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"We're running out of time to fix our Karma," the Illuminati Master yelled down the phone at his operatives.


Earlier that decade:

"God, I love destroying that girl. How easy it was to manipulate the masses against her," the Illuminati operative crowed to his partner.

The other man responded, "Yup. From birth till now. Didn't we do a good job. Her family was more than willing to give her up as a baby for the right monetary reward. Incredible, isn't it, how shallow our masters have groomed the world to become."

"Yup. We are raping this planet of its most valuable resource - spiritual energy. Most people don't know it exists - but she does."

"Why doesn't she just give up and die? We've turned the whole world against her. She doesn't have a chance. Why can't we trigger that programming, or just oppress her to death."

"I don't know. Maybe because she alone, out of all the little people, understands the worth and value of spiritual energy and the soul."

"Which is exactly why we have to destroy her the way we do."


Mid-decade between the two events:

Tall, gloomy wraiths, wearing the symbol of Saturn knocks on the door of the masters of the Illuminati. Various members go to open the doors, only to have the wraiths float through. Though the reactions were varied, they were all similiar. Shock was the underlying current connecting these dots.

"What is this?" The Illuminati Master asked. "Karma?"

"Yes. There is the small matter of a debt that needs paying."

"Debt? What debt? I thought our raping this planets population of spiritual energy was paying off our debt nicely!" The Illuminati Master yelled.

"No. It doesn't work like that."

"But it has done in the past."

"Yes. In the past it has. But there was always the matter, the prophecy of the one who would cancel the contract and set the world free."

"Ah. Her. Well. We've been at her for 55 years. She should buckle soon. Then our debt will be paid and we will ensure the oppression of this beautiful planet another 1000 years."

"No. It does not work like that. Once that contract was cancelled, you should have made one with her, to secure the energy. You made a mistake. You were warned at the time of her birth."

"Yes. Well. We can't change now," the Illuminati Master shuddered. The air had dropped several degrees since the wraith had appeared.

"You have 5 years left. If you have not made a contract with her for her energy, your kind will have to pay your own debt."

The Illuminati Master looked uncertain remembering all the things the Illuminati had orchestrated since the death of Jesus. "Um."

"Let me remind you. There are all the wars you created to rape the planet of spiritual energy. Then there is the promiscuity and fornication you induced. The people reacted like the animals they were to your programming. There are the babies sacrificed and then there is the oppression of the Indigineous of every nation as you invaded territory after territory. This is just a gentle reminder. There is more and you know so."

The Illuminati Master shifted from foot to foot, shivering. "Yes, well. We will get her spiritual energy and we won't have to negotiate for it."

The wraith laughed, cackling, a harsh shrill reverberating through the air. "Not likely. In 5 years I will be back to collect you. Then will the Elite begin paying for their crimes against the Earth."


Halway between then and now:

The operative glanced to his partner, "She still isn't budging. We really out to tell the boss to negotiate a deal. You heard in about a year and a half its all over for our masters? That means Karma will be coming for us, as well."

"I couldn't agree more. She would be an excellent addition to the team. It would be more cost effective to give her a deal than it would keep going. Surely we will all pay the consequences because we are all guilty. At least we would be protected from our Karma if she had that deal," the other operative returned.


6 months before now:

"Sir, could we recommend you giving this incredible woman a deal. We have watched her her entire life. She is intelligent, bright, kind, decent, loyal and willing. She sticks to her guns and holds her ground. A deal is the least we could do for her after all the cruelty." the operative begged his master face to face on an encrypted version of skype.

The Illuminati Master glared at his subordinate. There were dark circles beneath his eyes, he had grown thin, Ardenchrome no longer had the hit or appeal that it once had had during his youth when he was first initiated as a young Illuminati member. "Try harder. No one, not a person alive can be as strong as she is. It is impossible. She must fall."

"Sir, it would be more cost effective if we gave her the deal. There is also the problem that one person not doing what we ask is a secret inspiration towards the others. People see she has her freedom, despite the oppression. One day our real slaves, pets, bots and toys will get out of line. One enlightened person is enough to change everything for us. It's just a few million dollars, an easier life and her family she wants. We have given more to those who are a blight and a waste on humanity, for instance world leaders, politicians and the media. Not one of them has half the spiritual worth she does."

"It's not the point. Crush her. She must buckle and pay for us."


A moment after now:

Wraiths of Karma reappeared in the houses of the Illuminati Masters, a scythe in each hand.

"It's time to pay," they each whispered as one, as they lifted their scythes high, preparing to take the heads of the Illuminati Masters.

Their End.

July 15, 2022 08:40

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