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I was sitting in my office preparing myself for a meeting with one of my clients. I’ve got to admit being a CEO and having so many people depending on every decision you make was tiresome and stressful. Yeah you heard right, I am the CEO of House of Alexa. It’s a multi-million fashion company that has branches all around the globe.

I studied my first degree in Business Management at MSU then later on did my MBA at Harvard. Most people wonder how I’d managed to pull that off at such a young age. Well that’s thanks to my photogenic mind that I inherited from my dad. I had the ability to grasp content with so much ease and not forget. I can say that it was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that I had much easier time with my studies and a curse in hat I never forgot anything I had come across in life.

I have one little sister who so happens to be my world. I could do anything for that little girl just to see her pretty dimpled smile. My sister and I have quite a big age gap since she’s 16 years old now. My mum is a florist and her love for flowers never seizes to amaze me every other day. She owns a flower shop back at my home town at Clear Lake. My dad works as a police officer in the local PD. So we didn’t have much growing up but we had enough to sustain our everyday needs. We owned one car which my mom used to take to work so I was left to catch the bus to school. Well it was not a problem for dad since he had a police patrol vehicle.

My school life was hell due to the constant bullying from the rich kids. The school I went to was mainly for the higher ups in our community. I got in through a scholarship due to my good grades so it was not odd to find that I didn’t fit in seeing as I was not from a rich family. My number one bully was Melisa McCain who happened to come from a humble background just like me and was dating the quarter back in the school football team. Josh Anderson a 6’5 brown hair and deep grey eyes was every girl’s dream guy well, other than me. While all the girls fell at his feet and threw themselves at him, I did the complete opposite and avoided him like a plague. I’ve got to say that he was one of the most handsome guys I’d ever seen in my entire life. He was almost like a god but despite his good looks his insides were rotten. I could not put up with his arrogant and snobbish ways.

Josh dated Melisa since she was the head cheerleader and had quite the body and the looks. Melisa despite the background was drop dead gorgeous with all the curves in the right places. Even though she was dating the hottest and most untouchable guy in school every guy in school wished they could have a chance to date Melisa. Every girl in school also wished to be friends with her and those who were not lucky enough to not be friends with her, they admired her from afar and wished to be just like her. The red head however took this to her advantage and treated people however she wanted. Honestly, anyone who didn’t know Melisa’s background would think she came from a very rich family given the popularity and her behavior.

Josh came from a very rich family and his parents were well respected at school since they donated the largest contributions in the school projects. They were also the major shareholders in the school board. They practically owned the school. This factor only inflated Josh’s ego further and made him disrespect everyone around him whenever he felt like it. He never listened to the teachers and always made fun on them in the classes. He came to school at any time and left when he felt bored or felt like skipping certain lessons. The teachers already knew it was pointless to punish him or sending him to the principal’s office since the principal himself worshipped his parents. He did not want to risk his biggest contributors withdrawing from the school so he never did anything concerning Josh’s misbehavior.

I didn’t really understand why Melisa hated me so much but she had made it her mission to make my high school life miserable. What angered me the most was Josh and his three best friends from the football team joined in the bullying. I would call myself the school nerd since I spent majority of my time all by myself reading books in the library or on my sketch book. I had loved fashion but I never wore anything fashionable to school since I owned only a few cloths in my closet. Melisa used to take every chance she could get to make fun of me and humiliate me in front of the whole school. I had no friends who could defend me and I was a coward so I couldn’t stand up for myself. She hulled insults at me and used every opportunity whenever she saw me to remind me of how poor we were.

I never really took her words to heart but there is only so much a person could take. Her words hurt sometimes and I would run to the ladies washrooms and cry to myself. This lowered my self-esteem so much that I never used to look at anyone at school in the eye. I knew I was not that beautiful but it didn’t help being reminded of how ugly I was everyday by her. I liked being independent therefore I turned away every person who tried to help me at school hence my lack of friends.

I only had one friend but unfortunately she moved schools and I had not seen or talked to her for a long time. I cried myself to sleep once in a while due to the bullying but still made sure to attend school every other day. I didn’t really put so much effort at my school work but I was always the best despite everything. I had always wanted to be the valedictorian and I made sure of that. I struggled through high school until it came to an end and as always I was the best so I became our school year’s valedictorian and I finally had the chance to give the valedictorian speech.

What Kira didn't know was that Josh always loved her but was afraid to approach her. He always thought that she was too perfect and innocent for his cruel world. a world full of rich snobbish people who only thought about their images and appearances. That was one of the reasons why he convinced himself that being with her was not right. He and everyone else knew that Kira liked him but he was good at hiding his feelings. He opted to date her enemy and join in becoming a bully.

May 15, 2021 23:11

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