Friendship Horror Holiday

"Did you find it?"

"Find what?

"A light of hope"


Anissia and I were childhood friends. We loved each other dearly, just like twins. In October was my birthday along with Halloween. So, we both decided to have fun all day. But we ran into huge trouble. When we came back from the supermarket, I gave a good, horror idea of walking home through a short cut. "Let's make this Halloween fun, let's go through a short cut making it our mini-adventure!" There was a short-cut with a longcut. The short cut was really a 'short-cut' but it was through a graveyard so, many people didn't use it. But as I wanted to have fun, I was always an enthusiastic girl with horror and thrilling likes, I chose that path. "Why? Are you serious, it's through a graveyard!" said Anissia, "Lol. Don't worry, it will be just fine!!" I gave her hope. "Hope it gets fine" said worried Anissia.

After our decision accepted by each other, we started to walk that path. "Why didn't we go through the longcut?" Anissia. "Because it wouldn't be funnn, it's Halloween, you know!!" I stretched my arms in the air. "But, Rina, it's so cold here." Within the trees, the air had always been balanced, so people often used that excuse to use longcut. "I said, it will be fine! Don't you believe me?" "I do, but sometimes I shouldn't." When we came a bit further, we started seeing graves, rotten rooted trees with decayed maple leaves of them and feeling... an uncomfortable cold breeze with a dark aura.

"Look, we got lost!" "No we didn't, and even if we did, let's just walk further. This path will finish someday, right!?" "Don't take everything funny, just be a little serious sometimes! Oh, Rina!" Anissia was annoyed by rina. "Well, at least the fog will accompany us, right? hehe!" I never liked being serious, so stiffy. Always felt like a 3-year-old child with playful energy. When we really found out that we were completely lost, "Yes, I guess we should've taken the longcut, Anissia." "Look, I told you!"

After an hour passed away quickly, we started to feel heavy and scared. "R-Rina, I'm too scared! What now?" "Nothing, let's just wait here. Someone might come to pick us up" "What if no one comes and we end up being... a corpse too?" Anissia started to have goosebumps. "S~top it, Anissia, I'm feeling scared too." That when we heard a cracky sound from somewhere deep. "KYAAA!!!" I shouted. "STOP shouting, I'm already scared~!!" Anissia. "Wh-where this sound came from??" I panicked. Anissia saw that a rotten branch fell off from a tree. "Sigh, just a tree branch fell off. This graveyard was previously a rotten-unused forest. So, they took advantage and made it a graveyard of our city..." Anissia explained. "And your father was one of those jerks, huh?" I calmed down. "Don't say that, it was just that those 'jerks' reluctantly involved my dad." anissia. The feeling I had was a very stiff, hazy and uncomfortable. I think Anissia had the same at that time.

We were lost. Sitting beside a thick, stone grave. We had neither water nor food. Not even fresh air to breath. We were completely dizzy, had no hope and just had each other to comfort. "Hey, Anissia, do you know why I left my home?" "Hmm, why that came up now?" she asked. "Haha, just because I am a little bored" "Why?" "Because you that I love you." Anissia was fluttered. "You know Rina, I never understood your love." "Idiot, it's a family love. I wanted to live with you so I made up an excuse to live alone for studies. Anyway, I'm hungry, got some food?" Anissia looked down while putting her hands inside her pocket. "Today's Halloween, next is Christmas and then... it will be soon New year." she gave me 3 candies. "That's all I have," she said. "What the heck are you saying that now? Hmmm, I like it, good taste!" I started eating those candies. Anissia did not seem happy while I was still making fun of our situation. "Heyy, I'm bored again!! And what's more, I'm hungry again!!!!" I complained. "Stop being a baby. I know you love me but what if I say my love is different?" Anissia looked up to me with a questing face. "Waha~ Your love can be friendly love, family love and more more!" I gazed up at the sky with a stupid looking big smile. "You really are hopeless..." "HA?! Then what's your love? How is it different from me? Are you a lesbian!?!!! HUMPGHH!~" I yelled at her but in a friendly-funny tone. "No idiot, I love you the same. And I'm NOT A LESBIAN!" "But you know Anissia, I was." Anissia's eyes opened wide. "What?" "Yup! I was in my previous life. In my middle school year." I said. "We were only together from the high school year, this year. And I didn't know such a big secret?..." She turned face to the other side. "we broke up, I started to hate her and wanted to get away from there. I knew she was just making up those stupid expressions, she was in love with another boy in our class which soon made a love-triangle between us 3. And in the end, I felt yucky so, I broke up and changed classes. But still, I was not able to get rid of their faces. It was just like a harem! Humph! You know Anissia, I don't like these love-love stuff, sister love's the best!" I laughed with a nice smile and Anissia smiled back. "Ok then let me return your sister love. Anissia came closer until I blushed! and I was wrong. She pinched my soft pink cheeks!!!! "OWWWW!" "Hahaha! You're so cute when crying!" Anissia's smile, laugh made me feel comfortable and I was somehow able to adjust in that scenery. 

I heard a light sound of someone moaning from the deep way. "Did you hear that too?" "Yes.. eek, I'm too scared to move a leg!" I stood up and went forward to see if someone was there. But guess what I saw, a thing, a creature that wasn't supposed to exist in reality. I saw a shadow-like creature flying up in the air. I saw that it was the soul of a dead. "H-hey Anissia, look what I found! I-it is a GHOST!" I screamed, held her hand and ran off. I was panicking heavily. "What what's wrong?! Why are you rushing and what was that you saw?" Anissia asked while running but our so-called shortcut was not ending. "Seems like you can't see those creatures!!" I took a break and huffed a lot. "A-Are you ok? Rina stop panicking! It's fine, fine let's sit." She comforted me. "I-I saw a ghost or maybe a shadow, a soul of someone. It was flying towards us so I thought we should run. I'm sorry for scaring you." I informed her. There was no water so I couldn't catch up my breath. "Hmmm something I can't see but you can see. It must be your sixth sense!" Anissia said. "Ha?! Ani, you think I'm joking?! Take a look at it your self then the next time it comes." I was angry that how is it possible that I could see but she couldn't, sixth sense is just unreal! "Ok then..." We waited but it didn't come. "See, I can't see it. Maybe it's just sitting here beside you ^^" Anissia was taking it funny. "Ugh! Let's get out of this stupid shortcut and tell everyone to not to take this path ever again!" I shouted. " I already told you that who uses a graveyard as a shortcut?" "But it was just that I wanted to go home soon~~" I calmed down. I and Anissia felt something. That noise, sound I heard it again. I readied myself and held her hand tightly. "Umm, you're hurting me, Rina." Anissia complained. "Look, take a good look this TIME!" I yelled and it came. O_O was Anissia's face.

We both saw that flying creature, but this time it wasn't alone. There six of them! "What do we do now?!" Asked panicking Anissia. "I told you, right?! Let's keep on running." We kept on running until we couldn't breathe. We started panting heavily as if we're going to die. But this time, those six ghosts came closer when a shout came from behind. "Stop!" a male sound, someone chanting spells. He came forward and swished his tall rod on the ghosts. At last, it was finally over! "Huff! Huff! Thank god! Thank you!" We both panted. He gave us water. "Are you two alright? What were you doing here? This is a forbidden path." he told us. "We thought it was just a shortcut but..." I was completely speechless. Just because of my little carelessness, we both could've died there. "I'm sorry, we were misunderstood. Who are you?" apologized Anissia. "It's fine now. I'm glad you two are alright. I'm Lino, I came from overseas. The things you saw were not actually ghosts but they were wandering souls of certain people." he explained. "So, some people died in that forest. It's really surprising that no one told us." I said. After, we introduced ourselves and got out of that graveyard. "This graveyard was before a forest, in that forest six people died. Those people were revealed to have done suicide. So, they made this a graveyard. I'm pretty sure there was a notice board saying 'stay out, no shortcut' But still, young girls of nowadays really are troublesome!" He sighed out. "Well! I just wanted to have fun since it's Halloween." I was being a fool. "Oh well, Rina is just a crazy girl full of playful habits, please forgive us." apologized Anissia. "Miss Anissia, Rina, the things you saw weren't only visible to you. They were visible." It was as if he was making fun of us! "Hey Lino, but what was that time when the path ahead us didn't finish and kept on increasing?" I asked. "It was probably a hallucination made up by those souls. As I said before, this graveyard is basically cursed by them so, it keeps giving you scary hallucinations and following you." Lino replied. "Umm, I would like to ask that how could you do that?" asked Anissia. "hmm? Well, I studied overseas to make my sixth sense strong and to be an exorcist. And I'm an exorcist, also that sixth sense does exist." Lino explained. We both really admired him. Then before parting, we said goodbye to each other and that was our scary Halloween.

"I'm glad I didn't miss this Halloween." I said. "Yes, however it was, we had fun. We were each other's light in the dark," said Anissia. "Yeas, A light in the dark." I replied with a smile.

October 29, 2020 16:05

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