Come And Find Me

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Hunter's eyes flew open and scanned the dark room. She could hear her heartbeat knocking on her chest, asking her if she was okay. She wasn't. She was scared, angry, and in shock.

Her mind began to unwilling travel back to those days. The days when she was used as an experiment. Something they would throw away if anything went wrong. She wanted to scream, cry, beat the walls, and run away. She knew she couldn't run away from what was in her head. It was impossible. The memories were stuck with her as if they were best friends.

"Hunter," she whispered her name. It reminded her of the little strength she had.

Her eyes focused on the light in the bedroom and within a few seconds, it was on. She strolled towards her bathroom and closed the door behind her.

The walls reminded her of the day she was taken away. They reminded her of the electricity that ran through her body when they took her away. She had held onto them as if they could save her. Her fingers trailed the cold tiles. If only she could blast the walls, maybe that would take some of the pain away.

It was the mirror that she dreaded the most. It made her see what she truly hated. What she wanted to leave behind and forget. The scars on her face had disappeared but she could "see" them. She knew where each and every scar was. She could easily pinpoint the exact spot where they were. Her mind couldn't see the girl with sea blue eyes, thick, curly blond hair, and a clear face. It was as if the memory of her scars glitched in her brain.

Her eyes finally landed on the mirror.

"Hunter," she whispered again while tracing the invisible scars on her face.

Her arms made a funny noise everytime she moved them. She hated that sound. It made her think she was a robot. It was the same sound her head, legs, and back made everytime she moved.

She snarled at the image in the mirror and walked away.

"Hunter, Hunter," she repeated as she walked down the stairs.

She walked into the kitchen and sat on the kitchen island. The silence got to her sometimes. Whenever she could, she would fill the silence with the sound of her off-tune voice singing along to the music on the radio. But today, the silence was filled with emotion. It was full of so much emotion that it made a buzzing sound around her.

She jumped off and opened the fridge. The only edible thing in there were the ice cubes. She sighed and settled for a tall glass of water.

The cables in her twitched as the water glided past some of the parts of her body that were replaced with technology. After a couple of minutes, they stopped twitching and went back to doing their job- keeping her alive.

The stairs creaked causing her to jump back in surprise. They creaked again. She slowly made her way out of the kitchen. No one was there.

Suddenly, the front door flew open and without thinking twice about it, she let a shrieking screamm


She stopped when she saw her friend kneeling on floor with her hands over her ears.

"What is your problem?" Ell, her friend asked. "We said no screaming unless we're in trouble."

She gave her an apologetic smile and grabbed the bags of groceries lying on the floor.

"Where you scared?" Ell asked when they were done unpacking the groceries.

"I heard noise. You scared me." She replied while digging into her mac and cheese. 

"Well, you should stay in your room," Ell groaned earning her a snarl from Hunter.

"Don't do that." 

She snarled again just to annoy her.

"You scare me when you do that."

When her plate was clean, Hunter decided to go back to her room.

"Don't you want to go outside for some fresh air?"

She shook her head.

"You gotta go out!" Ell yelled after her.

"The world won't like me. Monster!" She called back.

In the eyes of a normal human being, Hunter was a monster. She had wires running down her arms and neck. She could do what super heroes in movies could do but much worse. Ell always told her she was beautiful, even with all the wires and metal parts that covered some parts of her legs and arms. She wasn't beautiful. 

They wanted to make her a monster, or as they called her, a robot for a better cause. 

"Monster Hunter," she scoffed. "Monster."

She lay back on her bed and closed her eyes. Her mind was instantly crowded with memories of the past. She could feel the pain she felt when they cut off her arm to replace it with a better one. It was sharp and cold. Whenever she was about to pass out, they would inject a greenish liquid in her. No matter how painful each procedure was, she couldn't escape the pain.

"A good soldier must remember pain in order to survive."

The words of that cruel man rang in her head. Why was he so cruel towards her? She was just a child. She had done nothing wrong.

"Innocent," she cried in her sleep.

She opened her eyes again and felt a drop of water land in her ear.

"Tears." She wiped them away but they kept on coming out.

"Stop!" She thought she could command her pain to stop like she would commanded a light to turn on with her mind.

"Stop!" She cried out. "I said stop!"

Ell burst into her to and engulfed her in a hug. Hunter pulled away and kept on screaming, "stop."

"Hunter!" Ell wished she could do something to help her friend, but she knew she couldn't take away her pain. 

If pain were a physical thing, she would have strangled it to death for Hunter. But for now, all she could do was watch.

When her friend had cooled down, she went downstairs to fetch her a glass of water.

"Get some sleep," she said when she had gulped down the whole glass.

When Ell was gone, Hunter jumped out of her bed and sat on the armchair close to her window. She buried her head in her hands. 

How long was this going to go on for? When would her past accept the fact that it was her past? That it should stay behind and not follow her around everywhere. Hunter couldn't run away from what was hurting her; what was hunting her. She was what she wanted to run away from. But as soon as she began to run, the wires and metal parts ran with her.

She hoped someone would come and save her. Ell was there for comfort and security. She needed someone to come and find her and pull her out of the mess she was in. 


August 12, 2019 19:16

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