The Land of Fairytales: The Kidnapped Elves

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

Not so long ago, there were three bears living in a small cottage on the edge of the north woods in the Land of Fairytales.

Papa Bear slipped on his shoes. "St. Nick called and the elves have been kidnapped. I’m going to the North Pole to help find them.”

"Please may I go with you?" Baby Bear asked.

"Not this time. This could be quite dangerous." Papa Bear opened the door. "You're much too young. Stay with your mama."

Papa Bear headed out, trudging north up the snowy hill towards the North Pole.

Now, Baby Bear was quite curious, and he was sure he wasn't too young. He tiptoed to his room, slung on his backpack, and crept towards the snowy hill following Papa.

"Where are you headed?" Goldilocks asked.

"Hush." Baby Bear whispered, "If Papa hears us, I'll have to go home. Santa called Papa and said all the elves were kidnapped."

Goldilock’s eyes grew wide. "But it's almost Christmas. They should be making toys for the children."

Baby Bear and Goldilocks scampered through the woods and trudged up the snowy hill to Santa's house. They stopped and hid behind an oak tree listening to Santa and Papa Bear talk.

"The reindeer and I had just gotten home from a short trip to the east when I found Ms. Clause tied up to this tree." Santa pointed. "And whoever it was, kidnapped all the elves."

"Does Ms. Clause know who tied her to the tree?"

"Whoever it was, covered his face, but his voice was definitely deep."

"Deep like Leroy the big bad wolf? Or maybe the Bogeyman?"

Ms. Clause, who sat on the porch knitting, answered, "Deep like Captain Hook."

Goldilocks whispered to Baby Bear, "I know who knows everything about the evil Hook."

"Who? Peter Pan?"

"He won't tell us anything. He'll say we’re too young.”

“Then who?”

“I have a feeling Tinkerbell will help us find Hook."

Baby Bear and Goldilocks nearly slid down the snowy hill and ran through the north woods toward the Land of Fairytales to find Tinkerbell. They found her in the flower garden of the fairy house, humming while she worked.

"You two are much too young to go wandering around in the Badlands.” Tinkerbell shook her head. “Just let Santa and Papa Bear handle the elves."

Disappointed, Goldilocks and Baby Bear strolled through town thinking about what to do next.

"I know how we can help." Goldilocks stopped in her tracks.

“How?” Baby Bear asked.

"I have a feeling, Glinda the Good Witch could cast a spell to help us find Hook's ship."

When they arrived at Glinda's cottage by the creek on the edge of town, she shook her head and said, "Your both too young to even set foot in the Badlands even with the help of magic."

Disappointed again, they trudged along without any bright ideas when they noticed Little Red Riding Hood skipping through the park with her basket singing a song.

Goldilocks whispered, "I have a feeling Red knows where to find Hook's ship."

"I have a feeling your feelings are no good." Baby Bear rolled his eyes.

Ignoring him, Goldilocks called to Red, "I heard you know where to find Hook's ship."

Little Red stood with her hand on her hip. "And just why should I tell you?"

"The elves have been kidnapped. We asked Tinkerbell for help, but she said no. Then we asked Glinda to cast a magic spell, but she wouldn’t help us either."

"I can’t do magic spells, but I do know where to find Hook's ship." Red sprinted down the path towards the Badlands. "Follow me."

When the three of them reached the border between the Land of Fairytales and the Badlands, they felt something thrown at their backs.

"Don't turn around." Red exclaimed.

"But why?" Goldilocks asked.

"That's the Sandman behind us and he’s throwing sand.” Red didn’t move an inch. “If we turn around, he'll toss it in our eyes."

Sandman snickered. "Why are the three of you trespassing in the Badlands?"

Red answered, "Hook kidnapped the elves."

"You're not allowed in the Badlands,” Sandman said as he tossed sand at their heads.

Red reached for a branch and yanked it from the tree tossing it on the ground behind her before she said, "Now run!"

The three took off running towards Hook’s ship, but as they ran, they heard a loud thump from behind. Sandman fell when he tripped over the stick Little Red had thrown in his path.

When they reached the ship, they hid behind an oak tree and watched Santa and Papa lead the elves to the sleigh while Peter Pan stood on top of Hook.

"We’re too late. They already rescued the elves." Baby Bear pouted.

"We need to hurry." Goldilocks said, "Before they see us in the Badlands and we get in trouble."

They hurried back to the Land of Fairytales without any trouble from the Sandman, but when they reached the town hall, they heard his voice.

"There they are, those bad kids who trespassed on the Badlands."

Papa Bear looked at Baby Bear with disappointment as he led them inside to stand before the board of commissioners, the elders who made all important decisions for the Land of Fairytales.

"Is this true?" Santa asked with a frown.

"Yes, we were there." Baby Bear couldn’t tell a lie.

"You children know better." Mother Goose shook her head.

"I just had a feeling we could help." Goldilocks mumbled.

“You kids are much too young to wander around in the Badlands alone.” Father Time’s deep voice scolded.

"It's all my fault," Red admitted. "I showed them the way."

"I believe these kids should be grounded for an awfully long time." Cupid shook his little finger.

"Now just wait one minute." Glinda the Good Witch stood and said, "The fourth law of the Land of Fairytales states that we should all be brave and courageous. I believe these kids were very brave when they tried to help the elves today."

"Let's vote." Gingerbread man called from his chair.

The three kids squeezed their eyes shut, but when they opened them, the vote was over and the board of commissioners announced, Red, Goldilocks and Baby Bear were the bravest and most courageous kids of the Land of Fairytales, ever.

Goldilocks grinned at Baby Bear and with a wink she whispered, “I don't know why, but I had a feeling this is how it would end.”

December 31, 2021 20:46

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Jalissa Cooper
20:29 Jan 11, 2022

Great imagination!


Melony Beard
22:34 Jan 11, 2022

Thanks so much for reading it.


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