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The king was dead. Kai’s eyes trailed from the king’s lifeless body to me. Disdain filled his gaze, but barely a second later his expression flickered. Like a button, a mischievous smile spread across his face,

   “All that blood looks great on you, really brings out your eyes.”

The door burst open and Reina was plunged out of her world. The world where anything could exist, where she was someone with an important title destined to battle kingdoms. She talked about books with so much passion, hoping one day the character she hopelessly fell in love with would appear to take her away. An abrupt sound of pages enclosing had swooped her back into reality as she met her mother’s gaze, 

   “Reading, reading, reading. Reina you need to find some other activity to do. Your father and I are worried about you.” 

Reina huffed a sigh as she stood up from her comfortable position, placing her book back into her shelf.

   “Why can’t you just leave me alone for once? I don’t bother you or anyone for that matter, what’s the issue?”  

       Regret immediately filled her as she watched her mother’s expression flicker with pain. Expecting a list of reasons and lectures, she waited, but it never came. Her mother had left the room. The door closed with a loud thud and Reina was left with nothing but her hollowing thoughts and the silence that would soon begin to eat her alive.

   As the minutes grew, Reina’s quarrel with her mother distanced from her mind. She found herself in the same position again, slumped on her bed with her favourite book in her hand ‘Reflection Of Sorrows.’

I huffed as I held Kai’s gaze for a moment. I gazed down at my shredded clothes and blood that had coated me entirely. Most of it probably wasn’t even mine. I cringe at the thought.

  “I don’t have time to deal with your stupidity right now, there’s a dead body in front of us.”

Interruption had once again glanded its way into Reina’s peace. It was her mother, but this time she didn’t speak, nor did she glance Reina’s way. She simply placed a card on her desk and exited the room before Reina could muster the courage to apologise. 

Summer reading club - Join now!!

  Price - completely free

 Address - 7851 Hamstead road, building 2

Reina stared at the card in her hand for several moments before it all started becoming a blur. Moisture built within the inner corners of her eyes until Reina’s vision began to blur. Her head tilted upwards to block the tears from spilling. Reina’s hands fisted into her hair as she let out a frustrated sigh and let a tear drop. Slowly, her tears dried as she faded into the welcome embrace of sleep.

The sun had awoken, glaring through her window while drool dripped off her mouth. The card her mother had left for her was still tightly gripped. Guilt weighed on Reina’s shoulders as her feet silently padded towards her mother’s room. She opened the door to the neatly organised space where not a single thing was out of place. But no sign of her. A note sat on her bedside table:

I had to leave early, I’m sorry love I know we were supposed to have breakfast together. Have a think about the reading club, it begins at 10am today.



Reina hadn’t been out of the house since the holidays had begun. With her tote bag grasped in her hand tightly and an umbrella in the other she was nervous to join the club. The rain had stopped pouring as she stepped into an old worn down building with colourful decorations. Reina glanced down at the card in her hand to check if the address was correct. There was no one here. A bench was placed across her, right underneath a large tree. Seating herself down she pulled out her book, 

I examine the body while Kai leans down to check his pockets, searching for the key. As I wait for him to finish his search, my eyes widen and a gasp escapes my lips as I notice a wound across his back. His tunic is shriveled up and a large slash of a knife is on display. 

  “Kai, you’re hurt.”

 “Really? I hadn’t noticed, thanks for letting me know.”

A laugh escapes Reina as she reads the banter between the two main characters. 

  “What chapter are you on?” A voice called out. Reina looked up from her pages, noticing the boy in front of her. Her eyes widened as she noticed he was holding the same book in his hands.  

  “Chapter 14 for, like, the 5th time.”

  “Favourite character?” The boy settled into the empty space beside her as if they’d known each other for years. Reina hadn’t noticed she’d been staring at him until his hand waved in front, alarming her. 

  “Kabir.” Kabir extended his hand forward, a smile across his face.

Silence lingered in the air for several seconds until Reina finally broke it, extending her hand back,



5 years later

Pacing around the room Reina’s nails would be gone soon if she wouldn’t stop biting them.

The door cracked open revealing her mother. Standing there with a broad smile, Reina handed her the book she spent years writing. Creating a world she could escape to, with all the witty characters and magical kingdoms. It was quiet for several moments as she watched her mother read over the first page. Her mother pulled her into a warm embrace and silence lingered for several beats. 

“For me, really?” A smile cracked on Reina’s face and a tear dropped from her mother’s eye. Reina was finally reassured.

To mum,

 Thank you for believing in me.

(Also please skip over a few of the scenes :)

          Laughter reverberated throughout the room and for the first time, Reina wasn't envious of the characters she read about. She enjoyed reading just as much as she had before, except now she had come closer to her reality.

December 11, 2021 09:14

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Mohamed Sarfan
14:31 Dec 24, 2021

It's Valuable Content. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations


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Fatima Jawaid
22:18 Dec 18, 2021

I loved Reina's character and really connected with her. It's not about changing yourself, but embracing the things that have been there all along. Lovely story!


Zaara Rajaji
08:15 Dec 19, 2021

Thank you, this means alot!


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Naman Shah
01:46 Mar 26, 2022

hello, great story, I have a doubt, why is the name envy?


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Joy A
13:37 Dec 14, 2021

Hey Zaara. Because I absolutely LOVE getting feedback and constructive criticism, like I believe every writer should, I couldn't help returning the favour by reading your story and letting you know my thoughts. Thanks again for commenting on my story. First, I think the title of this story is a stroke of genius. It kind of gave the impression that the story was going in a different direction and then, boom! I ended up surprised. I also love it when you take a tiny part of a story and make it into a title. But taking a closer look, one reali...


Zaara Rajaji
02:36 Dec 15, 2021

Hey Joy, thank you so much for taking your time to read my story! It really made my day:)


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Keya J.
06:35 Dec 12, 2021

This is a very good story. What I loved the most about it, is how explicit and beautiful your descriptions were and the way you have built the characters. It gives a ride through numerous emotions including love, regret, friendship. I also liked how you added book instances to your story, which makes it even more interesting. Great story Zaara!


Zaara Rajaji
09:04 Dec 13, 2021

Hey! Thank you for taking your time to read my story, I’m glad you liked it!


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Unknown User
23:33 Dec 22, 2021

<removed by user>


Zaara Rajaji
03:05 Dec 23, 2021

I'm glad you liked their dynamic:) Thank you for reading my story!


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