It's just a crush

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Romance Bedtime Fantasy

He stood there. He was muscular and slim. The way his legs held up his body ignited the air of grace, strength, and boldness. He begins to walk and I swear every footstep leaves the ground blooming in happiness for being blessed by his presence. 

He doesn't seem to notice me staring but, oh no, he looked and gosh I should've looked away. But his eyes, those gorgeous circles of fiery gold have become my new favorite color. I feel myself melting in his gaze. 

He starts venturing towards me as if my desperate need for him is written on my forehead.

Is this love? No it can't be its just a mere crush. 

He finally stands in front of me and speaks ever so gently in his soothing warm voice. 

"Hey, uh so I checked out that pillow from that site and you were right it's funny and pretty unique. Oh an those stories you told me to read hahaha" we rubs his hands together and interlocks his fingers as he continues, "they were just magnification and I am baffled by the amount of creativity that was written" 

Stammering and giggling and in awe of his praise I reply.

"Listen, I have a story to tell you if you have a few minutes to spare." 

He looks put the large window behind me and smirks at the falling sunset dripping in purple, orange, pink and blue. 

"Yeah I have a few minutes" he gazes down at me and if his eyes couldn't get more mesmerizing the sunset glow lightens up his face and its as if he is a statue of what a perfect man looks like. 

I pull in my emotions and begin the story of Asana and Indigo. 

Asana was seen as royalty 

Born on one active side of the ocean she gave off my most decadent golden glow. Every creature who could feel her rays bathed in them and was given confidence and strength. Everyday when she awoke she would watch the sharks, jellyfish and the schools of fish swim by and they were all illuminated in her presence and were given small slivers of luck. Since Asana saw how happy everyone was to receive her she tried to make friends with each of them. The sharks swam away once she got close to them, her light blinded their eyes. The Jellyfish lost their colors under her golden veil and dried up from envy. The school of fish couldn't see predators coming so they couldn't swim away fast enough. When she tried to reach those on land that she gave luck to they refused her light because it exposed their dark deeds. Asana beautiful, golden and full of light as she was, was lonely and had no one to truly share her rays with. 

On the opposite side of the Ocean 

Indigo was a feminine, hopefull, charming and mysterious presence. He began his days rising slowly and with each flow of his light he awoke the most beautiful wonders of the ocean. Dolphins, starfish, humpback whales and even penguins would all rise with him and watch as he sorted out each wave to become pleasant. 

He gave dolphins a boost in their swimming speed but when he tried to swim with them they dove underneath. He gave starfish a shimmery glow but when he tried to bathe with them they tore a piece off and sunk into the sand. He gave the humpback whales charm so that they may glide through without causing fear to others. When he tried to swim with the charming whales he was sprayed and left behind. He gave the penguins hope for finding food by pushing the tidal waves in their direction to make sure they didn't go hungry. When he tried to fish with them they swallowed their prey and slid down the glacier. Indigo felt alone and left out even though he made other people happy all the time. 

One day Indigo set off a huge tidal wave and on that same night Asana set off extra steamy golden rays on the water.

When the waves and the rays clashed there was a formation close to that of a hurricane. They were both confused because that never happened before. So they both traveled to the point of no return and saw where hope and strength met in the middle. 

This was the first time Asana and Indigo have met and to this day no one knows if the sparks and water splashes were caused by them or if their friends help set the mood. Asana trying one last time reached out a hand to this mysteriously beautiful soul. Indigo hopeful and charmed gave into her reach and clasped his hands in hers. As soon as they came together every single drop of water and ray of heat calmed back into the ocean and all of their friends came out to celebrate their union. 

The Indigo is forever lit up by the confidence he receives from Asana. Asana is forever excited from the hope she receives from Indigo. Together they are the most unlikely, most charming, most beautiful pair this world has ever seen. Never give up on finding the one, or the things you love and once you find them always hold them close. ❤" 

I looked at him and he looked like he was miles away while staring at the now darkened starry sky. I wanted to ask him his thoughts but this moment of silence and thought and intimacy seemed too precious to interrupt. I boldly reach over with one hand and interlock my finger in his and as I see the moon reflected in his golden eyes I softly say with a smirk on my face, "Thank you, Indigo, for listening".

Standing up I slowly begin to walk away and that's when I hear him. Or more so feel him lifting himself out of the seat and walking behind me. Before I could turn around he puts one hand on my waist ever so sweetly and applies a bit of pressure as to tell me to stop moving. I freeze as if I'm made of wax and quickly he leans down next to me and leave a warm wet peck on my right cheek. Like a candle I melted but like a flame my heart grew with every breath of oxygen I took in with his scent. But no I must remember this is just a crush not love. Maybe.

November 12, 2021 03:16

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