021

This story was written by me and Alpha Wolf


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Is this Maya Emerson's second account?? If not, I'm really sorry...


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Lol I saw this comment. Because of the hedgehogs? XD It's not me, I only have one account. I feel like everyone has alternate accounts, Brooke, Celeste and so many others. Do you?


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Ah, Okayyyyyyyy and nope I do notttttt


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XD Cool


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