Drama Funny




Sunday tugged on the cuff of her Grey Chunky knit Jumper. The sleeves had been pulled down over her hands so many times they refused to return to their original length. The room was warm but there was no way she was taking it off.

“I’m not sure” she said, her eyes not leaving the safety of her lap. She shuffled herself up in the chair trying to avoid embarrassing squeaky noises on the leather.

“Not sure about what? Telling your friends or taking a break? I’ve been treating you for years, I would have thought by now you would know that I’m always right, especially when it comes to you Sunday, always right, I can read you like a book. You’re very......consistent......unlike some of your friends.”

Sunday stared at the huge Oak standing proud outside the window. It swayed, silently, effortlessly. Its golden leaves letting go one by one, dancing their way through the branches to the ground, making way for next year’s buds. Lost in her thoughts, tears welled in her eyes.

“I love autumn” she said. “I always think it really suits me.... Makes me sad though.” She gazed at the tree blinking tears back. “I’m just not good at decisions that’s all, never have been.”

“But you’re unhappy right? You need a break. They’ll understand, especially if you say it was my idea. Which it is. Because I’m right. As always. Now I don’t want to hear any more of your excuses. Tell them as soon as you get home. Just a few weeks that’s all, then we can see if your mood improves. Deal?”

Dr. Crickmoore stood up and offered her hand to Sunday in a sort of, lets shake on it and I’ll help you up at the same time because I need you out of my office as I’m incredibly busy, kind of way.

“Make an appointment on your way out for three weeks time. We can review it again then. Goodbye.” In a flurry of knee length tweed and sensible shoes, Sunday found herself outside the office with the door firmly closed behind her.

Do you mean three weeks or eighteen days? She thought. She shrugged her shoulders and idly walked out of the building.




“What’s happened now?” Said Monday, as he dragged a chair out from under the table. His grey suit immaculately pressed, he loosened off his tie. “Is it Sunday again! I’m sick of this, she needs to make her mind up. One minute she’s happy, next she’s sad. Everything she does affects me. If she’s happy, people hate me because they don’t want her to go. If she’s sad, people hate me because I’m the next day in the week. It’s so unfair.

“Chill Mate, Chill.” Friday waved a hand in the air her face illuminated by her iPod. She lay on the huge sofa which dominated the room. She had headphones on and was gently nodding to a laid back beat. “Listen to yourself Monday, you’re always so tetchy man, just relax... Breathe. Things will be ok, they always turn out ok, in the end. Trust me, I know about these things. You want me to light a candle for you? Help you wind down.”

Monday screwed up the corners of the newspaper he had in front of him and held his fists clenched.

“Maybe a shoulder massage, you want me to give you a shoulder massage? It would really help you’re always so stressed”.

“Come anywhere near me and you’ll have to light that candle so you can see where it’s been inserted! Man, I’ve got such a headache”

Friday smiled and stretched out even further revealing her rainbow coloured socks. Monday wished he could wear rainbow coloured socks.

With a jangling of keys and an un zipping of coats, Wednesday shuffled through the front door closely followed by Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday was carrying two carrier bags full of shopping.

“SHOES OFF!” shouted Monday, his head in his hands, rubbing his temples.

“Err, I guess we could, although mine are clean...probably....I think” said Wednesday hopping from one foot to the other, trying to get a glimpse under his shoes.

“We definitely should” said Tuesday. Monday’s right we should definitely take them off. It’s tempting to leave them on but we’ve all been outside.”

“Err....Errm.... I’m not sure. What do you think Thursday?”

“I think Monday’s got issues, I feel like leaving mine on just to annoy him.”

“Oh leave him alone, he’s alright really just a bit uptight, he’s really not all that bad” said Tuesday as she slipped off her boots.

“So...” Wednesday said raising his eyebrows and scratching his head almost in slow motion. “Are you taking yours off then Thursday? I’m not sure what to do. If you take yours off I’ll take mine off.”

“God Wednesday you’re so wet. Yes I’ll take mine off” said Thursday briskly. “If it keeps the peace. Wouldn’t want to be the one to tip Monday over the edge.....Sunday’s got that one covered I think!”

Without warning the front door burst open again and a barrage of electric blue sequins, high heels and hooped earrings bundled into the hallway, in a blur it was in the lounge doorway. Wednesday fell against the wall. One shoe on, one shoe off.

“OI! OI!” Shouted Saturday, both hands raised above her head. “Call this a party? There’s more life living on my dishcloth!” She held one hand up beside her mouth and leaned towards Friday. “Like I’ve got a dishcloth” She winked. She was beside Monday in a flash ruffling his hair. “What up!” Not waiting for an answer she kissed him on the forehead, then dived onto the sofa. “Hey sister what you listening to?” She high fived Friday and they shared the headphones nodding in sync to the beat.

Monday let his fore head hit the table then repeated it over and over. I wish I was Saturday he thought to himself.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday made their way in. Tuesday pulled up a chair next to Monday. Thursday perched herself on the edge of the sofa and Wednesday hovered between Tuesday and Thursday.

“Sit down” barked Monday “You make the place look untidy”.

“Urrrm.....I’m not really.....I don’t know where......” Wednesday tried to casually lean against the back of the sofa but his elbow slipped and he fell on top of Thursday.

“For goodness sake Wednesday, just sit down” puffed Thursday as she pushed him off.

“Should I just sit on the floor?”

“YES” came a chorus of responses.

“Err-Hmmm” Sunday stood at the end of the sofa. No one had noticed she had arrived. “Hi” she said from under her woolly bobble hat at a pitch only a dog would have heard. Everyone continued with their conversations. “HELLO”. Sunday stepped back in surprise at how loudly the word left her mouth. “Sorry didn’t mean to shout, thanks for all being here.”

“Wouldn’t have missed it for the world” Mumbled Monday his head in his hands.

Sunday could feel herself getting hot under the stare of the group, she needed a distraction.

“Before we start can I get anyone a drink, I fancy a hot chocolate with marshmallows.              Anyone else?”

“Vodka. Straight. Don’t care which one, I’ve had three already today....Oh and some ice, but the fresh stuff, none of that frozen rubbish!” Saturday grinned.

“Is it after 2pm? Friday asked. “Must be after 2pm somewhere in the world. Sounds like Gin o’clock to me. I’ll have a large G&T Please.”

Wednesday looked at Thursday Then at Tuesday. “Sooo....what are you both having?”

“I really, really fancy a glass of wine” said Tuesday. “But I mustn’t, No, I mustn’t, I’d better stick with a cup of tea please.”

Thursday shuffled uncomfortably on the arm of the sofa. “Be strong” she thought. “Look, I’m trying to be really good this week.....” Thursday closed her eyes and in a moment of exceptional self control announced, “Mineral water” as quickly as she could, while exhaling at the same time.

“Oh” Said Wednesday. “I’m not sure what to do now.”

Monday interrupted. “Water...Tap...Please.” He shot a look at Saturday. “No ice.”

Wednesday Looked at Saturday who was blowing a bubble with her gum and miming the words with Friday into an imaginary mic.

“I’ll have a G&T.....a small G&T... I think.... Please,” said Wednesday, who seemed to physically grow at having finally made a decision.

“OI Monday!” shouted Saturday, “Why don’t you have a proper drink? Might help you relax a bit”

“No I can’t. It’s not a good idea you know that”

“Wait, What about that time you had a drink....mate you were well funny!”

“No. That was a bank holiday, it’s different.” Monday fidgeted in his chair.

“Well I preferred you on a bank holiday that’s for sure.”

“I don’t”, Tuesday said glaring at Monday. “Caused me all sorts of trouble that did.”

“Can we just get on with this please” said Monday “I’ve got stuff to do.”

Friday and Saturday sat up making a space for Sunday to sit between them. Sunday snuggled in drawing her knees up and hugging herself. She stroked her hair, focusing on its tips so as not to have to make eye contact with anyone.

“You guys know I’ve not been happy for a while, right? I mean I’ve been struggling with my mood a bit.” She grabbed a cushion and hugged it.

“Babe what’s wrong?” said Saturday putting her arm around Sunday. “You should have come to me, talked to me. I could help”

“I know, I know, but everyone’s always so busy, I don’t want to be a burden.” She took a deep breath. “I’ve been to see Dr. Crickmoore, she’s told me to take some time off.” The group fell silent. Glances where shot around the room. “Three weeks to be precise.”

“Three weeks! Three weeks!” Monday raised his voice. “You can’t take three weeks off that would cause me so much grief. I can’t follow Saturday for three weeks it would kill me!”

“Get a grip mate” said Saturday. “I’m not that bad, who knows you might even loosen up a little, maybe even enjoy yourself.”

“Screw it” Said Tuesday “I’m having a glass of wine.”

“Me too” Said Thursday “Lets open a bottle.”

Sunday continued. “I’m so sorry guys I just don’t feel like myself at the moment....I feel a bit lost. I’m not sure if I should be a bit more like Saturday or, dare I say it, a bit more like Monday. I know you don’t like me Monday. And I’m sorry for the trouble I cause you, I really am. I just feel so guilty all the time.”Sunday’s voice wobbled as the tears forced themselves to the surface.

 “No, Sunday don’t say that,” said Monday “I do like you, I like all of you, we’re like family. It’s just hard being the day of the week people hate the most. Please don’t cry. We can work something out. Please don’t cry.” Monday stood and paced around the room. Everyone was silent Sunday wiped her tears on her cuff. To everyone’s surprise Wednesday spoke first.

“Err.....guys…...I might be wrong here.” Wednesday rubbed the stubble on his chin. “I’m probably wrong.... but have you all.....errrr...have you all forgotten what time of the year it is?”

Silence fell in the room again. The muffled beat in the headphones which hung around Friday’s neck was the only sound. Saturday slowly started to smile. As the smile grew bigger she started to jiggle up and down. It made the bobble on Sunday’s hat bounce.

“Yes, Wednesday you absolute legend. He’s right, think about it guys”.

 Monday stopped pacing about. “I’ve been so busy I’ve no idea what the date is.”

One by one they all began to smile. Monday closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead for what seemed like an eternity. Then slowly but surely a small smile started to tug at the corners of his mouth.

“I can’t believe it. How could I have been that busy, Sunday you know what this means don’t you?”

Sunday frowned and sat herself up.

“I’ve been so caught up with myself I’ve lost track of the date too. What is the actual date?”

Monday jumped over the back of the sofa squeezing himself in, he put his arm around Sunday.

“It’s the 24th of December” he said, his smile now taking up his entire face.

“For the next two weeks no one has a clue what day of the week it is. In fact everyone behaves like it’s Saturday for two weeks, which means, we can all be Saturday for two weeks!.”

Sunday let the words sink in. She laughed and cried at the same time. A skill only Sunday had really mastered.

“I feel so stupid.....still, I suppose it’s got us all together, and it’s Christmas Eve!”

Sunday Knew her feelings were as unpredictable as the golden leaves falling from the Oak tree.

Monday knew after two weeks he would have to face being the most hated day of the week again.

But for now... “Screw it!” he thought.

Saturday shimmied in from the kitchen, looking like a human glitter ball, carrying a tray of Vodka shots.

“Let’s get this party started.” She said offering the tray to Sunday.

Sunday took a glass and knocked it back in one.

“Come on Monday.” She said giving him a wink. “Keep up.”

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