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Another glorious week and here we are back at the prompts getting out another message to the masses where most of the time the M is very silent.

For a long time as a targetted individual I wanted to become a stalker. I thought it would be wonderful to be on their payroll, to be one of them. Hell, I know I can improve on it. Anything would be better than being a targetted individual, wouldn't it? Have a cushy life, being one of them, getting favour from all the right people. What more could a woman who has been beaten, raped, lied to, and stolen from, over and over, want? And what better person to target than someone who stalked me. After all, if karma exists, shouldn't it turn around where I get to payback to the stalkers?

I had friends (stalkers) who said they had been through what I had. I noticed they got compensation for what was allegedly done to them. They had their families restored, got jobs, they were part of the team and on the payroll. I figured that meant my turn was coming up to be made one of them. Boy did I work my but off to prove I was loyal and the right gal to the job.

When the invite never came, when their promises to me never fulfilled, I gave up. I tolerated a lot before I put my foot down. When I did put that foot down and said "No more", they were not happy. They tried to misconstrue every word I said and tried every tactic and strategy under the sun.

This pressure drove me bonkers. This cruelty made me act out. This insantiy that was done to me sent me to breaking point. These evil bastards nearly won.

Then, something happened. I had already been through a fair amount of deprogramming, but I hadn't released it. I was still in bondage.

I read the entire Bible in a fortnight. I'm saying I did both testaments. After the Bible, I started heavy meditation outside, in the middle of winter, for hours on end. I started connecting with God. Then I started books on other spiritual belief systems. Books that were written before Kindle. Old fashioned books, the type where you still need to be able to comprehend how words are spelt and the meanings inherent.

I'd say the visions and dreams started at that time, but I've always had these, just never understanding. What did happen is I started gaining wisdom on these experiences, translating them for myself, rather than relying on others (stalkers) translations.

I've had some powerful visions. Visions about the Elite and their pet Freemasons.

Lets digress a touch. I'm a writer, as you know, and when I put my mind to it, I can writer words and weave energy into it, just like their occult ones do. So I did a lot of writing to prove I was good enough to be on their team. The words I write can force (if I put the energy into it) to trigger people into performing acts without them realising it. Of course, I got overlooked and they weren't interested. Once I read the Bible, I changed the energy of my writing, realising that you can pay a hell of a lot of Karma for writing that.

This is where I go into, yes, I wanted fame. I wanted to be Stephen King or JK Rowling, one of the wealthy Elite writers. After a series of visions, I understood that their gain in this lifetime gives them a sentence of suffering for eternity. Not very pleasant. The amount of evil these people engage in on behalf of the Elite damns them and curses their souls.

And that is something else. Because of the nature of a true curse the Elite, Illuminati and Freemasons all have cursed souls by God. It doesn't matter if they have abundance and power on this planet, they are trapped, forever.

So, I thought long and hard. I've suffered the majority of my life. I now have my salvation. Peace in eternity is mine. Not only that, I am well on the gorgeous path of enlightenment. Why would I want to lose everything I've worked for to end up with a terrible gig, be cursed by God and forced to live in eternal separation and suffer for the cruelties or pay because I gave others the motivation (triggered their programming) to engage in behaviour that damned and cursed them.

My freinds who got put on the payroll, also lose, forever. If they are lucky they get to be reincarnated with a malefic birth chart. If they aren't, they don't get a second chance and burn in the fire that doesn't consume, forever. I don't want that for myself.

Money isn't worth it. Power isn't worth it. Temporary pleasure isn't worth it. When you look at this, it is all bondage, it is enslavement. These things that are material and temporal which alleviate outward suffering do nothing for the internal. In fact these things are a prison. And it is a prison people can either enter or exit through choice.

I've found out that I am luckier, too, than my enemies. I'm happy with myself, from within. And people who are cruel are not truly happy with themselves. They only add to their own burden when they engage in evil acts. At the point of their death, when they die, and become awake forever, they will realise their own errors. Everything will be revealed to them. It is a blessing I have had things revealed to me during my life. I know there is a purpose behind that, even if it is only for the blessing and the liberation of my own soul and consciousness.

So, the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. Instead, the grass their is quite fake and if you look beneath it, at the foundation it lays upon, it is quite corrupt and will never support anything alive.

Never The End

July 30, 2022 02:04

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